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This study examines the new economic system and concern and fiscal coverage and explores attacks that can better it. They would see accounting ‘s failures and happen out the solution ( normally proprietary ) .

The problem/ issue to users is to understand the difference between the company value and the accounting book value. As we can see here, a changing of economic system would do the accounting being failure. Three propositions imply this issue. The proposition one is that traditional fiscal statements are backward-looking. The new fiscal coverage paradigm should non merely concentrate in the past event, but besides more towards to value bases. Beside, this paradigm would supplement or replace. Second proposition is in the new economic system the value driver non be presented and non-financial. However, a method a measuring of value should be developed. Third proposition is the fiscal statement recognizes assets merely when they are found. In this instance, accounting criterion should be compositor.

A Problem of nomenclature

This Particular Report avoids the footings like cognition capital, human capital, and rational capital unless describe the others ‘ usage of footings. Meaning of that footings are so diverse. So, this Report uses the traditional accounting nomenclature. Such as, in fixing and presentation the fiscal statement, plus should be defined in FASB Concept Statements & A ; International Accounting Standards Committee Framework.

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Is There Truly a New Economy

The reading of new economic system is difference from one another, because what is acceptable to one might non acceptable to the others. So, we should cognize the mean of new economic in general which the features are described as rational capital, the web cyberspace, engineering, information, intangible plus, cognition sharing and new of organisation, web effects and globalisation. Financial coverage and new economic system are unpluging. New economic system that is supported with the non developed accounting is non appropriate.

Attempts to work out the Problem

First, Special Committee ‘s recommended that to accomplish users ‘ demand, concern coverage must supply hereafter oriented information and position, focal point on cardinal public presentation measuring non matter is non-financial or fiscal. Besides, roll up the information that prepared to senior direction with the information that was antecedently reported externally.

Second, Steering Committee was formed to carry on a research undertaking. Steering Committee issued a study Bettering Business Reporting. Five elements are included in the model that described by the Improving Business Report which is refering by Financial Accounting Standard Board ( FASB ) . First, have to place the of import facets of company ‘s concern, direction program and schemes, and informations measuring method. Besides, considered how much important for the measuring method and explicate the prosodies presented and measured the prosodies disclosed period to period.

Third, Perfomance Measures in the Economy focal point on cognition intensive activities, see the option and engineering available, and a strong theoretical instance can be make. Organization in concern must actively take portion in such issue.

Fourth, Bookings Institution undertaking is to assist to do a better manner for measuring and coverage of intangible beginning and see public policies that consequence the development and the public sector doing determination. It could cut down the negative result.

Fifth, Intellectual Capital Accounts survey was created by the Danish Agency. This survey specifies rational capital histories to human resources class, client class, engineering class and processes class.

Sixth, developing theoretical accounts are requested by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs to the KPMG, Ernst & A ; Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Walgemoed four accounting houses on issue of the presentation of intangible assets information. The four accounting house severally proposed “ splashboard ” , rapprochement, disclosed attack and expanded acknowledgment of identifiable intangible assets.

Seventh, rational capital are measured and reported by Symposium that sponsored by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The symposium president observed that holding better information to accommodate the current economic system, doing full usage info and so proctor and measure carefully the experimentation consequences. Besides, describing model refering about company public presentation and in favor of possible utilizations. Understanding of invention in coverage is needed. Real clip and instantaneous made of it information system and coverage system is preferred based on the cost analyze.

Eighth, Charles Leadbeater authored a survey which published by Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & A ; Wales ( ICAEW ) . Three alternate attacks that propose by Leadbeater which are incremental, extremist and intercrossed attack. The incremental attack reports the intangible assets. Extremist attack is to contrive new balance sheets wholly for companies. For intercrossed attack, it consist more sweeping alterations and most extremist.

Ninth, method that they approached to job is Securities and Exchange Commission. Chairman Levitt described that there would hold more people or more company are refering to Intangible Assets, since it keeps growing.

Chapter 2: New Coverage Paradigm

Traditional fiscal statement focal point on the ability of the entity ‘s to recognize the value of the assets and the liabilities. Traditional fiscal statement is normally backward looking. Whereas, new coverage paradigm is to capture and describe the entity ‘s value creative activity and it might replace the bing fiscal statement. There have two attacks for the new coverage paradigm in the pecuniary steps but it avoids utilizing traditional fiscal statements.

Two proposals for new coverage paradigms

The CICA Total Value Creation ( TVC ) System.

TVC is the system of measuring and study on the “ value-creation ” public presentation. It is begins with the fiscal coverage and move through the non-financial public presentation measuring that can associate to the value-creation. TVC is the profession ‘s concern about the public presentation measuring in the new economic system. The Godhead claims that this new accounting method will let the direction, boards, investor and other stakeholders to measure and measure the organisation ‘s public presentation. Besides that, it is better to cognize that where the things traveling to alternatively of where the things coming from.

