The history of Hard Rock Cafe ( HRC ) headquartered in Orlando, Florida began from July 14, 1971 by the visual aspect of a modest cafe in London, England. Hard Rock Cafe ‘s laminitiss are Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, two enterprising and music-loving Americans. And, 1982 is the clip for HR ‘s enlargement when 2 proprietors decided to develop their ain HRC in many different topographic points. After some passages and acquisitions, HR International now belongs to the Seminole Tribe of Florida with over 171 locales in more than 52 states around the universe, including 134 coffeehouse and 15 Hotels/Casinos, unrecorded music locales, and a immense one-year Rockfest concert.Differing from other corporations, HRC ‘s consciousness of the trade name appeared at start-up and throughout the development procedure.

Hard Rock Cafe theoretical account is typical of the method of building merchandises by subject – a trade name new selling tool. Hard Rock Cafe is a mixture of experience, manner, amusement factor, sharing consciousness and finally memories storage. This is the cardinal factor taking HRC ‘s present success.

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With stone ‘n axial rotation esthesia – A HR birthright- demonstrated by USD million valued aggregations of memorabilia, service doctrine “ Love All – Serve All ” and operations under the streamer ‘Save The Planet, Hard Rock Cafe – the nucleus of HR International amusement and leisure company- will decidedly go on to successfully spread out the Hard Rock Brand. Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia ) and Ho Chi Minh City ( Vietnam ) are considered alien and widespread venues of HR system. In 2011, Hanoi ( Vietnam ) is one of eight locales of HRC coming into being.I. THE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT STRATEGY OF HRCFrom a modest cafe in London, HRC now occupies over 171 locations in 52 states.

This success has been achieved by altering from a “ themed ” eating house into one take parting in what is now called the “ Experience Economy ” .Working in service industry, HRC ‘s merchandises are services and they are intangible.OM ever plays an of import portion in service country.

HRC understands this and uses OM efficaciously to acquire entree to their mark – service invitees with alone experiences at each every bit good as every cafe . This is found through its mission of “ To distribute the spirit of Rock ‘n ‘ Roll by presenting an exceeding amusement and dining experience. We are committed to being an of import, conducive member of our community and offering the Hard Rock household a merriment, healthy, and fostering work environment while guaranting our long-run success ” .

In service industry, scheme is fundamentally OM strategy.HRC uses “ Multi-Domestic ” scheme when utilizing its ( US ) domestic theoretical account globally, and utilizing franchising operations when it makes sense to make so. ( Half company, half franchise ) . This may includes utilizing the usage of joint ventures or subordinates. Franchises are used when it is decided “ that local ownership will convey a alone capableness, or local conditions suggest there will be an unusual or hard execution ” .

In order to entree the competitory advantage ( Strategic Differentiation, Low Cost, and Response ) . Although HRC has no normal rivals, a batch of its challengers are from experience that tourers can see. HRC selectively applies 10 OM determinations, lending to singular accomplishments. This consequences in 92 % name recognistion all over the universe, seting HR in the top 10 of all eating houses.

1. Merchandise and Service DesignWith the doctrine “ Love all – serve all ” , HRC provide invitees with experience, non repasts merely. Here, the chefs modify bill of fare from authoritative American – Burger & A ; chicken wings- to include higher-end points ( stuffed veau chops, lobster dress suits ) . They besides analyse and test the repasts every bit good as reappraisal the bill of fare to do certain the nutrient is good qualified and delightful plenty to function their invitees. Because HRC Easts to distinction for doing competitory advantage, the bill of fare every bit good as nutrient is normally changed.

Besides, HR is adding a new accent on unrecorded music & A ; redesigning its eating houses to suit the changing gustatory sensations.2. QualityDiffering from merchandise, service ‘s quality is affected by many subjective criterions. It is non easy to put up a general degree of quality.

This requires a serious attempt to acquire a success. With a concatenation of over 171 locations in 52 states, HRC has presents retained many trade names. HRC realises the importance of entire quality ; hence, each staff or each repast is strongly focused. The staff must be good qualified. They besides make research on nutrient, gustatory sensation or providers. Many studies about quality have been on a regular basis done based on the feedback or remark sheet from invitees. They aim at the most perfect quality by utilizing the scorecard of a one to seven graduated table.

