A Democracy is a type of authorities that is for the people to take their leaders and to keep their leaders accountable for their policies and their behavior in office. The people are the 1s who decide what they want and who they want to stand for them. normally by a bulk ballot. But who precisely are these people? We refer to them as citizens of where of all time they are from. We are citizens of the United States of America and we besides live in a democracy. As citizens in a democracy we have many rights but besides many responsibilities that we have to carry through such as to actively take part. to utilize nonviolent force per unit area to talk our sentiments to the authorities and to follow Torahs but.

to non follow unfair Torahs. One of the lone ways a democracy can work is to hold active engagement from all the citizens. A ground this is particularly of import is when we are voting for a governor or president or even merely a metropolis city manager.

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If some people decide that they don’t want to vote. so possibly following clip some more people will make up one’s mind non to vote and so following clip even more people are non voting. shortly plenty there are merely a few people keeping all the ballots.

This is non what democracy is approximately. In a democracy. all the citizens are supposed to hold a say in everything. When merely a few people are voting and merely a few people are acquiring there sentiments across so its merely a affair of clip before they are the 1s keeping all the power and the citizens who did non state anything earlier will hold no pick. This is why there needs to be active engagement from all the citizens in a democracy. If a democracies functionaries are get downing to roll so it clip for the citizens to utilize their nonviolent protests and actions.

Nonviolent actions are merely ways to acquire your point across with out doing any injury. The Government is much bigger and more powerful than the citizens and if we tried to contend utilizing gun power and other physical agencies so we would finally acquire crushed by the overpowering forces of the authorities. Martin Luther King. Jr. one time said “I must state to you that we have non made a individual addition in civil rights without determined legal and nonviolent pressure” ( missive from a Birmingham Jail. 1963 ) . He was really true in a sense that nonviolent actions are what has peacefully brought us how far we are today.The authorities can sometimes go corrupt and it is our responsibility as a citizen to counter whatever the authorities is making with our power of legal and nonviolent force per unit area.

A citizen in a democracy must besides follow the Torahs provided by their authorities but besides they have to non follow the unfair Torahs. The authorities functionaries give Torahs in order to protect us from other people or even from ourselves. There may come a clip nevertheless.

that we will be handed a jurisprudence that is really much unjust. How can we state if a jurisprudence is merely or unfair? Martin Luther King. Jr. . said “Any jurisprudence that uplifts human personality is merely.

Any jurisprudence that degrades human personality is unfair. ” ( missive from a Birmingham Jail. 1963 ) . When the authorities put out the segregation statutes. people were stating it was a unfair manner to handle other worlds.It makes the segregationist feel superior and the unintegrated feel inferior.

The citizens decided non to stand this intervention so they began utilizing nonviolent protests and requests and finally won out. This illustration shows that in a democracy it is the citizens voice that must come out and they are truly the 1s that will do it work. In a democracy a citizen must utilize nonviolent actions to demo their sentiments. follow merely Torahs. and actively take part in the authorities. A democracy is a great manner to run a group of people but it will truly merely work. Although some people say that a democracy is non the manner to travel. I would hold to differ and state that a democracy can and will work.

The citizens in a democracy are truly the 1s that make it work. Without the citizens making their duties and utilizing at that place rights so it will rapidly turn into a topographic point where the authorities controls everything and so they ways of a democracy are lost.