The positive impact of education on prisoners For some individuals prison can be the most terrifying place in the world. The matter of the fact is that there is a positive outlook on prison lifestyle. The same might not apply to every human being in the world, but prison can positively impact a prisoners lifestyle.

The biggest way is education, because it can make a convict a better person, reduction of violence and can even impact a prisoners child’s life. When a convict pursues a better education it can change the individual.The change can make the prisoner change the way they have an outlook on the world. The reason for this is, because when an individual has a better understanding of their surroundings it can make them change the way everything is looked at from their point of view. Once the convict is an educated individual it is likely that they will not go back to their old ways. The prisoner wont ever go back to their past lifestyle, because the education will make them truly realize what they had done in the past was all a mistake due to the fact that it can be understood now due to their new education.

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Like the author said in the following quote “Anyone who has read a great deal can imagine the new world that opened” (Colombo, Gary pg. 1 90) The base of having an education is international, but pursuing a better base of education is a change in the individual’s lifestyle. The reason for the change is due to the fact that the prisoner has to spend amounts of time of their day in order to learn and get the education. This time taken of their day can reduce the negativity in the convicts mind. By having the individual occupied with education they will not provoke any source of violence.The number of children affected by their parents’ incarceration is significant.

There is many prison programs that offer a chance to break the intergenerational cycle of inequality. When children are inspired by their parents to take education more seriously, they too begin to see viable alternatives to dropping out of school and entering a life of crime. Thus breaking a negative cycle of intergenerational incarceration. Education is positive anywhere in any society or even prison. The matter of the fact is that it is a huge positive effect on a onvices life and even the children of the prisoners.The different ways it impacts convicts life is truly remarkable. From reducing violence in the prison to the outside world when the convicts become ex convicts.

When the convict truly becomes educated it changes their way of life for the better.