We live on a planetbelieved to be 4.5 billion old ages of age with 1000000sof people covering all parts of it. Where did theycome from? Did the whole human populationoriginate from one of people or were we placedhere and so improved or changed by anintercession? I believe that humanity on planetEarth was created by development.

Both thecreationist and interventionist theories seem to farfetched to be accountable theories for the creative activityof humanity on planet Earth. There are a batch moreinquiries that remain unreciprocated such as ifastronauts put us on Earth why didn & # 8217 ; t they botherto learn worlds anything? And if the creationisttheory were accurate why can & # 8217 ; t God controlnatural catastrophes on his planet? He is so cagey tocreate everything known to mankind why doesn & # 8217 ; The do the perfect universe if he had that muchcontrol? There seems to be rather a spot moresustantial grounds on Earth to back up the theoryof development. The grounds is holds up morebecause existent samples of dodos have beencollected and scientifically tested utilizing a methodcalled C dating to find the age of the

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& gt ;dodos. Which can so be examined and placedalong a timeline. The clip periods show littledifferences in bone construction demoing what ishypothesized to be the human evolving. Evolvingfrom what though? The theory of development provincesthat creatures change overtime to accommodate theirmilieus. This is called environmentalversion.

The more a animal can accommodate to it & # 8217 ; senvironment the greater opportunity it has of life andshow an addition in population called endurance ofthe fittest. A theory developed by a scientistnammed Charles Darwin who had conductedextended research into the environmentaladaptations of animate beings, for illustration the versionof the galapagos polo-necks from short cervix to hankercervixs so they could make their nutrient. This theoryaid to turn out the theory that humans evolvedfrom apes so they could increase their opportunities ofendurance. The creationist theory is mearly pen andpaper whereas the evolutionary theory is existentpopulating cogent evidence that worlds did germinate from apes andwhy the environmental versions have madeworlds the dominant animals on Earth. by Jamessphillips