The product which we are offering to our customers (year 8 students) is afun filled and an adventures trip to Basel and Spice. By creating an image inthe market that our group and our services is/are reliable, affordable, healthyand unique therefore coming up to the impression we will be able to attract ourtarget audience (year 8). To establish healthy and give a very nice portrait ofour brand and it’s imagine, we will be indulging in brand campaigns that usescommunications to send our send message and they will reinforce that brandimagine through pricing and distribution channels         Price ü  We have tried to keep the price aslow as possible so that the and that students don’t have to go through troubleand we have tried to keep the prices as low as possible and we have gonethrough all the different packages offered by Basel and spice to check out whatworks the best to satisfy the needs of our target group. ü  From all the packages we choose thepackage three we have selected package in which we have chosen in which we needto pay 70 dhms for all the food and drinks  ü  We have also made provisions of foodmeals for all those who are vegetarians and vegans.

This will benefit all thosewho are vegetarian and vegan. ü  The cost for the school buses isincluded in toolkit so the students coming for the trip and have paid for thetoolkit wouldn’t have to pay for their transportation to the place we aretaking them ü  But for those who haven’t paid for the toolkitwill have to pay an extra 10 dirhams for the bus. Place Basil and Spice is located in Flora Al Barsha Hotel, Next toMall of Emirates, Dubai, Barsha 1, Dubai.They have the features below –  Ø  Breakfast Ø  Private Dining AreaAvailable Ø  Free Parking Ø  Kid Friendly Ø  Wi-Fi Ø  Buffet Ø  Valet Parking Available 

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