Snorri Struluson, an Icelandic poet of the early 12th century, writes about different types of poetry a collection of poetry which was written from earlier poets, demonstrated in “The Prose Edda”. i. It was during this time period of his life, between 1220 and 1235, that Snorri wrote the major works for which he has been universally recognized and which secured his lasting game: Snorra Edda, translated as The Prose Edda, and Heimshringla; The Heimshringla :or chronicle of thee kings of Norway.Besides being an indispensable compendium of Scandinavian mythology “The Deluding of Gylf” reveals Snorri’s mastery of the art of storytelling, The stories are told with charm, sophistication, and satiric wit rare in any age and that’s only a natural storyteller can command. Snorri’s writing is remarkable both for their scope and for their formal assurance.

“The Prose Edda” is an handbook of poetics.In this work, Snorri arranges and recounts the legends of Norse mythology in an entertaining way. He then explains the ornate diction of the ancient skaldic poets and explains the great variety of poetic meters used in skaldic and Eddic verse. Snorri also writes biographies. He wrote a biography on St. Olaf of Norway, which he included in his Heimshringla, a history of the Norwegian Kings from their legendary descent from the warrior-wizard good odin down to Magnus Erlingsson.

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Snorri objectively however is less remarkable than it may seem for he is writing in the tradition of the relentless accumulation of facts and dialogue while avoiding description, analysis, loaded language and judgements. other poets had written. Snorri had just collected them and analyzed them in “The Prose Edda”. IV. Concluding Thoughts He is famous for his writing on the Norwegian kings at the time.

Around the time that Snorri Struluson lived, Icelandic and Norwegian communities didn’t get along, but Snorri had made close friends with the Norwegian Kings at the time.He was giving a mission to make Iceland and Norway come to a peace, but had sadly failed. Snorri was killed by Norwegian kings and by lots of his friends because the Norwegian kings had felt betrayed by Snorri. The most significant aspect of the text is that he was able to gather all of the poems that are in “The Prose Edda” and still have people like it within the time period with having himself killed or disliked.

It is last interesting that he would focus of Icelandic culture and other cultures at the same time.