Last updated: August 20, 2019
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Experimental Design: A beam box with a individual slit will be shone through a semicircular dish through air. H2O. and sirup. on top of polar graph paper to see how the visible radiation will flex. Procedure: A semicircular dish was placed at the Centre of the polar graph paper. with its level border along the horizontal Centre line. The 0 – 180 degree line on the polar graph paper acted as the normal and passed through the Centre of the semicircular dish. Light beams were projected at the Centre of the polar graph paper. The dish was so filled with H2O. and visible radiation was projected by a individual beam of visible radiation at the Centre of the dish at an angle of incidence of 0 grades. The corresponding angle was measured. Then. that was repeated. but for angles of incidence of 10 – 60 grades. The step of the angle of the refracted beam in the dish was ever measured with regard to the normal. Last. these stairss were repeated expect sirup was placed in the dish.

Refraction Of Light In Different Media Angle of incidence in air

| 0° | 10° | 20° | 30° | 40° | 50° | 60° |

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Angle of incidence in H2O

| 0° | 8° | 16° | 22° | 28° | 35° | 41° |

Angle of incidence in sirup

| 0° | 10° | 15° | 20° | 26° | 32° | 37° |

Analysis and Evaluation: The refracted beam set toward the normal in the sirup. The angles of refraction for H2O and sirup for the same angles of incidence were merely somewhat different. For illustration. the angle of refraction for the angle of incidence in H2O was 8° . while in sirup it was 10° . These consequences show that the velocity of visible radiation in H2O or sirup is significantly slower than the velocity of visible radiation in air. The velocity of visible radiation slowed down more in sirup. than in H2O. Decision: This lab taught that when light base on ballss through different mediums. the velocity of light an slow down significantly. This cognition could be used for future in different labs such as happening the angles of incidence through even more mediums. or the refraction of optical maser visible radiation through different media.