Last updated: June 21, 2019
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The poem entitled “Everything” is an interesting approach to poetry on the part of the author. It is a poem that is about what types of poems the author wants to write, and does not make use of rhyming in order to create a beautiful piece of prose. The author seems to be making a point about how many poets over-elaborate or use too many fanciful words to create their poems, and that readers should not “go looking for the laces of elaboration, puffed sleeves” in his poems. Instead, he feels that poetry should be plain and should come from inspirations like nature and heaven, and should use simple words, meaning exactly what he says. The beauty of this poem is its simplicity and the way all of the words flow together to create something beautiful without trying too hard.

“Everything” is a poem that is, in many ways, about where the author gets his inspiration for writing. The author states that he sees inspiration in simple words like “heavy, heart, joy” and in “daisies and everlasting and the ordinary grass”. He feels that poems should be more like songs, wanting to bring to light the unseen and unspoken things in life that cannot be described. The author writes that, “ I want to make poems that look into the earth and the heavens and see the unseeable”, proving that the author is more interested in delving into the deeper aspects of life without having to overly-elaborate about them. The author’s use of theme becomes the most prominent feature of this particular poem because it deals with what inspires the author and, in so doing, what should inspire all of us: everything. The author feels that everything about life is worthy of poetry, of song, and of praise. This becomes the most lasting idea from the poem.

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Overall, “Everything” is a beautiful poem that creates a mood of awe and interest in the reader, which is exactly what the author had in mind. While the author does not use the traditional form of his prose to create the poem, it flows nicely and becomes a beautiful testament to what inspires us all about life.