The Passionate Shepherd to His LoveChristopher Marlowe1599  Move into my pad, sweetie darlingAnd let’s enjoy what sights may bring:Pastoral scenes, great outdoors, and moreThat nature-trippers like us adore.And on a stone, let’s sit and watchAs shepherd boys keep on their jobs,Along rivers whose shallow waters ringWith cool, hip tunes that robins sing.And I will make you a bed to lie onMade of roses, and flowers galore,Blooms for your head, a fancy dressLaced with myrtle, made to impress;I’ll make you a gown, soft and warmWoven from the finest fleece of lamb;Insulated footwear for your dainty feetWith golden straps as accessories;A belt woven from straw and leaves,Adorned with gems from woods and seas;If these be to your taste, and think them funThen move to my pad, and be my gal.My buddies here, they’ll rock and rollEach time you wake in May at dawn:If you dig these, then have no fear,Go move your ass, and come up here.