Accounting For The Future ( AFTF )

AFTF is like the TVC theoretical account that AFTF is a system projected future hard currency flows to show the corporation ‘s fiscal activities. AFTF use the traditional footings such as assets, liabilities, and the equity but with the different significances. AFTF is the current value of all the net hereafter influxs at the market cost of capital. Market cost capital is the stockholder will purchase the company ‘s stock if the output rate range at the stockholder demand. AFTF assets are defined as the current value of all the future hard currency influxs into the company. AFTF liabilities are the current value of all the future hard currency influxs from the company. AFTF stockholder equity peers to the AFTF assets less the AFTF liabilities.

Issues from developing a new coverage theoretical accounts

Cost, Complexity and Extension

Cost is one of the issues in developing a new accounting theoretical account. Developing a individual undertaking can be dearly-won and hard but the cost of implementing a prospective theoretical account in a complex organisation can be considerable. It is really hard to specify the life of the concern as it is a go oning entity.

GAAP Framework

Observers will believe that traditional GAAP are difficult to understand and hard. GAAP model divided into three constituents that are definition, acknowledgment and measuring. A prospective system can non avoid the inquiry of “ definition, acknowledgment and measuring ” . Interior designers must develop some similar determination or regulations that will supply information that are apprehensible and comparable from one entity to another. Besides that, revelation will non work out the job.

Being and Completeness

Being is the assets and the liabilities presented in the balance sheet exist and belong to the entity. Whereas, completeness is the assets and liabilities in the entity did n’t left out from the balance sheet. The comptrollers and the hearers will hold more experience and familiar with this but a prospective system will do the same averments about the component in its coverage theoretical account. In some instances, direction might desire maintain the secret from possible rivals, clients. In the worst state of affairs, direction might besides maintain the secret from the investors.

Chapter 3: New METRIC

Nonfinancial information measuring is of import value driver in the new economic system metric. There are 5 attacks about the nonfinancial which discuss in this chapter are Balanced Scorecard, Skandia AFS, Karl-Erik Sveiby and the Swedish Movement, The Value Chain Scoreboard and The Value Creation Index ( VCI ) .

Balanced Scorecard is a direction coverage tool which non for public utilizing and labeled as “ rational capital ” . It is create base on 4 parts which are fiscal, client, internal procedure and acquisition and growing. Measure in its position on cardinal success factors utilizing balanced scorecard is non warrant for a win state of affairs.

Skandia AFS is a Swedish insurance company which showing nonfinancial metric and rational capital addendums. Skandia Value Scheme has 2 parts which are fiscal capital ( traditional economic system ) and rational capital ( new economic system ) . Intellectual capital besides divides to 2 parts which are structural capital ( client capital and organisational capital ) and human capital. Skandia Navigator is created to demo how those constituents related one and other. The disadvantages of Skandia are short of comparison and it is difficult to specify the prosodies. Voluntary revelations provide the completeness averment in Skandia AFS. Some members of corporate community worry about charges on the changing of prosodies if the public presentation measuring is durable used. John Rutledge disagree the Skandia AFS.

Karl-Erik Sveiby and the Swedish Movement present an “ intangible assets proctor ” with 3 parts which are External Structure, Internal Structure and Competence with the other 3 indexs which are growth/renewal, efficiency and stableness. The intangible assets monitor merely suited for service industry. Celemi thinks that it is non accurate to utilize the figure to mensurate nonfinancial public presentation, it replace by the colour cryptography.

The Value Chain Scoreboard creates for commercial development. Professor Lev promotes 3 standards for the index of measuring which are quantitative, standardised and verification with grounds. It takes progress in the comparings averment which Professor Lev utilizing the standardisation.

The Value Creation Index ( VCI ) is method that explains the market value of company utilizing different nonfinancial step. There are 2 of import penetrations which are addresss from direction will differ from how it act and industry particular.

In conclude of this chapter, intent of nonfinancial metric should describe concern information whenever it is during the new or old economic system. The 5 methods of nonfinancial prosodies are utile in different industry and have their ain advantages and disadvantages on the nonfinancial measuring.


The intangible plus is of import in separating the characteristic of new economic system. Intangible assets are non-current assets with intangible beginnings. For case, patents, right of first publications, franchises, rights, understandings and contracts, and others.


1. Cost-Based Measurement

Surely a figure of intangible assets offer the likeliness of cost-based measurings. Cost-based step is the investing value that is based on the cost of investing. Investings in package, R & A ; D undertakings, some databases and other similar intangible undertakings have thirstily determinable costs except trade name names. There are some barriers to cost-based measuring:


Sums spent on an activity ever produce findings that are benefitial in other attempt. Should some or all the failed attempt costs be attributed to the successful one?