If the tonss are non a seven, this means a failure. They are happy to have the remarks from invitees, even the ailments by which they can better the services. That is the ground of the slogan “ We ‘re traveling to harvest the benefits of the attempts that we put into it, so in the terminal, the love you take is equal to the love you make ” .3. Procedure and capacity design:Because “ Customer may be straight involved in procedure design and Capacity must fit demand ” ( service with 10 OM determinations – Heizer & A ; Render ) , HRC puts invitees at the bosom of operations and staffs ever try their best to fulfill invitees. Scheduling the big staff of barmans, cooks and servers, waiteresses is done based off of tracking gross revenues. The agenda can be modified for being suited with occupation character, seasonality and guests’convenience for the intent of efficiency.

Everyday, HRC serves about 100,000 repasts with appetisers, salad, sandwich, sides, Burger, entries and sweets.4. Location choice:In service industry, location must be near clients. That is why HRC chooses the best locale at the centre of each metropolis to turn up. Location is a cardinal factor in service concern.

It is the prerequisite status devising or breakage concern scheme. At HRC, location is considered one of the most indispensable OM determinations done by Oliver Munday – HR ‘s frailty President for cafe development. Before opening a new HRC, Mr. Oliver Munday travels a universe to pick up a state for HR ‘s following cafe , choose a metropolis, and happen the ideal site and so negotiates the trade. After that, he works with designers and contrivers and corsets with the undertaking through the gap and first twelvemonth ‘s gross revenues. Normally, Mr. Oliver Munday looks at several factors with a planetary position when sing a location. Some of them are: political hazard, currency hazard, societal norms, trade name tantrum, societal costs, concern patterns.

And, an extended research checklist is applied. They pay attending and do a tendency analysis of Demographics, Visitor Market, Transportation, Restaurants and Nightclubs ( a choice in cardinal mark market countries ) , Political Risk, Real Estate Market and Hard Rock Cafe Comparable Market Analysis. Depending on the consequence, HRC will finalize the concern theoretical account, joint-ventures, subordinates or franchise on the manner to put up a alone base.With 75 % invitees are tourers, most of HRC are located in cardinal countries holding congregated night life. The location determination is at least a 10-15 twelvemonth committedness. Besides, Break-Even Analysis is used to assist make up one’s mind whether to construct the purchased land, or to reconstruct an bing installation. Currently, Munday is to a great extent looking into planetary enlargement in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. As estimated, there are 8 HRC that are coming into being in 2011, including Hanoi, Vietnam, assisting to increase the entire grosss to about 180.

5. Layout design:In service industry, layout is another of import component, lending to bettering merchandise & A ; production. After turn uping, depending on world, HRC will make up one’s mind the layout design. Sometimes, they purchase the land to the locale. Sometimes, they merely reconstruct on the base of rent land.

HRC takes a great trade of clip for this work from exterior to interior. The lineation must be attractive while ornament is at the purpose of pulling the attending of invitees. The saloon, furniture, illuming system, sound and circulation are at the invitees ‘ comfort.

Meanwhile, the working station every bit good as kitchen, nutrient country makes staff easy to run and function invitees at soonest. Furthermore, retail store together with memorabilia creates a deep feeling by a alone manner that can non be found anyplace else. All of them conveying the invitees a particular ambiance of life in Rock’n’Roll universe.6. Human resources and occupation design:Bing cognizant of the function of human resource which is critical in service, particularly in experience economic system, HRC is ever careful of enlisting every bit good as preparation. Applicants to HRC hold to run into the standards of visual aspect, positivity in attitude, high self-motivation and involvement in functioning and sharing experience. In add-on, they are required to be skilled at work and passionate approximately music every bit good.

