The Oj Simpsom Trial: The Real Issue Essay, Research PaperThe O.J. Simpson Trial: The Real IssueIf you had ne’er heard of OJ Simpson before June 12, 1994 you were approximately to go much more familiar with his football and commentating calling at this peculiar occasion in clip. Within yearss, the whole universe was theorizing his guilt in the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown, and her fellow Ronald Goldman. After a public hearing, Orenthal James Simpson was brought before a jury and the honest justice, Lance Ito.

The test was the most watched test of all time, with Television evaluations being some of the highest of all time accumulated for many webs. The test was long and grueling. 72 informants were brought Forth by the defence, and all either claimed that OJ had the motivation to kill those people, or that he had the chance to make so. The whole universe knew that he did it, but for some unusual ground, the jury disagreed. They found Orenthal James Simpson non guilty. Many people believe that the existent issue was non, & # 8220 ; did OJ kill these people? & # 8221 ; but alternatively it was, & # 8220 ; was OJ treated below the belt during the probes due to the fact that he was black? & # 8221 ; This is in fact why he was acquitted of his offenses. Whether he committed the offense or non was non in inquiry, because everyone knew he did.All the grounds, including D.

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N.A. samples, blood samples, hair samples, and several other undeniable scientific happening all pointed their fingers right at OJ. One must inquire, how in the universe did this adult male, an obvious slayer, walk off with no gaol clip or any penalty of any sort. Three major factors played a portion in this acquittal. The first was the race issue. This test was hot off the heels of the Rodney King test, when racial prejudice was seeable, and in the limelight. Another factor was Mr.

Simpson & # 8217 ; s unbelievable squad of attorneies, who knew precisely what cards to play, when seeking to act upon the jury. The last major factor was all the celebrity and luck of this one time function theoretical account to society.Orenthal James Simpson was a black adult male. This may or may non hold led the Los Angeles Police Department to handle him below the belt. One bull in peculiar, was singled out. Mark Fuhrman was this bull, and when brought on test he swore he hadn & # 8217 ; t used the word & # 8220 ; nigger & # 8221 ; in 10 old ages. The defence so played a tape in which he used the word nigga 41 times including genocidal and highly racist comments ( Gibbs 182 ) . This is by all agencies non an excusable act.

In a clip when we are seeking to advance racial equality, tolerance, and learn the young person of America that racism is a bad thing, for an authorization figure to move in such a manner is black and gross outing. But this International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t a good plenty ground to allow a slayer go free. It was simply a distraction from the existent issue. Certain officer Fuhrman was a prevaricator, and a racialist of the worst type, but this wasn & # 8217 ; t his test. This was a recreation from the slaying test that was supposed to be taking topographic point. Another racial issue was that this test was taking topographic point shortly after the test of the bulls who were arrested in the whipping of Rodney King. Los Angeles was the scene of this offense every bit good, and so there is no uncertainty it was on the heads of all 11 jury members. It was a clip when certain black people knew they wouldn & # 8217 ; t acquire the same rights as a white individual in the tribunal of jurisprudence.

With nine black people on the jury of eleven, many people believe that the defence seting a batch of influence on the race issue is what led to Mr. Simpson & # 8217 ; s acquittal.The defence had the jury, justice, and the attorneies from both sides of the instance were taken on a & # 8220 ; field trip & # 8221 ; to the offense scene, and Simpson & # 8217 ; s ain sign of the zodiac in Brentwood. Before the group got to OJ & # 8217 ; s house, one of Mr.

Simpson & # 8217 ; s lawyers took down a image of OJ & # 8217 ; s girlfriend and set up a Norman Rockwell print of a black miss being shown to school by federal United States Marshals Services. Pictures of Simpson standing with white golfing buddies were replaced with images of his female parent and other black friends, familiarities, and household members. A Bible was placed on an terminal tabular array in the life room that wasn & # 8217 ; t there antecedently. This was to play on the jury & # 8217 ; s racial consciousness.Another factor that was key in OJ walking off a free adult male from that test was his unbelievable jurisprudence squad. Simpson & # 8217 ; s defence squad of attorneies was known to America as the & # 8220 ; Dream Team & # 8221 ; through media ballyhoo. They had a few major ends that they hoped one time accomplished would take to OJ & # 8217 ; s acquittal. The first was to confute the prosecution & # 8217 ; s grounds refering Mr.

