Review Essay, Research Paper& # 8220 ; The Myth of The Robber Barons & # 8221 ; by Burton W. Folsom, JR. tells a alone narrative about enterprisers in early America. The book portrays large business communities as being behind America & # 8217 ; s illustriousness.

Folsom explains that there are two sorts to enterprisers, market enterprisers and political enterprisers. He besides states & # 8220 ; no enterpriser fits absolutely into one class or the other, but most fall by and large into one class & # 8221 ; ( 1 ) .Harmonizing to Folsom, political enterprisers fit the authoritative robber barons mold ( 1 ) .

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Meaning that the mannerthey do concern is basically corrupt. This sort of enterpriser gets authorities assistance and normally wastes the money. Besides, their merchandises are by and large of hapless quality. This is due to them non being concerned withdoing sound merchandises. The lone thing they wereconcerned about was how fast they could acquire things done and how much money they would do.They besides, relied on corrupting rivals and politicians to acquire what they wanted.

Although, Folsom does believe that they helped the America industries to turn.Robert Fulton, Edward K. Collins and Samuel Cunard are a few political enterprisers, that Folsom tells about. All three of these work forces worked in the steamboat industry and received federal assistance to run their concerns. Besides, they all had high monetary values for rider carnival and mail postage. Unfortunately, Cornelius Vanderbilt, a market enterpriser, defeated Fulton, Collins and Cunard.On the other manus, Folsom claims that market enterprisers should non be labeled as robber barons at all. He besides believes that market enterprisers were behind the growing of America.

Unlike political enterprisers, they made sound merchandises and took small or no assistance from the authorities.Market enterprisers were known as risk-takers and charitable people. Many of them donated money to needy,built libraries, gave land to husbandmans and allow people travel on ships for free or they had a cheaper menu.

A few ofthe most charitable market enterprisers were Andrew Carnegie James J. Hill, Cornelius VanderbilT and John D. Rockefeller.It & # 8217 ; s said that before John D. Rockefeller died, & # 8220 ; he gave off about $ 550,000,000 to charity, more than any other American before him had of all time possessed & # 8221 ; ( 98 ) . His money went to schools, churches and besides & # 8220 ; paid squads of scientists who found remedies for xanthous febrility, meningitis, and hookworm & # 8221 ; ( 97 ) .

Rockefeller even wrote in a missive to a spouse, & # 8220 ; we must retrieve we are polishing oil for the hapless adult male and he must hold it inexpensive and good & # 8221 ; ( 83 ) .These narratives that Folsom Tell of Rockefeller lead the reader to believe that he was a great individual. On the other manus, in many textbooks the position of Rockefeller is different.Folsom considers the thought of robber barons to be a myth because he believes these enterprisers helpedAmerica grow and go the universe super power it is today.

Folsom commented that, & # 8220 ; analyzing the rise of large concern is of import because it is the narrative of how the United States prospered and became a universe super power & # 8221 ; ( 121 ) . Although in our text edition, Who Built America? , they show the side of robber barons as being greedy. They besides tell of robber barons doing immense lucks and the workers didn & # 8217 ; t acquire to see much of that money because, they were being paid so small.Folsom criticizes text editions, such as ours, for chiefly merely stating the political enterpriser side of business communities.

He besides says, historiographers have a misconception about enterprisers because many teach things like this:& # 8220 ; Entrepreneurs cut costs and made many parts to American economic growing, but they besides marred political life by corrupting politicians and misapplying authorities financess & # 8221 ; ( 127 ) .I agree with Folsom when he suggests that there are two sorts of enterprisers, market and political. Iexperience that political enterprisers, like Folsom say & # 8217 ; s, & # 8220 ; suit the authoritative robber baron cast & # 8221 ; ( 1 ) . But, I dodisagree with him on his overall position of market enterprisers. I think market enterprisers are non every bit fantastic as Folsom makes them out to be.

Although, I do agree with him that they helped America grow and go the ace power it is today.