Last updated: August 4, 2019
Topic: Society
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The article “What’s Your Definition Of Happiness?” written by Rubin Khoddam explains the key components of how how we define happiness.

He finds that society generally understands happiness as a emotion causing a person to feel good. However Rubin finds that happiness is not just black and white, he feels it has many areas of grey saying that “positive emotions do not indicate the absence of negative emotions” (Khoddam). This means that when a person is happy they “experience the spectrum of emotions just like anybody else, but the frequency by which they experience the negative ones may differ” (Khoddam). It is important to recognize that by experiencing negative emotions, people are able to feel the full the contrast between being in a state of happiness and being in a state of negativity,  there for they can appreciate happiness to its greatest extent.Micheal Kraus explains how happiness can affect people in his article “The Happiness chronicles 1; The Dark Side to Happiness.

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” He has decided to look at what most psychologists don’t, the negative effects of happiness. He explains that sometimes happiness leads us to situations we would otherwise not be in.  Kraus says that “being happy when one should be fearful or angry could slow down the physiological responses necessary to respond to the fear/anger stimuli” (Kraus). He also finds  “There is even evidence that too much persistent happiness can make a person more risky and less well-adjusted.” (Kraus). This means that high amounts of happiness can cause people to practice behaviors such as binge drinking, and other behaviors they other wise wouldn’t. Too much happiness when other mindsets are necessary can also cause a lack of responsiveness and alertness.

When happiness becomes overpowering to other emotions, it can cause a disconnect between people and others in their surrounding, giving them a future lack of communication, it will also provide them with the inability to react to urgent scenarios in appropriate manners.Many psychologists recommend that people compare the difference of how happy they are verses heir life satisfaction. However I believe a person can be happy at the moment and not be satisfied with their life, as well as being satisfied with their life and feel sad, or angry in the moment. This is a key problem when society is identifying the level of happiness a person obtains, because people evaluate themselves based on this formula, rather than their true feelings.

Its is also my belief that a person can not achieve happiness if they are just trying to be in a happy state. Sure they can want to be happy, but they must go through a place of joy to reach that happiness. This can be like engaging in an activity, or being with people who you care about. For example, I find joy in dancing, therefor it makes me happy leaving me in a happier state.  It is important to recognize that I find joy first and then happiness, because joy in my opinion is different than happiness. This is because happiness requires many emotions to intermix, before it can become  tangible, while joy is a simpler sub category needed for happiness. You must first feel joy before you can feel happiness.

When people are not able to attain happiness, I believe it is because of their mindset on their life. While it is  important to experience negative emotions, having a negative mindset on your state of happiness for to long can cause you to remain in a still mindset rather than a growth mindset. In order to become happy, you must understand what happiness is and how can you attain it.

Once you have gained the important skills to working towards happiness you can achieve a true state of well being as well as you will be able to embrace your true identity. This will lead to healthier relationships in the future as well as higher rates of life satisfaction.