Bing a staff here, everybody passes Rock 101 – a 2-day preparation class for basic service accomplishments and with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit. Job-oriented synergistic Cadmiums covering kitchen, retail & amp ; front-of-the-house service is the content of HRC ‘s preparation programme. HRC tends to the scheme “ edifice a civilization leting for credence of significant diverseness and individualism ” , there is no favoritism at HRC.

The publicity and employee policy are besides strongly focused and equal to all staffs. With value system “ to convey a merriment, healthy, nuturing environment into the HRC civilization ” , the staff is the component conveying the rock ‘n’ roll psyche, doing atmosphere alive and bringing exceeding experience to the invitees. That is the ground why HRC is said to hold the competitory advantade through its human resources.

Besides those determinations above, HRC besides pay attending to supply-chain, Inventory, programming and care direction. In order to hold nutrient served with freshness and high quality, HRC chooses the qualified providers and regularly work with them. At HRC, they set a agenda trusting on concern gross revenues, gross, events, seasonality, gross revenues forecast and concern tendency analysis…

to do certain they are ever at service. The most of import stock list direction is for memorabilia aggregations valueing over US $ 40 million with more than sixty 1000 pieces decorated at all HRC. No affair what the big figure of memorabilia, HRC efficaciously manage from a distance.

They know good the name of every memorabilia, how many of them at each HRC and where to set. The care of memorabilia is done at Orlando every 5-7 old ages ; therefore, their valuable and largest Rock’n’Roll aggregation is in good status all the clip.In add-on to OM determinations applied, HRC planetary scheme can be successful thanks to good prediction. Difficult Rock does n’t restrict its usage of prediction tools to gross revenues. Depending on the application, Hard Rock makes long-range, intermediate-term or short-run gross revenues prognosiss conducted each month, by coffeehouse, and so aggregated for a central office position. The day-to-day prognosis is farther broken into hourly gross revenues.

The point-of-sale system ( POS ) is at the Centre of the gross revenues calculating system. Computerized programming package is used and so they compare the existent gross revenues to calculate to cipher the discrepancies, find out the ground for bettering. A 3-year leaden moving norm is applied to cafe gross revenues, multiple arrested development is found in Hard Rock ‘s bill of fare planningaˆ¦Effective prediction helps HRC be at good service, lending to its successful Operations Management.In brief, selective application of 10 OM determinations with forecasting brings HRC with a competitory advantage, distinguishing HRC from other coffeehouse. This puts HRC steadfastly in the service industry, particularly in experience economic system which is so attractive but with a assortment of troubles and challenges every bit good.II. THE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENTS CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR HARD ROCK WHEN CONSIDERING AN EXPANSION OF ITS BUSINESS INTO HANOIContinuing with the success in enlargement, HRC foremost appeared in Vietnam in 2009 by franchise done by Viet Thai International.

That is HRC located in Kumho Plaza, right at the bosom of Saigon, the biggest and crowded metropolis of Vietnam. After over one twelvemonth of operation in Saigon, Vietnam HRC measure by measure gained some success with staying musical esthesia demonstrated through Rock’n’Roll and valuable memorabilia aggregation. At the minute, there are a assortment of bars, eating houses, coffeehouse and even hotels in this metropolis ; however, HRC is still considered high spot.

Of class, the topics of HRC is non monolithic, but selective. Their invitees are fundamentally hi-end, rich, sophisticated and with high musical gustatory sensation or aliens, tourers. They come to HRC non for a drink or a repast merely but for a mixture of experience, manner, amusement factor, sharing consciousness and finally memories storage.

. On the manner to development, one more HRC is being estimated to come into being in Hanoi – capital of Vietnam. It is no uncertainty that HRC will confront many challenges.

Hanoi is the Vietnam 2nd largest in population ( 6.5 million people ) with instability between urban and rural, urban and suburban. Hanoians are non so -going, and open-minded as the southern people. They live traditionally and slightly rigorous, conservative in accepting anything new or unusual. This is the obstruction to HRC with experience manner which seems still new to Vietnam. Besides, there are a batch of hotels, saloon, eating houses, amusement centres, shpping mallsaˆ¦ , even modern locales invested by aliens that are regarded as rivals of HRC in experience economic system.

