Members of the Jury, Boy Willie position here today is that he is trying to take part of this Piano and sell it for his own convenience. This Piano is not only for his possession. This Piano also belongs to my client Bernice. He want to buy Sutter’s land from the money he will get from selling their ancestors piano. This Piano has great meaning to this family. Selling it wouldn’t make it fair to Bernice.

My reasons for being here is to defend my client Bernice.She has the same right to her the same way Boy Willie does. Like I said before this Piano has a lot of meanings to this family. A father gave his life away to take the piano that his family owned. It is unfair that Boy Willie wants to sell the Piano for his needs and not care of his sister’s needs. The Piano should remain in Bernice care for the reason that Bernice didn’t want this foolishness of thievery and murder that her family went through to ever be forgotten.Bernice’s value in sentimental things in order to keep the memory of her family’s past sufferings and mistakes would live on is reminiscent of Roots. Their families carving are on it and to Bernice that means a lot.

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It is something that holds so much pain, so much history, and that no one can take away from her. If Boy Willie takes it and sells it, it is going to be gone and never seen again.I think family history and family heirlooms that hold so much sentimental value are worth treasuring more so than a piece of land that will most likely be of no use to Boy Willie when he realizes how exhausted the land is from being farmed for so long and that very well might be sold down his family line. The fair solution is that Bernice should keep it. Either way it is still going to be Boy Willie’s piano too.

If he is going to sell it I believe Bernice should agree to it and until she doesn’t then it should still remain in her possession.