Last updated: August 9, 2019
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The ExtinctionHumans see them every day without even noticing them; people don’t really think about them till their gone, Adults, Teens and Kids have seen them at one point; in stories books or even in real life but what humans do not know is that they may not see them any longer. Humans are to blame for animal extinction; it was scientifically proven that humans cause animal extinction to go at a faster rate by overhunting or and illegally hunting animals down. People like landscapers, civil engineers and your average person are also to blame for this, they are overpopulating and building new buildings every day for the human environment instead of trying to the animal environment. Humans don’t think about the effect until it happens and who knows what animal could be next. Humans are growing at a rapid rate starting off with 200,000 people per day and 140 people per minute. That is equal to 75 million people each year which is twice as much since 1970; the human race is one of the fastest growing spices on earth which means that sooner or later, humans will not have any room for other spices, including  dogs, cats, birds and many more. Humans are the cause of some changes in the environment that are hurting the Planet  like pollution. Pollution is one of the primary ways in which humans have caused drastic modifications of wildlife habitat. Over the years humans have polluted the land, air, and water with garbage, gas, and waste. Which hurts the environment as much as it hurts spices. Air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution hurt the environment much as it hurts humans. Air pollution causes the formation of acid rain which rises the pH levels and destroys river, stream, plants and trees. Air pollution can also affect wildlife by indirectly causing changes to the ecosystem. Then there’s also land pollution, land pollution is damaging the soil and plants that some animals need to feed off which not only can hurt the animals species but the human race too. Ocean pollution or water pollution is another thing, it is harmful for the environment animals. There are plastics and other marine debris that floating by the ocean that can  travels for many years. Animals that are not used to the environment humans put them in, they can get stuck or even can try to eat it. Animals can become really sick and die off or litter can distribute toxic chemicals throughout the ocean and harm the animals even more. Climate change is another major factors that is Affecting the animals to be extinct. The environmental scientists have been warning  the people for years about the CO2 emission growing and causing our heat levels to rise up.It has been affect the earth’s atmosphere. The level of fossil fuels being burned is enormous this is whats affect the heat levels to rise, which affects the planet ecosystem, causing the Arctic ice to melt and raise the ocean sea levels by 2%. The loss of ice is increasing each year and also rising the sea levels of water, which absorbs causing the temperature and ocean water to rise. People may say that global warming is not a thing, that it not real, that  this is just a way to scare people, and it’s been happening before humans were even  on this earth. However the truth is that global warming is real and is happening at this very moment.”October 2017 was the second warmest October in 137 years of modern record-keeping, according to a monthly analysis of global temperatures by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York” . This shows that over the years the world as slowly started to warm up and it is going to keep warming up until humans do something about it.Climate changes are happening, water levels are rising, the environment is changing day by day. Humans are taking land that doesn’t belong to humans and kicking, forcing animals out. Over hunting is another major part of this it is causing extinction. Just in the past 40 years, nearly 50% of earth’s wildlife has been extinct;this is also due to illegal hunters killing tens of millions of animals per year, some hunters even turn to hunting  the  mother of the animal which causes the baby to look after itself, and depending on its age, the baby may not live up to adult age.It will have to fight for itself and learn how to feed for itself.. Many animals are also sold in the black market around the world and just used for their skin, horns, bones, or even heads. The rapid loss of species people are seeing today is estimated by experts to be between 100 and and 1,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate. How much longer will it be until the normal household pets are next?  The sixth mass extinction or also know as Holocene Extinction, is where there is a super mass extinction that has hurt the earth and environment in a big way. In history there are five mass extinctions known on Earth, in which more than 50% of species died out, and now many scientist, believing that the sixth, is on its way now unlike other mass extinctions, which have been caused by nature this time the cause is the humans.Humans have overpopulated over the years and have helped the mass extension to go at a faster rate than it was going. Humans have caused climate change. Pollution and over hunting are what is  causing the sixth mass extinction.Humans are overpopulation and putting everything risks. Mammals, birds and amphibians are currently becoming extinct.. Humans are barely an endangered species so people do not have to worry too much about being extinct.  Humans are the top of the top with a population of about 7.2 billion people and more growing, but everything  can change quickly, as people have demonstrated in recent years with a lot of other wildlife humans also can become extinct. Humans can try their best efforts to buffer themselves against the whims of nature, but humans are the ones who reline on nature and the environment.Humans need the ecosystems for food, water and other resources to live off of as well as animals do, so what will they do then? Do humans have have to wait until something big happens or maybe even after the human race, runs out of materials to live off of  like the animals are.What will they do then?. Most animals require a certain amount of territory Where they can hunt and learn to greed and expanding population but humans are taking their habitat and turning them into buildings homes or land field for them many animals lack of genetic diverse where their packs start to separate due to unknown or new environments coming into their environment ? Humans are taking their land space food and resources to live off or either putting disease in the soil due to pollution what more can we do do we really want to have every animal extinct to the point where we don’t even have food ourselves will we be the ones to be extinct next.Now people may think  it is not the human races fault, but it is.Some new research may indicates that some animals have suffered from freezing temperatures long before Hunters arrive on the scene, although that may be true you have to think about the the massive climate change humans made on this Earth, and how people are slowing destroying the earth, by putting to oil pipes in the ground and by building Apartments,roads,and other houses, people say they need.Even though  that may be true the human race is still over population. Humans are destroying the animals habitat for the things the people need, humans are slowly heating up the Earth which some animals and plants do not need. All humans are doing doing is making sure they are okay, and not our environment or community. All though there are some organizations and groups that help the environment and communities, that still is not enough, animals are still dying, people are still overpopulation, and the planet is still heating up.It is hard to imagine a world in without elephants, lions, pandas and other iconic wildlife animals, and  sooner or later they will only start to exist in stories or photos. Extension a word that has a great meaning to it a word that can change the world a world that can change you and hey you never know we can be next.