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It replace the Malaysian Remuneration System (SMS) in force since 2002. Transformation of the Public Service Is required to achieve the national development agenda set out under 1 Malaysia, Government Transformation Programmer, New Economic Model and the Tenth Malaysia Plan initiatives and other development. STRUCTURE OF SERVICE Group Services The structure of the service under the SABA are divided into four (4) groups of services that Premier Group, the Top Management Group, the Management and Professional, and Implementation Group.

Premier Group Is the top layer In the Truckee of the Public Service who held or hold strategic and key positions. Senior Management Group consists of the Main Post Office: Special Grade. Main office is intended as a position in the top management level in certain services that a strategic role to lead the machinery of the organization of a ministry / department / agency. The Special Committee was set grade based on the recognition of the expertise and experience of officers who do not perform the role or task management and strategic nature. Top Management and Professional Group of the layer is maintained by grade / salary grade as-is.

To boost the performance of public service delivery, the Senior Management and Professional Group of the set field positions respectively. Implementation group was introduced to replace the Support Group. Layers are the grades for the Implementation Group on minimum entry requirements as set out in the scheme of service. The minimum admission requirement is set to Public Service at Lower Secondary Assessment (MR.). Rationalization Service Implementation of the Public Service firm emphasis on the size of the civil service and optimum utilization of manpower.

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The steps towards rationalizing the size of the Civil Service covers realignment core businesses, the study overlapping functions, the identification of the services that can be removed and re-engineering work processes Deploying grade / grades updated in line with the development Salary Inline ASS) which replaces the Salary Schedule MM) and the abolition of grade / salary grades 1 to 10. Deploying grade / salary grade is based on the minimum entry qualification or equivalent prescribed in the scheme of service.

Each level of the minimum entry requirements provided the code as shown in Table 2. Table 2: Code of Minimum Requirements Jellybean Cod Isaiah Diploma 2 Sigil Tinge Personally Malaysia (STAMP) 3 Sigil Planner Malaysia (SUM) 4 Peninsula Magenta Render (MR.) 5 Formation grade / new salary grade is based on a combination of the code minimum entry qualifications with salary code. Code first grade refers to the minimum entry qualifications, while the second code refers to grades. Transfer grade / grade pay now to the new grade shown Table 3.

REVISED SCHEME OF SERVICE The revised scheme of service is based on the current changes that require the relevant Public Service to attract and retain the best talent and skill range (multi- killing) consistent increase in customer expectations. Managing revised scheme of service include drafting new service scheme, improvement scheme existing services and panjandrum service scheme. A total of 21 existing services are maintained Classification is based on equality of roles, disciplines and functions in Appendix Bal . However, there is a change to the name and code number of service classifications as shown in Table 4.

Following a review of the service scheme, a total of 11 new service schemes and 78 schemes formulated adjudging services. With this, the total number of services under the SABA scheme is 234. HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT Public Sector Training Training development based transformation of the mind and strengthening the competency to develop the intellectual capacity, skills and personality will be implemented through the following strategies: Professional Management Group and high potential mid-level given greater opportunities to pursue short courses leading training institutions within and outside the country to further enhance leadership.

Head of the Department shall identify areas that should be given priority to the importance of services such as management and leadership, negotiation skills, facilities provided Study Leave Full Pay (CB) for pursuing technical and vocational raining under Salability’s. Potential Integrated Program and Competency Potential Integrated Program and Competency ( PROSPECT ) introduced a new system of competency assessment and the potential for a more comprehensive officer served in the higher grades . PROSPECT consists of Competency Assessment and Potential ( MSP) and the Competency and Potential Development (BGP ) .

FEES is designed to identify competency and potential officers, while CB aims to develop and assess the competency and potential officers to assume the higher grade . Management and Professional Officers involved with the administration, management and supervision must follow the BCC and BGP before being considered for promotion. For an officer who was not involved with the work of the administration, management and supervision , the officer will be assessed through FEES only. Implementing Group Officer required by SC to be promoted.

Officer Implementation group at designated grade served 1 5 years and older may be considered for promotion in ACT without FEES . However, for further promotion of officers required by FEES. SALARY STRUCTURE Salaries Single Point Salaries are allocated for the Single Point Position Premier under Premier Group. Minimum Wage – Maximum Minimum Wage – Max is assigned to key posts and positions under the Special Grade Senior Management Group. Salary Inline Inline Salary Schedule ASS) is designed to replace the existing GM applicable to the management and professional, as well as the Implementation group.

JUS structure is characterized as follows: 1) mitigate sequence ladder (T) in a row for each pay grade. 2) the number of stairs (T) of the same in the same grades in all Service Classification. 3) The rate of annual increment (KIT) is the same for each grade equivalent in all Service Classification a pattern of KIT better than lower grades. Salary Transfer Principle The principle of the transfer of salary under the SABA option is mitigate the end of grades received on the origin of the highest mitigate near the JUS, where the difference is not less than one (1) Common Wage Movement in the original grades.

For the purpose of salary transfer to JUS on January 1, 2012, officers are given one (1) Common Wage Movement in the original grades and then transferred to JUS on the same mitigate and if no mitigate same, the setting is the highest mitigate close. For officers who are on maximum mitigate original salary schedule, officers are given the aunt of one (1) Common Wage Movement in the original grades and then transferred to JUS on mitigate the same and if no mitigate same, the setting is the highest mitigate close.

The date of promotion of officers on January 1, 2012 shall be given salary transfer from mitigate in substantive grade in grade equivalent to mitigate SABA first and then set a starting salary grade promotion based on the principle of promotion on SABA salary. Annual Salary Adjustment Under SABA only one (1) of the Annual Salary Adjustment granted the Common Wage Movement. Officers who do not meet specified performance are not eligible for salary event. Annual Salary Adjustment for 2012 shall be determined in accordance with TOP as in paragraphs 37, 38 and 39.

The repeal of this policy allows the service officer disregarded for purposes of retirement benefits provided election officials in the Civil Service. In terms of implementation, the officer must inform the Head of Department in writing of his intention to leave the position he held for the purpose of receiving a new appointment in the Public Service. Discharge position will take effect from the date he was appointed to the new position. However, the officer will be appointed to the State Civil Service, Statutory Authorities and Local Authorities and officers stopped the Civil Service shall resign.

For officers to resign or quit and then re-elected on or after January 1, 2012, the last service being cut off can be reckoned for the purpose of computation of retirement benefits. Pension payments to retirees backdated options Officers appointed on or after 12 April 1991 and will be paid retirement pension options when they reach age 55. Calculation of Retirement Benefits for Retirement For Government Requirements Officers are required by the Government to be retired retirement benefits based on length of service calculated as if the officer served until reaching the compulsory retirement age applicable to him.