The Mystery Of Rashomon Essay, Research PaperIn the movie & # 8220 ; Rashomon & # 8221 ; by Akira Kurosawa legion characters display dissimilar testimony about a peculiar event and they all claim to hold the narrative directly.

To get down, a wood cutter who remains nameless is in the wood when he comes across a lady & # 8217 ; s hat, a gentlemen & # 8217 ; s hat, a piece of rope, an talisman instance with ruddy liner and eventually a dead organic structure in the brush. Upon seeing all this he runs instantly to the constabulary to describe what he has found. The constabulary do some investigation and happen the adult male who they believed was to fault for the slaying, lying on the beach following to a stolen white hoarse.The constabulary conveying him in to be inquiry to happen that he is the great brigand Tajomaru and that he was non thrown from his stolen hoarse as they had thought but he had merely drank bad H2O and was lying down because he felt ill. As the oppugning continues Tajomaru admits to the offense of killing the adult male and tells his side of the narrative. He claims that he was resting in the forests when a adult male, Takchiro and a adult female, Musago on a gruff base on balls by as the cool zephyr blows. This zephyr reveals the Musago & # 8217 ; s face to Tajomaru and he decides that he has to hold her. In attempts to win the adult females he tricks Takchiro into believing there is a grave filled with hoarded wealth nearby and Tajomaru offers to sell its goods to Takchiro cheaply.

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Takchiro agrees that he will take a expression, but on the manner Tajomaru onslaughts and successfully ties him up. This gives Tajomaru the perfect chance to prosecute the incapacitated married woman they left behind. In making so Musago pulls out a sticker and battles ferociously with a strong will to maintain Tajomaru off of her. Despite her attempts he Tajomaru shortly succeeds in knaping her.

Then Tajomaru begins to go forth when Musago pleads that the two work forces fight, for she can non take being dishonored by two work forces. So the work forces fight and Takchiro is a good combatant but non every bit good as Tajomaru who kills him in the brush after their blades crossed 23 times. After this occurs the married woman runs off and Tajomaru takes off on the hoarse and sells Takchiro & # 8217 ; s blade for interest.Following the testimony of the brigand the constabulary so hear the testimony of the Musago. She starts off by stating that after Tajomaru took advantage of her and she could non set up any kind of battle because she is excessively weak.

After Musago was raped she went to her hubby to be consoled and excessively untie him but what she found was pure hate for her in his eyes. She couldn & # 8217 ; t bear the expression that said, & # 8220 ; I hate you and you have dishonored me & # 8221 ; , so she passed out rite in forepart of him. When she awoke she found the sticker in his thorax and assumed that she had killed him in a tantrum of fury. Upon recognizing this she left the organic structure, which was in a cleared country, and ran to submerge herself in a nearby pool but failed.

She claimed that she was merely a incapacitated adult female, what else could she perchance make?At this point the constabulary are exhaustively baffled and decide they must reach the dead hubby by manner of a medium. Takchiro tells the constabulary that the brigand consoled his married woman and pleaded to come with her to travel away with him. Musago agrees thirstily but merely if Tajomaru will kill her hubby. He says that he will make no such thing and in response Musago runs away. The brigand attempts to trail her but he fails and comes back to untie Takchiro, who so kills him self with the sticker in the glade.

Then the woodcutter comes frontward and admits that he has seen the whole incident from merely a short distance off. He says that Takchiro calls his married woman a prostitute and will non contend for her but Musago says that she will belong to the victor so Tajomaru and Takchiro fight even though they both know they are bad combatants and do non desire to. In fact Takchiro is merely contending to support his life. As the narrative goes on the brigand wins and putting to deaths Takchiro in the brush. The adult female so runs off and Tajomaru ne’er caches her.This was all the pledged testimony from the four eyewitnesses to the flagitious event, but which one is right? I believe that none of the characters have an accurate description of what happened because they have forgotten of import detaIllinoiss or they are doing themselves look more honest. I will do an attempt to re-write the narrative the manner I think it happened, and so explicate why each interrogation lied.Tajomaru was in the forest resting when he sites a beautiful miss and her hubby that base on balls by on an elegant hoarse.

He thinks that he must hold a gustatory sensation of the miss so he will flim-flam her hubby and tie him up. Tajomaru so proceeds to state Takchiro that there is a grave with tonss of goods in it, which he will sell stingily. The hubby falls for it and while on the manner to the grave Tajomaru attacks him from buttocks and ties him up. After he accomplishes this, the brigand goes and attempts to ravish the married woman and she put up a ferocious battle, but Tajomaru finally succeeds. As the narrative continues, the brigand pleads with Musago to go forth her hubby and to come with him.

She disagrees but when she sees the hatred that Takchiro has for her she tells the two work forces to contend for her. Both work forces are non eager to contend, but they do any manner for their award every bit good as for Musago. It merely so happens that the brigand gets a lucky shot of his blade and pushes Takchiro in the brush where he is battles to travel.

With this advantage, Tajomaru slays Takchiro with his blade and leaves him in the brush. Musago sees this full event traveling on and can non bear the emphasis, so she runs off. Tajomaru, confused and jolted tallies after her but can non catch her. After the brigand leaves the wood cutter enters the offense scene and steals the sticker that Musago had dropped while contending Tajomaru for her pureness and rapidly tallies to the constabulary to state of what he has seen.

Tajomaru so returns to the site of the slaying and takes Takchiro & # 8217 ; s blade and rides the hoarse off. A short clip after, he sells Takchiro & # 8217 ; s blade for interest and gets intoxicated doing him to fall off his hoarse on the beach subsequently on, where the constabulary found him. All the piece, Musago has been concealing out in the forests chew overing what to make until the constabulary pick her up and take her in for oppugning. This, in my sentiment, is precisely how the ugly incident occurred.As one can see the & # 8220 ; true & # 8221 ; narrative varies greatly from the all of the eyewitness histories for good ground. To get down, Tajomaru lies about falling off his hoarse to do the constabulary feel foolish, but in world he experience off rummy so passed out. He continues to lie by stating that both he and Takchiro are great sword combatants to do him look like his a skilled, butch cat, but other than these two stories Tajomaru & # 8217 ; s narrative was instead accurate.

Musago & # 8217 ; s narrative, nevertheless, was non so accurate. First she lies that she did non set up a battle when the brigand raped her to do herself like an guiltless victim. Then she lies about killing her hubby because she feels bad about doing the two work forces fight, particularly since he got killed. Besides she lies about holding them fight so she does acquire the incrimination for the slaying, for the constabulary would be angrier if they knew she instigated the battle than if she killed him in a minute of emphasis and confusion. She did non put the organic structure in the brush merely because it did non suit with the remainder of her narrative. Following, Takchiro lies through out his testimony for several grounds. Foremost he lies about comforting his married woman so he doesn & # 8217 ; t seem like an insensitive dork.

Then he lies about non desiring to contend for her because he so realizes it was unpointed since he lost his life and was dishonored. Besides he lies about killing himself to do his decease seem more honest, but in world he was ashamed that a common brigand defeated him. Last, the woodcutter & # 8217 ; s narrative is about precisely accurate except for two things. He lies about non seeing the sticker, for in world he stole the sticker and likely soled it. He besides lies that he saw nil until hours after the offense had been committed, he does non come frontward in fright that the constabulary will recognize he tampered with the offense scene and stole the sticker for his personal addition. All the above grounds are why the interrogations lied throughout their testimonies.In summing up the four oculus informants in the film & # 8220 ; Rashomon & # 8221 ; distorted world in at that place caputs to do themselves look like honest, more honest people.