The happy yearss take off when the writer was barely three old ages old. At the age of 60.

as a intelligence editorialist. the nostalgic yearss demo his ain manner of emotional impact. His narrative of the universe as a kid sitting in mother’s lap makes the reader younger by old ages. His graphic memories travel freely and stop up merely before his teenage. The manner his vernal eyes captured all incidents dating back to his 3rd birthday leave us spell bound.

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His schooltimes of larning give an penetration of the rural delectations of summer places even though old and ruined. appear elegant through his eyes.His grandfather’s decease gave him joy to remain off from school.

His captivation for constabulary officers. nutrient. literature and sports sounds interesting. Many mentions to political expounding of his epoch appeared in contrast to the modernness.

Throughout the memoirs. the writer has described the existent growing of Baltimore and particularly how the rabble of civil disturbance were treated as superior professionals. His statements with the familiarity of his male parent.

a Gallic man of affairs is deserving reading with a touch of practical gags and inventive comedy tones.His word picture of his Aunt Sophie and her garb would project a munificent antediluvian cloth to be visualized. His munificent languishing through the pages of first stairss in deity. record of an jock. calling of philosopher. has stamped his daring. His good slang no uncertainty made him a reputed editorialist later in his calling. All through the pages of his book.

his voice remains a history of his childhood yearss and proves to be a readers’ delectation and particularly for those who travel down memory lane. Mentions H. L. Mencken. Happy Days: Mencken’s Autobiography: 1880-1892.

John Hopkins University Press. 2006