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The Scream, Society, And The Common Man Essay, Research Paper

Existentialist doctrine at first may look to be at odds with the mundane universe ; nevertheless, existential philosophy has some really existent applications in the context of society as opposed to the context of being. Society gives us a function in life, something to give our lives significance, but what happens when we look excessively closely at our function and reconsider it? What happens when we ask, ? why? ? ? The Scream? by Edvard Munch is the reply. While non everyone in society feels like the adult male portrayed in Munch? s picture, a turning figure of people do, and it is expressed in legion ways through our society today. A overplus of grounds supports this averment ; from modern social organisation and disaffection to specific illustrations of incidents caused by this? Scream? , to specific plants in pop civilization. Existentialism spawned from an spread outing society, and will merely go more relevant as the size of our society additions.

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? The Scream? portrays an image of a adult male on the foreground of a span, an unrealistically slanted span with two shadowed figures behind him. He has his custodies clasped to the sides of his caput, engaged in a pure shriek for no evident ground. Munch? s verse form narrating the work:

I was walking along the route with two friends.

The Sun was puting.

I felt a breath of melancholic –

Suddenly the sky turned reddish.

I stopped, and leaned against the railing, deathly tired –

looking out across the fire clouds that hung like blood and a blade

over the bluish black fiord and town.

My friends walked on & # 8211 ; I stood at that place, trembling with fright.

And I sensed a great, infinite shriek base on balls through nature.The ground for the adult male? s great shriek is deliberately equivocal, so it seems as if there is no ground besides a sudden feeling that came over him. Indeed, he was walking with his friends, a clip of supposed felicity! That is what this picture represents, non something awful, non something evil and atrocious, but something that is intrinsic to the topic which causes fear- everything may look merely all right, and it really good may be from a native position, but this picture makes one think: Why is everything the manner it is, and should it be that manner? Analyzing this picture from a social point of view, it is a strong unfavorable judgment of the inanity of our functions in society, our small coteries and niches, the plodding of our occupations? sometimes one merely wants to travel out in the center of nowhere and shriek, shriek for justness, shriek for acknowledgment, shriek because things are how they are?

A long clip ago, adult male lived in an agricultural, communal society ; A small-town environment in which each adult male knew each other adult male, and they lived in cooperation with each other. When person had a babe, the full town would demo up to compliment that individual, bearing gifts and cheer. Life had significance. A adult male would populate from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours, continuing his position in society and populating harmonizing to what his faith prescribed because he knew that was what adult male was supposed to make, and would be rewarded for. He knew people cared about him, his neighbours, his community and his authorities. When he walked down his street, people would be able to state, ? Good flushing Mr. Wallace, ? or even, ? Wallace! You icky scumbag! You owe me money! ? Life was harder so ; there were few time-saving comfortss and no telephones to remain in changeless contact. Granted, life was non perfect, there were feuds, violent deaths, and other bad things, but in general, of all time

yone knew what his intent was.

Much changed in the industrial revolution. There was a displacement off from this communal, agricultural society to the more rough, if productive, industrial society. The system of unskilled, ? dead organic structure? labour emerged, doing the worker little more than a machine to execute a undertaking repeatedly. Sometimes they were even treated like machines, with a lower limit of attending and acknowledgment and a lower limit of wage. Peoples flocked to metropoliss, which grew bigger than of all time earlier. This? advancement? has culminated to our contemporary state of affairs.

Presently, our society is a mammoth monster. We have sometimes 1000000s of people in a metropolis, how can we pay attending to any peculiar one of them? When person walks down a busy Los Angeles street, evidently no 1 will even state? hello. ? Each adult male walks in his single bubble, unmindful of those around him, aware of those he chooses to be, with cell phone and beeper. It is so easy to conceive of anyone in our society, the alienated, the disfranchised, walking into the center of town square or walking onto the aureate gate span and shouting his lungs out in defeat. So easy can person acquire lost in the shuffling, go merely a figure on a revenue enhancement signifier, vanish into the maze of our society, that it happens to 1000s of persons, some of whom resent it and take action.

In the popular film, Fight Club, in-between category radical Tyler Durden explains:

Fuck damnation. Fuck salvation. We are God & # 8217 ; s unwanted kids, with no particular topographic point and no particular attending, and so be it.

You & # 8217 ; re non your occupation. You & # 8217 ; re non how much money you have in the bank. You & # 8217 ; re non the auto you drive. You & # 8217 ; re non the contents of your billfold. You & # 8217 ; re non your sleep togethering khakis. You & # 8217 ; re the all-singing, all-dancing dirt of the universe.

Tyler voices the disaffection of the modern adult male, giving voice to the concerns of a people whose individualism has been forgotten and replaced with a cast that all are expected to suit. There is no more? town rummy? , ? small town imbecile? or? unsloped banker? . Man is non judged on who he is any longer, but by what he possesses. If one possesses nil, so one is nil. One Size Fits All, Single Serving Merely, Not For Individual Retail Sale. Society is so big that a corporate individuality is established, a norm that everyone seems to follow ; it is necessary to drive a auto to work, everyone drinks java, reads the same paper, follows a major political party, even the Rebels are clich? vitamin D and expected. ( merely travel to Berkeley ) Everything is so cockamamie and pointless, that it isn? t unusual that people merely snap from the absurdness.

Specific grounds of these claims come from recent occurrences, including the Colombine incident, the recent shot in a German school, the addition in drug usage to get away world, ? traveling postal? ? the list goes on and on and on. Unlike the adult male in Munch? s picture, these people are non simply overcome with an unbelievable fright, they strike out at the universe or seek to conceal from it. Many people fail to recognize the toll our nameless, faceless society takes upon some people. It is difficult to hold nil traveling for you, no hereafter, no hereafter, no point. It is impossible to number how many of these people there are, but the more memorable 1s we remember. Their mindless Acts of the Apostless of force and fury cicatrix our society to the nucleus, and yet we wear? t understand why they do these things? Can society make anything to repair this? When will the person once more affair? Or will we merely live on in our self-involved corporate euphory? If so, we must be prepared when the drug wears off.