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Thesis Statement: Although people from the same racial and cultural group respect each other, people from different groups are constantly trying to dominate each other our many reasons. Cultures and ethics have long existed since the very beginning of humanity. They are created to help guide people’s path and to give them a hope.

This has worked really good among culture or ethnic groups on their own. However, when communicating with different groups, conflicts will start, and they are never solved.Although people from same group respect each other, people from different group are constantly trying to dominate each other over many reasons. In every culture, beliefs can be considered as one of the basic foundation of a particular social group. The “belief system” governing within the society has a great importance because it influences every aspects of human life (Murphy). In effect a group may give enough value their own belief which. For this reason, in a group pure hatred may arise over many other different beliefs either externally or even internally.

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In other word, “Ethnocentrisms” will prevail in any groups, regardless whether it is the dominant or not, because of this pure hatred. Ken Barger presented common notion of “Ethnocentrisms” as “thinking one’s own group’s ways are superior to others” if not as “judging other groups as inferior to one’s own” (Barger). This kind of outcome of hatred toward other beliefs will create conflict between groups in a society.

Although it will help one group in strengthening their own belief, nevertheless it will have a great impact to other groups that have different beliefs.In the process of imposition of hatred of one group to other groups and vice versa, dominant group will arise among other groups depending on how they are able to give strong disgrace to other beliefs. In analyzing the present societies, obviously the dominant belief across the world is the Christian belief. Most Christians would not admit that they put disgrace or hatred to other beliefs in particular the Islam belief. However, if thoroughly examine, many instances prove the existence of this hatred as of the present time and even in the past.One example of this is the recent conflict between Christians and Muslims because of the Pope’s message that brought anger from another group who believe in Islam.

Even in historical facts, ruthless hunt of people who do not believe in Christian belief have been manifested in many historical books. True enough, having hatred to other belief is always present in every group in the same manner as “Ethnocentrisms” does (Barger). “Dominance” is common in all “social behavior” and has significant advantages to any existing category of creature in this world (Hemelrijk).Humans are not exempted to this sense. There are many aspects in which dominance can be seen in social groups of human.

These aspects are “age”, “gender”, “ethnicity”, “race”, “Physical/Mental Ability” and “Sexual Orientation” according to the article “Dominant and Non-Dominant Groups” (Nelson). The primary reason of attaining dominance is power in every aspect. Power can be seen in many respects of human life such as education, politics, economy and the like. When this power is being threatened, the mentality of a group is that “is we don’t dominate other, they will dominate us”.

This kind of mentality will make a specific group to immediately act in dominating other groups. See for instance in the situation of White Americans and Black Americans in terms of “ethnicity”. White Americans are the ones, who dominate over the Black Americans, Native Americans other small communities such as Chinese-American community, Filipino-American community among others. Even though the liberation of Black America has already been declared, the cultural environment in America is not yet favorable to Black American and to others. In this sense, the achievements of political power being superior to other groups are easily attained.In a way, although Black Americans are now in capable of running as politicians, still the highest position in the country is being taken by White American.

Evidently enough, there is no Black American being the President of the United States of America for the time being. In this way the dominant assembly, which is the White American, can create laws in which favorable to them and the non-dominant have no choice but to conform (Nelson). Another reason of dominance is because of the belief that one particular culture is the only God chosen culture that must prevail in this world. This kind of mentality is applicable to all social groups.

The justification for this is because “Ethnocentrisms” also involve in creating “false assumptions” of other groups supported only by their personal knowledge which is usually incomplete (Barger). One example of this is the belief of Muslims about “Holy War” popularly known as “Jihad”. “Jihad” is considered as the “Tongue”, “Hand”, ”Heart” and more particularly as a “Sword” in dominating other groups which has different belief (George W. Braswell). Thus it is considered as reasonable to dominate other groups since it promotes their belief and culture on other groups because of their (Muslims) perception that it has a blessing of their God.In recent event around the globe, “Holy Wars” are taking place. It results to violence and damages to the other groups in attaining dominance.

One clear example of this the attacks, much more particular in United States of America, made by groups under Islamic leaders claiming as defender of their faith. Similar condition happened during the invasion of Japanese to China because of their conception being the son of the sun. The dominance of Japan is entirely based on their own perception of culture without being considerate to other culture.

The self-declaration of their culture as the central culture that must be accepted by humanity blessed by the notion of their own god gave them enough justification to dominate other countries. In the abovementioned examples, dominating other groups is primarily because of the “Ethnocentric” nature of social groups existing in the society. Apparently, it creates social dominance in the past and has a great impact on the present society. Evident enough in regard to the given example, it’s dominance in many aspects is very much visible today.There are many reasons why one group wishes to dominate other groups within the society or even in the world. Firstly, dominance is cause of the pure hatred on other’s beliefs which is quite different to them.

Secondly, dominating others is due to the mentality that “if we don’t dominate other, they will dominate us”. Lastly, the likelihood to attain dominance is because of the belief as a god chosen culture that must prevail within the society. To sum up this all, “Ethnocentrisms” leads any social group to desire dominance within a particular society.