The Republican Party Essay, Research PaperIntroductionThe Republican Party, since its first convention in Michigan in 1854, has had a doctrine that has remainedcomparatively unchanged. Its curse entices Americans to believe that & # 8220 ; good authorities is based on the person andthat each individual & # 8217 ; s ability, self-respect, freedom and duty must be honored and recognized & # 8221 ; How do theRepublican doctrines hold up to the thoughts of some of the political minds that we have discussed in category. In thechoice to follow, I will analyze the Republican & # 8217 ; s chief doctrines and will depict how Rousseau would holdor differ with their place.

I will be utilizing the Republican Platform of 1996 to assistance in my treatment. Ideas thatwill be of focal point will be the function of the authorities, belongings rights, and freedom of the person.The Role of the Government& # 8220 ; We are the party of little, responsible and efficient authorities? We therefore assert the power of the Americanpeople over authorities, instead than the other manner around & # 8221 ; .The position of the Republicans across the State is that the function of authorities should be kept to a lower limit. In thissubdivision, I will discourse certain positions of the Party and how they would be accepted or rejected by Jean-JacquesRousseau. The Republican impression has been that less authorities is better.

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Rousseau & # 8217 ; s impression was that of unsnarling.He states that the cardinal political job is & # 8220 ; to happen a signifier of association that defends and protects the individualand the goods of each associate with all the common force, and by agencies of which each one amalgamation with all,however obeys merely himself and remains every bit free as before & # 8221 ; ( Cahn, 367 ) . The Republicans would hold withRousseau & # 8217 ; s thought. They ( Republican Party ) province that the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution shouldbe the footing for the function of authorities. The Tenth Amendment provinces:The powers non delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved tothe States severally, or to its people.Republicans, while keeping the bulk in both the House and Senate have taken it upon themselves to use allTorahs to Congress, so that those who make the regulations have to populate by them. Rousseau agrees in regard that noassociation should be above the Torahs it makes.

In his treatise entitled Of the Social contract or Principles of PoliticalRight, Rousseau states, & # 8220 ; Indeed, each person may, as a adult male, have a peculiar will contrary to, or divergent from,the general will which he may hold as a citizen & # 8221 ; ( Cahn, 426 ) . What Rousseau is proposing is that a individual may experienceone manner, but he/she must move in conformity with the general will of his/her fellow citizens. The Republicans wouldinsist that the proper function of the Government is to supply merely what can be considered critical maps that can & # 8217 ; t bepreformed by persons or private organisations ; and that the best authorities is that which governs least.

Theyprogram to streamline the authorities and do it more effectual by!competition and denationalization. Rousseau agrees by stating that simple authorities is best, because it is simple.Democracy. On the topic of Democracy, Rousseau would indicate out that there has ne’er been, nor will at that place of all timebe a true Democracy. He says, & # 8220 ; It is contrary to the natural order that the greater figure should regulate and thelesser figure should be governed & # 8221 ; ( Cahn, 448 ) . Republicans would be given to tilt towards the fact that people in theUnited States need to hold more say in how the authorities is ran.Signs of a Good Government. Rousseau says that there is no manner to happen out the best Government, because there areas many solutions as there are combinations.

He does give people an thought on how to find if when aGovernment is working. & # 8220 ; All other things being equal, the Government under which, without naturalisations,without settlements, the Citizens become thickly settled and multiply most is infallibly the best & # 8221 ; ( Cahn, 456 ) .PropertyThe topic of belongings and the rights to it hold instigated many heated arguments over clip. Rousseau & # 8217 ; s statement isfor that of first resident.

& # 8220 ; The right of the first resident, altough more existent than that of strongest, becomes a true

& gt ;right merely after the constitution of belongings [ ownership ] & # 8221 ; ( Cahn, 428 ) . Rousseau goes on to explicate that the right ofthe person over his/her belongings is low-level to the right which the community has over it. The Republicansoppose the position of Rousseau. They consider private belongings rights to be the basis in America. They plan tosafeguard those rights by the Fifth Amendment.

This Amendment states that no adult male shall be deprived of belongingswithout compensation. Rousseau agrees with the Republican Party claim by stating that, & # 8220 ; Every adult male has by nature aright to all that is necessary to him & # 8221 ; ( Cahn, 428 ) . He agrees that the ictus of land without compensation is in itself,non in the best involvement of the authorities. In decision, the R!ight of belongings to Rousseau was non every bit of import as it is to the Republican Party.Freedom of the IndividualMany people believe they have their freedom, but most do non cognize how much they have lost.

In this subdivision, I willdiscourse the position of the freedom of persons.Slavery. Rousseau states from the beginning that every adult male born into bondage is born for bondage. He continues bystating, & # 8220 ; force made the first slaves? & # 8221 ; ( Cahn, 421 ) .

What Rousseau is reasoning is adult male has no right to adhere his chapadult male. He says that a adult male giving up his freedom, to him was an absurd thought. He besides states that a individual is non in theirright head for making so. & # 8220 ; To abdicate one & # 8217 ; s autonomy is to abdicate one & # 8217 ; s quality as a adult male & # 8221 ; ( Cahn, 423 ) Rousseaucloses his statement on bondage by saying the followers:Therefore, in whatever manner we view things, the right of bondage is null, non merely because it is illicit, but [ besides ]because it is absurd and meaningless. These words, bondage and right, are contradictory ; they are reciprocally sole.Whether addressed by a adult male to a adult male, or by a adult male to a people, such a address as this will be every bit foolish: I makea convention with you entirely at your disbursal and entirely for my net income, which I shall detect every bit long as I pleaseand which you besides shall detect every bit long as you please ( Cahn, 424 ) .The doctrine of the Republican Party has been to abdicate the act of bondage.

They have fought for the freedomof persons through the Civil War and every bit good as with the Civil Rights Era of the 1960 & # 8217 ; s. They believe that ansingle & # 8217 ; s right to equality was of import. This is one country where Republicans have remained solid.General Will. The concluding facet of freedom is the will of the people. Rousseau believes that the general will of thepeople make the societal contract possible. Harmonizing to him, it is possible non to merely move in self-interest, but for theinvolvement of people of the province.

Rousseau goes on to province that you gain civil autonomy in a societal contract. He agreeswith the philosopher Spinoza in that we are slaves to our passions. With regard to the Republican Party, theybelieve, like Rousseau that the will of the bulk should take precedency.

In respects to justness, the RepublicanParty states the followers:The delicate balance of power between the several subdivisions of our national authorities and the authoritiess ofthe 50 provinces has been eroded. The impression of judicial reappraisal has in some instances come to resemble judicial domination,impacting all sections of the public and private enterprise.DecisionIn shutting, Rousseau envisioned several different signifiers of authorities. They were based on certain rules thatwould do each one tally efficaciously. The standard of size and population mattered merely every bit significantly as anythingelse that has been discussed.

He would likely believe that the United States was non best ran in a democraticconstruction due to its size and the diverseness of its population. The Republican Party, contrary to Rousseau & # 8217 ; s claim,believes that the signifier of authorities is non the job, but how that authorities has been ran inefficaciously. Theycontinue by saying that their doctrine has been to allow authorities, by which its people are free, run withoutintercession of it & # 8217 ; s representatives. Those people, who represent, should follow the Torahs that are made for theprotection of citizens.Cahn, Steven M. Classics of Modern Political Theory.

Oxford University Press. New York. 1997