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The author, Paul Zinged also ants the reader to decide who really is at fault of Mr.. Pagination’s death. Lorraine was also guilty of blaming a classmate, Norton. Lorraine felt like saying one of us murdered Mr.. Poignant, she would have blamed Norton. He’s the one who finally caused all the trouble” (Zinged 29). John and Lorraine are trying to blame other people that he was the direct cause of the death. However, it really was not his fault and the two friends were trying to cover up their guilt since they were with Mr.. Poignant the most, Zinged also brings up the idea that people lie. John constantly lies whether it was in school or with Mr..

Poignant. Lorraine says that “One time last term Miss King asked him what happened to the book report he was supposed to hand in on Johnny Terrain, and he told her that he had spilled some coffee on it the night before, and when the coffee dried, there was still sugar on the paper and so cockroaches ate the book report” (Zinged 26). John ends up lying so much to the point where he lies for the fun of it and hopes that people, especially teachers will believe him. There has been times were John and Lorraine have been honest with each other but they still lie to each other and Mr.. Poignant.

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John Conman is one Of the narrators and protagonists Of the book. He is a realistic 15 year that constantly has problems with his father, and lies to almost everyone. However he is smart and can get good grades When he feels like it. In school “Mr.. Winner asked him what kind of homes early American settlers lived in, and John said tree huts. NOW John knows early American settlers didn’t live in tree huts, but he’ll do just about anything to stir up some excitement” (Zinged 9). John lies quite often but does it for his own enjoyment too. Although he acts trance and peculiar sometimes, he does have a compassionate side of him.

Throughout the book he will sometimes contemplate about life and death. Lorraine says that John would “the last person on earth to show that he has compassion, and that he pretends he doesn’t care about anything in the world” (Zinged 10), He acts this way because the way his family works. He does not get along with his father very well and they often have fights and John does not really appreciate him very much. John is realistic because especially in high school, people do not really show who they’re really are or they take it and move way from their true personality.

In addition, John is a manipulative person, He sometimes manipulates Lorraine, his best friend. John and Lorraine were going to collect 510 from Mr.. Poignant and was able to make her laugh She “burst[deed] out laughing, and then knew I had her where I wanted her (Zinged 34). John is also open about manipulating Lorraine, while she does not even realize it sometimes I would recommend this book to a friend because its a very interesting and peculiar book about tuft sophomores spending time with an older man who collects ceramic pigs.

It shows how people can be manipulative, guilty, blamed but shows ideas of family and youth. An example Of realistic youth similar to today is how John talks about maturity. He gave up on all that kid stuff now that I’m a sophomore” (Zinged 3). He talked about doing immature stuff as a kid but realizes he needs to grow up and mature as a person. The book shows how different a person’s family life is, compared to being in school. Lorraine found out that “analysts would call his family the source problem or say he drinks and smokes to assert his independence” (Zinged 12).

She essentially questions whether or not John’s family is actually responsible for John actions/behavior, Lastly, The Bagman also shows how older people tend to get lonely and that life is not always happy. Mr. Poignant “sounded like such a nice old man, but terribly lonely. He was just dying to talk” (Zinged 25). Mr.. Pigtail’s wife died and he eventually got very lonely, being by himself all the time. He just wants to talk to someone and tell jokes. The Bagman is an interesting book that shows different perspectives of how people act and that in life, one is not always going to be happy, as a spiral of events can happen very quickly.