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This story shines a light on how the poor and uneducated people of this country are afraid of the law and can be easily taken advantage of and abused. It shows the unfortunate side of the law that caters to big time corporations and those who can afford lawyers or that are even educated enough to seek one out. Rudy Baylor, a soon to be law school graduate is instead of being aimed at success from the beginning, he is struggling to pass the final bar exam and just get a job.

His opportunities are very limited and when it seems like his future s brightening, the rug is quickly pulled out from under him. He’s forced to find work at the bottom of the lawyerly barrel, haunting hospitals in the hopes of finding cases to prosecute. His life changes when he gets a case against one of the biggest Insurance company ‘Great Benefit’. One of his “clients” is a mother who’s son is dying of leukemia and the insurance company has denied the claim for a bone marrow transplant.

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With the strong case Rudy has, he feels confident he can get a verdict. But, like al big insurance companies, they have a powerhouse team of law,years. He keeps reminding himself that he is fighting for what’s right. It is a real battle of David vs. Goliath. Rowdy’s is an ordinary and relatable character, but through passion and perseverance achieves the extraordinary. As the trial progresses we learn how the insurance company, as a matter of routine and policy, deny claims, and pay out when they have denied sufficient numbers.

Rudy meets the girl of his dreams while studying at a hospital cafeteria, she’s he victim Of domestic violence and it’s Rudy to the rescue. Domestic violence is often overlooked and Gresham takes the opportunity to remind us that it can be behind any door. Judge Kipper is my favorite character. The way he handled every clever move from the people of Great Benefit and kept them in their limits to keep the whole trial fair gives a good feeling. He gives hope and faith that people with power will use is for good. The Rainmaker Summary Draft