The verse form ‘The Planners’ by Boey Kim Cheng mentions the metropolis construction and shows that flawlessness.

uniformity and control over nature are the chief constructs in this metropolis program. The want for flawlessness and uniformity of the contrivers in the verse form highlights another subject which is the control over nature. The purpose of the powerful contrivers is to alter the state they live in the manner they want. Therfore. they want to hold the power and possible to command the ideas of people.The contrivers referred in the verse form can be analyzed in a broader sense as authorities because authorities is the effectual power which changes the whole construction of the state.

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The first stanza of the verse form describes what the ‘Planners’ do physically ; “They program. They build…” There look to be an compulsion with flawlessness and uniformity. for “The edifices are in alliance with the roads which meet at desired points. ” The word ‘aligment’ here shows the exactitude and perfection of the building.The edifices are physically first-class nevertheless they are deficiency of existent passion and emotion because they are non connected with the feelings of people. The ground for disjunction can be due to the utmost usage of mathemathical computations.

Besides. the deficiency of emotion is linked with mathematic due to the construct that Numberss are cold and apathetic. in contrast with words. Furthermore the words ‘gridded’ . ‘permutations’ . ‘points’ are used with mathemathical and scientific significance. There is even praise and blessing for mathematics mentioned here ‘the grace of mathematics’ . in line six.

The last two lines of the stanza comment on the consequence the working of the Planners have on the environment ; that the Planners are even seeking to extinguish the defects created by nature. Again the want for flawlessness is seen among contrivers. The usage of personification for the sea and skies emphasizes the sense of licking. The ‘draw dorsum of sea’ shows that even the nature is non able to vie agains the contrivers. They are so strong that even the limitless and infinite sky ‘surrender’ . The subject of licking is analyzed at this point.The 2nd stanza utilizations and extended metaphor for the state described in the verse form ( perchance Singapore ) with dentition. words such as ‘dental dexterity’ .

‘shining teeth’ . ‘anaesthesia’ . ‘piling’ and ‘drilling’ are used. The ‘shining teeth’ can be analyzed as how the contrivers are destructive. The ‘teeth’ are so strong that they can digest the whole state. The inordinate endowment and accomplishment of the contrivers are seen as they can alter the universe into a mechanic topographic point.

Here. the Planners compulsion with flawlessness is emphasized. defects are erased. The Planners here are even seeking to hone their imperfect yesteryear. a close impossible effort.

This point is critical because the contrivers are non merely wish for a present which is perfect and unflawed. but they besides want to alter the past traditions and values in the manner they want. Furthermore.

the changing of past here can do the contrivers able to determine the thoughts of people. Therefore. the history will non be as it used to be but changed into a manner that which is besides ‘new’ . The word ‘anaesthesia’ mentions the thought that the society will non experience the alteration that they are traveling through because the changing of the yesteryear is done with sleight by the contrivers. Amnesia’ is besides critical in the sense that people will bury their history.Forgeting the history means that people will besides lose their traditions and values which will do them empty and ready to make full up with the thoughts and ideas of the contrivers.

They are in a ‘hypnosis’ by contrivers so that they will non judge the authorities or anyone for the doomed values and traditions because the society will non even detect it since everything is planned in a perfect mode.The authorities will utilize propaganda and all the agencies possible to do their state bury their yesteryear. or retrieve a sham but perfect version of their yesteryear. The sentence‘the boring goes right through the dodos of last century’ makes it clear that the contrivers are determining non merely the hereafter but besides the yesteryear. The defects in nature are besides corrected. ‘All spreads are plugged with glittering gold’ underscores thay wealth and prosperity is used to cover up imperfectnesss of the state and it is made to be perfect in every manner possible. have oning ‘perfect rows of reflecting teeth’ .The last two sentence can be interpretted in two possible ways.

First. the poet or the persone might hold used the phrase ‘heart would non bleed… . . non a individual drop’ because although he is disquieted about the alterations. he thinks that it is necessary. This means that the poet is believing in a manner that alteration is inevitable and tha contrivers should make what they atre making. On the other manus.

it can be commented that the poet is resigned because he thinks that he does non hold the power to halt the contrivers altering the universe.