Multigeneration intangibles

A figure of intangible assets, such as computing machine package, run the alterations during their marketable lives. The Version 1 ‘s codification developed may still be a important constituent of Version 5. Should some or all the Version 1 ‘s costs be added to the Version 5 ‘s costs?


During Statement 86 development, a batch of the package developers said that they did non hold sufficient systems with which to roll up the cost of single undertakings. The research and related attempts transform and displacement as the attempt progresses. An attempt that began as Project A may switch in the center into Projects X, Y, and Z.


Indication of whether the cost-based measuring is relevant. For case, the cost of an plus is non the plus, whereas the plus is the future economic benefits of the plus.

2. Fair Value

The present steps of intangible assets, chiefly just value, presents information that is more relevant. Fair value is defined as the sum at which that the plus could be purchased or sold in a current trade between willing parties, excepting in a settlement. If a quoted market monetary value is available, it can be deemed as the best indicant of just value and should be used as the foundation for measuring. If it is non available, preparers should compose an estimation of just value by utilizing the best information available in the state of affairss. In many state of affairss, quoted market monetary values are non available, hence as a consequence, there are some troubles arise when doing estimations of just value.

3. Approaches Other Than Fair Value

Some perceivers concern that fair-value measuring are likely to devaluate the “ true ” value of many intangible assets. Those who favor a recent step, but be in resistance to fair value, back up an entity-specific measuring of intangible assets. Entity-specific measures/ value-in-use defined as the present value of the predictable hereafter hard currency flows expected to happen from the on-going usage of an plus and from its remotion at the terminal of its utile life or expects to take to when settling a liability. In the Concept Statement 7, FASB unwanted the usage of entity-specific steps as a intent of accounting measuring.

4. Measurement and Real Option

Real option analysis is utile in gauging the intangible assets values that are under development and it may non verify to be commercially practical. Real option attacks try to enlarge the rational stringency of option-pricing theoretical accounts to assessment of non-financial assets and liabilities. There are five concern state of affairs examples that can be modeled as existent option, which are waiting to put options, growing options, flexibleness options, issue options, and larning options. Other illustrations of existent options, like chances for M & A ; A, R & A ; D, and licensing.

Does the Rationale Hold Up? ( FASB Statement No 2 )

Reasons of non capitalising the costs of R & A ; D

Is it an plus?

Uncertainty of future benefits

When the costs are incurred in the R & A ; D attempt, there is significant uncertainness on whether the effort wills effect in success or failure.

Lack of causal relationship

The lack of a causal relationship reference in Statement 2 is perchance true of a individual undertaking ; but, the sweeping idiom of the foundation.

Does the point have a Relevant Attribute Measurable with Sufficient Reliability?

Inability to mensurate future benefits

Part 1 inquiry, relevant measuring properties. Three campaigners involve- cost, just value, entity-specific value.

Part 2 inquiries, the selected property can be considered with equal dependability

Is the information about it Capable of doing a Difference in User Decisions?

Is the information Representationally Faithful, Verifiable, and Neutral?

Lack of utility

Reliability evidently is more than merely the capacity for different steps to make similar reply given the same facts. Reliability besides requests representational fidelity.

Expostulations to acknowledging Intangible Assetss

Cost and benefit

The outgos of any accounting regulation are straight off and bear by an endeavor. The benefits are scattering. Good accounting advantages the users of the capital markets and fiscal statements as an full.

Lack of Relevance

There is a sensed separate among the outgo of intangible assets every bit good as the hereafter benefits to those intangibles might make.

Measurement Trouble

Persons who resist integrating internally generated intangibles are likely argue that cost is non a dependable step of cardinal value and that compute other than cost be short of sufficient dependability.

Competitive Injury

Intangible assets might be the spirit of a making good in concern, and so some will oppose integrating information refering those objects in balance sheets.


The exercising benefit, and so the value, of a batch of intangible assets are of course capable to travel caused by issues non wholly within direction control.

Disclosure Alternatively

Disclosure in the notes is applied to give extra information on the issue of recognized assets and liabilities.


Decision for this Particular Report is debating over “ new versus old ” is basically unhelpful. It is besides means that no proposal finds a comprehensive solution to unplug between concern & A ; fiscal coverage in the new economic system on the other. Merely a few proposals recognize its restriction. In “ new economic system ” , an improved concern and fiscal coverage is require to the acknowledgment of intangible assets that are generated internally in fiscal statement and enhanced the measuring of the intangible assets. Besides, they require spread outing and systematic usage of non-financial public presentation prosodies. Expanded of advanced information is besides required by the improved concern and fiscal coverage of the “ new economic system ” .