In Plato’s Hagiographas that reached its full look in his celebrated duologue. The Republic. he argued that attainment of a merely and orderly society lies on the constitution of a society wherein the reigning government or leader is a philosopher male monarch or queen who possesses the necessary wisdom of doctrine. moralss and political relations. In Plato’s democracy or merely and ordered some of the chief characteristics are the abolishment of private belongings or the retention of all goods to belong in public.

These extended to the sharing of married womans and hubbies. constitutions and about anything in the metropolis.Summarizing up Plato’s thoughts in The Republic. a merely and ordered society can merely be attained by the reign of the philosopher male monarch or queen and the abolishment of anything that is private ( Cooper. 1997 ) . For about 2000 old ages after Plato wrote these thoughts. about the same model or manner of thought had rose in to fame and managed to take the universe by storm.

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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published what is known as The Communist Manifesto. which is considered as one of the most influential political text of all clip.In the said literature. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels had tried to explicate how our modern society can pull off to achieve a society that is merely and orderly.

Reading the said pronunciamento. we can reason that one of the most cardinal thoughts for the attainment of this ideal society that we are speaking about is this – the abolishment of private belongings. For the two minds. they believed that the most of import foundation of any capitalist society that is the dominant thought on the universe is the construct of private ownership.

In the text. they had tried to construct an statement that says that capitalist economy is evil. With statements like disaffection and development. they about declared that capitalist economy is the cause of all the immorality that is go oning in the universe ( Marx et al 1888/1967 ) . However. as they argued.

this immorality ( capitalist economy ) has been ever rooted on another immorality which is besides one of the cardinal constructs in Plato’s treatment on The Republic – private belongings. In this regard. we are together with Plato. Marx and Engels on the belief that a perfect society can merely be attained through the abolishment of private belongings.Adopting the statements in both The Republic and The Communist Manifesto on the immorality of accretion of private belongings. we are traveling to entirely establish the attainment of a merely and order society by the virtuousness of the abolishment of such characteristic in the society. Discoursing whether our modern agreement can afford a model wherein private belongingss were abolished.

we are traveling to reply if the universe can achieve true justness and order in the hereafter. For more than 200 old ages. the model and system of capitalist economy had managed to infringe in every portion of our lives.Ranging from the mainstream political relations of liberalism to our nutrient in our iceboxs up to our system of instruction. the universe had been dependent and managed to be on capitalist evidences. The thoughts of capitalist economy have been engraved on every human mind that made us ever think in footings of currencies. money and other capitalist traditions.

The inquiry is really simple and it is this. “Is it possible displacement to a society wherein accretion of private belongingss was abolished merely like the socialist community of Marx or Plato’s democracy.The reply is really simple. Yes.

The history had taught us that a displacement from a feudal or capitalist society ( i. e. the instance of China. Russia. Cuba. and North Korea ) to a communist state ( socialist in the hereafter ) is possible. Reviewing the history. these states had managed to switch to a society that is communal in nature utilizing the revolutions of the multitudes.

the workers or the husbandmans. However. the reply is non every bit simple as it seems to be.

Though the reply is consecutive yes. we must retrieve that the monetary value to pay for this sort of displacement is brawny and immense. We must retrieve that these states managed to achieve communal revolutions through the decease of 100s of 1000s or even 1000000s of lives. In the instance of China. much of their cultural and historical artefacts were destroyed and sacrificed for these sorts of displacement and revolution. The communal revolution had been so bloody and dearly-won that it connotes negativeness for many people ( Gascoigne. 2010 ) .

Now. we must inquire ourselves if we are willing to pay the monetary value for this sort of revolution. Are we ready to allow travel the benefits. the beauty and the luxury of a capitalist society for the chase of the thought of a merely and stable society? Are we ready to give up our belongingss and allow the cardinal authorities to make up one’s mind on what we have to make or what will be our occupation? Are we ready to boycott anything that is a merchandise of the capitalist system? Are we ready to travel ‘underground’ and grab arms and weaponries to contend the reigning capitalist category?All of these inquiries must be answered first before we can be able to make up one’s mind if we are ready to prosecute the merely and orderly society that a communal society ( that abolishes private belongings ) promises. Last. it is of import to observe for each one of us that the footing of our treatment for the standards of our merely and order society are merely the Hagiographas of minds such as Plato.

Engels and Marx. We are ne’er certain if their thoughts can truly work on the existent universe.Reviewing the history with the states and states that follow them. we can reason that the communal authorities that abolished private belongings is non every bit perfect as what is seems to be ( though we can besides reason that they were incorrect in understanding and following these minds ) . However. the inquiry will stay simple. The inquiry is merely.

“Are we ready to give our current social agreement for the chase of an thought that are non still certain. ” This is a really of import inquiry. This is an add-on to the trouble of the displacement or revolution itself.

These inquiries should be answered before we have to make anything. It is really hard that in the terminal. as we pursue these thoughts. we will establish ourselves in the terminal frustrated because of the errors. mistakes and inaccuracy that made us sacrificed what we already had.

The point in this treatment is simple. Assuming that the minds in the name of Plato. Engels and Marx were true ( which is hard to turn out ) . the inquiry whether we can make a merely and orderly society remain complicated.

It is no longer a simple Yes or No.The capitalist system and model had been so broad and immense that it became hard to kill it. Even if we managed to kill it.

there is besides a possibility that we can besides be killed in the procedure due to our heavy dependance on it. It can be said that the last 10 coevalss had been bred by the capitalist system doing it hard for any one of us to counter it. However. the possibility of switching to a society that Marx and Plato had thought is still possible. Yet.

the inquiry will stay. “Are we ready to make what is necessary to accomplish such system? ”