Simpson holding a motivation to kill these people. The 2nd end was to do the jury uncertainty the prosecution even knew what happened. They did this by demoing their ain grounds that the prosecution & # 8217 ; s offense timeline was non valid. Another end was to turn out that OJ was excessively old and had to many physical hurts to perform the undertaking of killing these people. Finally, their last major end was to turn out that all scientific physical grounds that linked OJ Simpson to the offense was most decidedly contaminated, planted, or perchance both. These ends might look hard to carry through, particularly since there was a squad of 6 of the best forensic scientists in the state who, “masterfully presented the grounds that should hold put the liquidator in prison.” ( Clark 149 ) .

This is where the “Dream Team” truly made a difference.After the whole racism issue was raised by Mark Fuhrman & # 8217 ; s testimony, the defence attorneies raised the charge that possibly the bloody glove found outside the Simpson abode was in fact planted at that place by Mr. Fuhrman due to his unbelievable racial prejudice.

The defence was besides really helpful in training OJ before he made his right to relinquish testimony address. Normally if a suspect refuses to be cross-examined that means they are guilty and don & # 8217 ; t want to be forced into implying him/herself. The suspect is allowed to do a short address to carry the jury as to why he shouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have to attest or be cross-examined. The defence claimed that Mr. Simpson & # 8217 ; s perfect address came from the bosom, and was non rehearsed. This in fact was an arrant prevarication. A book subsequently published by OJ & # 8217 ; s life co-author revealed that Johnny Cochran, Robert Shapiro, and Robert Kardashian, & # 8220 ; helped Simpson outline the & # 8216 ; waiver & # 8217 ; and speech. & # 8221 ; ( Clark 457 ) .

Simpson so, & # 8220 ; spent the following two hebdomads refinement and rehearsing. & # 8221 ; ( Clark 457 ) . The Simpson defence squad did a great occupation of lead oning the jury and flexing the truth to all extents of the jurisprudence.The last major factor involved in OJ & # 8217 ; s acquittal was OJ & # 8217 ; s celebrity and luck. His past calling as a hall-of-fame running back for the Buffalo Bills, and his drawn-out clip as a observer of NFL games led to much glorification, a long line of commercials, and even a short film calling. Many people grew up with him as a function theoretical account, and after his superb untainted calling on the gridiron, they had merely cause to look up to this adult male.

Many people respected O.J. It took a really long clip to happen 11 jury members that had ne’er heard of him before.Not merely was O.J.

a hall of celebrity running back for the Buffalo Bills, he besides set the record for most seasons taking the conference, and the most back-to-back seasons taking the conference in hotfooting. He has done 26 Television invitee star visual aspects, and commercials for companies & # 8220 ; Hertz & # 8221 ; lease a auto, and & # 8220 ; Isotoner & # 8221 ; baseball mitts. He besides had many film functions, including his really amusing functions in three & # 8220 ; Naked Gun & # 8221 ; films. This was a adult male that everybody loved, and his old media experience merely added to this esteem. It was hard non to hearten for this adult male who brought so many old ages of illustriousness to the NFL. How could a jury inmate a national function theoretical account to life imprisonment? Apparently they couldn & # 8217 ; t.

This was merely frosting on the bar for O.J. He besides garnered more esteem in the fact that he was black. He brought colour to films like Naked Gun 33 1/3, and literally filled the function of a colour observer for ABC football. Mr.

Simpson & # 8217 ; s fame decidedly played a portion in his being acquitted.In decision, O.J. Simpson & # 8217 ; s test was ne’er about him being a slayer. It wasn & # 8217 ; t the decease of those two guiltless people, Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. It was about how a chiefly black jury can take a slayer go free because racial tensenesss were so high, that they felt something had to be done.

It was about how a costly squad of attorneies can film over the seeing of one such jury, without interrupting any regulations. It was about how nowadays famous persons don & # 8217 ; t travel to gaol, even for dual slaying. I think it shows that our current legal processs don & # 8217 ; t work really good, because there was so much grounds demoing that O.J. was the liquidator, the whole state knew that he did it. It helps exemplify that the American judicial system has its defects, and can & # 8217 ; t be trusted wholly.

Many times attorneies will utilize instances where the offense wasn & # 8217 ; t the issue as a case in point for a current instance. I wonder if someday a attorney will utilize the O.J. Simpson instance as a case in point. This attorney could reason that his client is a famous person, and since he or she is a famous person, he or she can & # 8217 ; t be imprisoned.

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