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I want to discuss the position of the women in the Arthurian Romances. The middle age stories are mainly dominated with king and knights, and representing helpless damsels. In middle ages woman are the property of the man used as reward and payment of man’s debt. . But in the Arthurian romance they are performing a vital role like in “ Knight of the cart” the woman is always with hero, in every scene In those day woman are not only at the respectful position, but also they are at higher in position. In story it seems they have important role. Woman is always present with hero in every scene in those times. Knight is always there for help of maiden without question. After begging from Kay when going out of his court, king Arthur wants Queen to help him from which it seem that Queen has certain powers over King. Also the king ask her suggestion in every issues. This story showed that the woman of that time has certain power over the men. Knights fight for the woman and will make so much determination and strength for to defeat his opponents..

The  Queen encouragement made a Lancelot to defeat Meleagant in a swordfight. . So the woman make the story interesting, and give new encouraged path to knights. In the knight of cart, the woman have no husband had decide to make tournament for to search best one. In these tournament women made plot dynamic. Also Guinevere’s affair with lanocelot show her empowerment of woman as compared to man, King.

In The knight with the loin, Yvain and other Knight find it dishonorable to reject maiden request.

Men fight for women because if don’t, they will lose her. The knight servitude to the maiden is a display of showing importance of women.

The stories of knight teaches us to be respectful toward woman in society. As every hero needs a inspiration of woman.



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