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The effect of unemployment in ny community of Bickersteth

Reason for chosing this topic

The main reason I chose this topic was to emphasize on the life unemployment causes people in Bickersteth to live .

Method of investigation

The method of investigation used for the project was in the form of a questinaire the questionaire was used because a lot of information can be collected in a short period of time, it also facilitate easy data analysis, through the use of structured questions. There were twenty five questionaires that were distributed on the 20th of october and collected on the 30th of october.

Design of the instrument
Bickersteth district,
Anchovy P.O,
St. James
Jamaica W.I

13th october 2013

Dear respondent,
My name is Jaime Hewitt I am a fifth form student of the Cambridge High School (CHS). The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). Social studies syllabus requires that the students complete a school base asssesment (SBA). The topic of my S.B.A. is: what is the effects of unemployment in my community of Bickersteth?” I am soliciting your assistance to the completion of my S.B.A please please complete the following the following questionairs. You are advised to answer the follow questions honestly and truthfully. All information gathered will be kept in confidenc. I am looking forward for your kind cooperation.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jaime Hewitt

What are the effects of unemployment in my community of Bickersteth

Instructions: Read each of the following questions and tick in the boxes to select your answer.

Gender: Male | | Female
Age: under 18? 18-30? 30 and over? 1.What level of education you have obtained?
?Tertiary many subjects have you obtained?