Last updated: September 22, 2019
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The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

Christopher Marlowe

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Move into my pad, sweetie darling

And let’s enjoy what sights may bring:

Pastoral scenes, great outdoors, and more

That nature-trippers like us adore.
And on a stone, let’s sit and watch

As shepherd boys keep on their jobs,

Along rivers whose shallow waters ring

With cool, hip tunes that robins sing.
And I will make you a bed to lie on

Made of roses, and flowers galore,

Blooms for your head, a fancy dress

Laced with myrtle, made to impress;

I’ll make you a gown, soft and warm

Woven from the finest fleece of lamb;
Insulated footwear for your dainty feet

With golden straps as accessories;

A belt woven from straw and leaves,

Adorned with gems from woods and seas;

If these be to your taste, and think them fun

Then move to my pad, and be my gal.

My buddies here, they’ll rock and roll

Each time you wake in May at dawn:
If you dig these, then have no fear,

Go move your ass, and come up here.