The third book of the secret series, ‘The SecretMountain’ feels like one of the Adventure books of the author more than a bookin the secret series. This may be due to having a set of children who trekthrough the jungles of Africa where they discover a strange andsecretive African tribe whom that theirparents have being held captive in the mountain.

While most of the Famous Five stories arebased the set of children who hardly even leave their own village, here we haveArnold children together with Prince Paul, flying to the heart of Africa on adangerous mission to rescue Captain and Mrs. Arnold whom reported missing whileflying over a remote area in Africa in their plane. These explorations may havebeen resulted in dangers that might just get the children killed along with theparents.Throughout the book the story is filled withtoo much fantasy, in a way making the story interesting.

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There happen to betribal people who worships the sun whom have yellow skin and red hair alongwith eyes that flash like fire. Indeed, there are plots where the storybecomes like the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or Ryder Haggard’sKing Solomon’s Mines and Alan Quartermain where it become typical but suggestsa new vibe since this is actually a children’s story. Anyway, the story that is conducted throughoutthe book whether they succeed in the mission, by finding the mountain andrescuing the parents quite adventurous that one must read entirely to get aclear picture of what Enid is trying to tell through the story.The story commences with Captain setting offon a planned trip to Africa with Mrs. Arnold in their small but powerfulaeroplane, the White Swallow. At that time the children who are comingback for holiday are to stay in the London flat with their nanny, Dimmy.

But one day the headlines of the newspapersrevealed a shocking news that there is no news of the Arnolds and that thereare no suggestions of happened to the plane. By then prince Paul is due to jointhem whom they befriended in the process of rescuing him from the kidnapperswho kidnapped him demanding the king’s throne.Prince hadreceived an aeroplane along with a fine pilot named Pilescu as a birthdaypresent and volunteer to give the plane for them to go on a rescue mission onhis plane. Therefore, children start to persuade Pilescu and he introducesanother man named Ranni to join with them since it’s a quite journey which isbeen arranged within a single evening. Even though the adults are carrying guns withthem, the trek through these fierce jungle makes the children afraid, thatalmost made them struggle to proceed on. The journey in which they reachAfrica the next morning, seems very well handled by the author and going to theextreme of skillfully colouring the Africanambiance using baboons screams and leaches in waterholes etc. After landingthey met a native from a local tribe who explained that the Arnolds were takenaway by the folk from the secret mountain which made everyone exited and wonderthinking what to do next.For a glass mirror which he sees as a magicalmirror; he agrees to guide the crew to the ountain.

His nephew, a boldmischievous and irrepressible boy called Mafumu also befriends with thechildren immediately. After checking the both planes for the ability to operateeveryone sets off on the expedition to the secret mountain. The author insertsconvincing detail regarding the journey explaining a making of cork rafts whichtakes them down the river around the mountain.They happen to discover an unfriendly, isolatedrace of people who keep secret the means of access to their home and thus  creating a magical myth about them. Theylooked very differently, being tall with green eyes, a creamy yellow skin andred hair and beards. That is quite remarkable for a tribe of people living in Africawhom always referred to as black or brown-skinned.There is a descriptive discovery of a waterfallthat would be echoed while wandering inside the mountain. In fact, the secretpassages beyond are truly remarkable, leading up and down, and joining up witha whole vault of tunnels and caves, some of which have endless steps carved intothem.

A bunch of thecrew are kidnapped and taken in to the temple in the mountain. Jack and Mafumuare left in order to find a way in. There are sacrifices happening for the sunon the mountain top.

Prince Paul was elected as the next to be sacrificed. Bythen children are united with their parents.Using the knowledge regarding the forthcomingeclipse of the sun, Mr. Arnold threatens the mountain folk that he will destroythe sun unless they release the crew. The author subsequently describes thesolar eclipse, so vividly and accurately along with their safe return givingthe story a happy ending.Enid Blyton usescharacters, in a way expressing her feeling toward gender dissimilarities,colour dissimilarities where sometimes she had been criticized for labeling allthe thieves, masterful con-men, smugglers and kidnappers as non- English menwho are almost all the times happen to be foreigners. In this story of course,it has to be pretty obvious that the tribal people whom held the parents andlater the rest imprisoned needed to be non-English men.

Anyway the braveryof the children is pretty amazing that they fearlessly volunteer to rescuetheir parents flying to Africa, despite being small children. As she suggestsin conversations between adult characters, the society is seeking for boys andgirls with spirit and courage, who can stand on their own without being afraidof what may happen. But in this story unlike in the others where children areall alone, here they have Pilscu and Ranni to help them, as well as theirparents once they are rescued since the adventures are too much for them tohandle alone.As a matter offact, it is quite hard to believe the architecture throughout this cage of thesun-worshippers including the chief’s lift that is described as a golden cage that’shoisted up and down from the throne room via a vertical shaft by twenty menhauling on ropes. On the other hand, the fact that they didn’t use the gunsthat Pilescu and Ranni had, even in the times which those become reallyessential to scare the tribal people to save prince Paul from the sacrifice isquite unusual. But as for the story, the rescue is much more exciting andimaginative without the use of guns.Anyhow with allthe superficial and real adventures throughout the story, this can be stated asthe best and the most happening story among the rest of the books in secretstories.