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The Old Man And The Sea-Change Essay, Research PaperThe Old Man and the Sea- Change& # 8220 ; Change in all things is sweet. & # 8221 ; Aristotle was right when he uttered the words that lived on as this inspirational quotation mark. When the attitudes of people, your milieus, or yourself, take an unexpected bend, you normally end up happening out later why alterations in your life genuinely happen. Aside from the confusion and hurting that chiefly goes with it, alteration is an unwilled yet critical lesson on how to digest what life hands you.

In Hemmingway & # 8217 ; s novel, & # 8220 ; The Old Man and the Sea & # 8221 ; , Santiago and Manolin both go through rather a transmutation as the male child emerges into the adult male he aspires to be and Santiago learns to demur his destiny.Once & # 8220 ; El Champion & # 8221 ; of the small town, Santiago returns fish-less from an 84 twenty-four hours stretch of fishing over the huge ocean. He is left in an unfortunate world that he & # 8217 ; s non who he one time was. & # 8220 ; There was no cast cyberspace and the male child remembered when they had sold it. But they went through this fiction everyday. There was no pot of xanthous rice and fish and the male child knew this too.

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& # 8221 ; ( 16 ) To maintain his pride, and in about denial, the old deteriorating fisherman pretends there is a meal ready to eat in the presence of the male child when there isn & # 8217 ; t a newly caught fish in a 10 mile radius of the bedraggled hovel. It & # 8217 ; s difficult to accept that the fishing glorifications from the yesteryear are but a memory for Santiago as he welcomes poorness with low custodies.The phrase & # 8220 ; Cipher loves you when you & # 8217 ; re down and out & # 8221 ; depicts the relationship sing Santiago with the town absolutely. When he was catching great fish and winning arm wrestle lucifers at local pubs the town could make nil but regard him.

But even knowing of his destitution, bad fortune, and antique ways, the townsfolk merely frown and twit him. The one time good respected adult male is now frowned upon. Even when he comes back from the jaunt to catch the marlin, the bulk of the community, except for the male child, were standing around the skiff, gazing in awe at the leftovers of the great fish, non refering themselves for a minuTe to see about the well being of Santiago. ” The male child saw that the old adult male was shed blooding and so he saw that the old man’s custodies and started to shout Many fisherman were around the incline looking at what was lashed beside it and one was in the H2O, his pants rolled up, mensurating the skelaton with a length of line.” The dog-tired fisherman was kiping peacefully while the friends he used to hold were outside gauking at his loss, make fulling the male child full of fury because these people were disrespecting his lone wise man figure, merely salting the lesions that were already at that place.Manolin & # 8217 ; s mediocre household life and his strong desire to be a fisherman leaves Santiago to be the lone individual the male child can truly look up to. He admires the things the old adult male has accomplished in the yesteryear, and how after his transmutation from a fishing title-holder to a unlucky old adult male, Santiago still appreciates everything he has.

It was a really painful thing for the male child to detect when the old adult male, hands hemorrhage, and the skeleton of an 18-foot marlin tied to his skiff was lying in bed while the remainder of the town merely looking past him to the astonishing fish remains. Manolin transformed into about a wholly different individual when his male parent figure failed in his all-time most of import end. To get down a new beginning, Manolin decides to get down fishing once more right away-except this clip they & # 8217 ; d do it together.& # 8220 ; Up the route, in his hovel, the old adult male was kiping once more. He was still kiping on his face and the male child was sitting by him watching him.

The old adult male was woolgathering about the lions. & # 8221 ; ( 127 ) His life has altered so much, that one of the lone ways he can experience like things are the manner they used to be is to travel back at that place, in his dreams. He dreams of the olympian king of beastss of Africa breathing pride with every step-something Santiago had wanted all his life, to hold something to be proud of once more. Even though the licking of the old adult male made a immense impact on Manolin, it makes him take a more independent function in his ain life and realizes that the effects of alteration in one & # 8217 ; s life in the hereafter will work for you, non against you.