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For a man to go out of his way to cause harm to a body of people because “It’s God’s Will,” seems completely insane and absurd! But that is the way it went down in this story. Scarecrows who was nothing but a character made by Egan, question his self the entire Story. He decided to affect people with a dieses, it was only short after that he wondered if it was really what God wanted him to do. I personally think it was his own selfish thoughts that caused him to harm people; I want to believe that he only used his religion as an excuse to do as he pleased.By the end of this selection was a little disturbed and confused by what I had read.

Scarecrows didn’t make his thoughts clear and neither were his actions. He had traveled the world to spread a virus, but when he finished he didn’t seem satisfied. He seemed just as confused as I was.

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He didn’t know in the end if what he had done was indeed for God or against him. He questioned his self and wondered what he had done to millions of innocent children who had done nothing to deserve it. But one thought that rested peacefully in the back of his mind was that people were sinners.And those sinners had to be punished. “A few people will die.

A few sinners, it can’t be helped. But think of what the world will be like when the message finally gets through! No unfaithfulness, no rape; every marriage lasting until death -ii The thoughts running through this man’s head was not to be taken lightly. He was none the less a deranged man but his intentions were in a sense nothing but pure goodness. He only wanted the world to be ready for what he believed God had in store. He wanted everyone worldwide to live in he way that the bible says we should live without sin.

He could have gone about solving the problems of homosexuality and adultery differently, but when he tried to get the word out before he became a laughing stalk. This was the only way he knew how to do the works of the lord. Scarecrows was a remarkable scientist who believed in the will of God strongly and without a doubt. Scarecrows didn’t want anything but the evil in the sinfulness in the world to end. His idea to ruin many people that were full of sin world was nothing more than a cry to save the world.