The bound of Hanoi is at the deficiency of aiport. Until now, Noi Bai is the lone one airdrome and really far from Hanoi ‘s centre ( 40 kilometers ) , the roads are non bad but non good synchronised yet, doing some obstructions to transit. A assortment of eating houses, saloon, cabarets are bing and working in this metropolis, which are rivals sharing the market in experience industry. The competition is more and more intense. About the Real Estate Market, it shows a bad fluctuation with unreasonably high monetary value.

Hanoi ‘s land is grouped into highest market in the universe, conveying the trouble in investing. Besides, the aftereffect of planetary crisis taking the lessening in hi-end people, including tourers with high affordability. Harmonizing to official staticstic, in 2010, the figure of hi-end tourers coming to VN toss off around 15-20 % . Some foreign offices temporarily near or cut down staff. The local people tend to cut the bugdet for amusement.

Therefore, a luxury environment like HRC will be much damaged in measure, to some extent.However, it is evident to entree many chance for HRC when make up one’s minding to spread out into Hanoi.The first chance is the demographics. The population of Hanoi is large at 6.

5 million, the figure of people with high affordability are younger and younger. They will be easy at having the new characteristics like an experience. A figure of Hanoians earnestly and like to take the signifier of a infinite so epicurean and alone can be a pick to show position, their degree. Hanoi is the capital, the fix figure of aliens ling and working here is great. Many eating houses, hotels, bars, convention centersaˆ¦that are good qualified to function a figure of riders. Embassies, foreign companies, NGOsaˆ¦are majorly located here.

And the large figure of tourers and business communities come here. And, many events, MICE activities are foremost chosen to organised here. With 75 % of HRC is tourers as statistic, Hanoi is at this advantage.

Besides, the economic indexs are non excessively bad, even during the economic downswing, assuring a benefit for HRC when populating criterion is enhanced and more invitees coming to this cafe .The following chance is created by the distinction scheme. Although there are a large figure of hotels, eating houses, saloon, shopping promenades or entertainmnet centres, nil is outstanding and highlighted. HRC with the alone characteristics by concatenation tradition will really pull clients.In add-on, the transit in Hanoi is more and more improved. Hanoi is the hub of northern part, the nexus of metropoliss, states in North. Except from the deficiency of synchronism in roads and a bigger airdrome with bigger capacity, the transit system is comparatively good.

Noi Bai – an international aiport with a history of 33 old ages and a capacity of 10 million riders per twelvemonth with many air hoses ( VNA, China Airline, Singapore Airlines, Jetstaraˆ¦ ) and direct flights to abroad. Hanoi besides has celebrated river right at the center of metropolis and a railroad station that is non far from the centre. These are comfortss!Hanoi besides brings HRC another chance of safety. Vietnam is considered one of 10 safe finishs. Everyone can be certain about the political hazard in our state.

A stable and incorporate political government together with a high security can decidedly convey the bright prospective of concern.Hanoi with high populating criterion, a great figure of local people are able to extremely afford, holding high demands in musical gustatory sensation and quality. Here is the cradle of stone with a big figure of fans. As a consequence, HRC with Rock’n’Roll esthesia can to the full run into their demands and front-runner.

Furthermore, HRC foremost came to Vietnam by Franchised done by Viet Thai International in 2009. Viet Thai International is a successful corporation in Highlands cafe concatenation. It is apparent that HRC can go on experience in making operations in cafe in peculiar and in experience industry in general.

HRC has been holding strong trade name and repute.In brief, with a batch of chances analysed above, it is clear that HRC makes a determination of enlargement to Hanoi is sensible. And, it is no uncertainty that HRC will go on their success if they remain faithful to system ‘s spirit – The Rock’n’Roll esthesia so that invitees come here non for merely a repast or a drink, but a mixture of experience, manner, amusement factor, sharing consciousness and finally memories storage. This is the feeling that can non be found anyplace except HRC concatenation, until now.= & gt ; Choose cardinal territory ( Hoan Kiem ) at Vincom Plaza