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In the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Directed by Ben Stiller, a characte r that has a great triumph or achievement is Walter Mitty, who is introduced by showing h is boring, organized apartment and life. this is also the scene where we get to know a lot about his lifestyle. Stiller uses this scene to create the base of Mitty’s personality and ex terior. He uses techniques such as miseenscene and the film score. At the start of the film we see Mitty going along with the crowd and not carin g about his true meaning of life.

He believes to achieve the motto of Life Magazine “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each Other, an d to feel. That is the purpose of life” , he must create the pictures that are used in every issue of the magazine. he doesn’t see how he is a big part of Life. Stiller makes this come across by M ittys clothes. his clothes are plain colours, and fit in with everyone else. this shows us that he wishes to be a part of the crowd. The costume resembles the need to be formal with his lif e. at the start of he film we see him in these clothes organising his bank details.

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His apartmen tis full of straight lines and a light blue colour covers the walls. this lets the audience kn ow that he lives an organised life with no mistakes or adventures. in the same shot, we see bo oks lining his wall and a picture sitting on the ground around the corner of a fancy 1940’s n avy jaguar, a reference to the original make of the film. Stiller also uses techniques such as the film score. The first music we hear are calming and music that makes us think of fitting in it is a very courageous film score at this time of the movie. his tells us that Mitty is happ y with being a part of the crowd and not doing anything outgoing. This links to the theme of becoming your own person and putting your dreams before the rest of the worlds. The apex of the film is seen when Mitty finds Sean O’Connell and goes on this adventure to find him. In these scenes we see Mitty wear more colours, and different items , like a knit jumper in red, to show a love for home, he buys his mountaineering gear also in red, not just ecause its a visible colour but also to symbolise his love for this journey. e s tarts to get stubble on his cheek, showing that he is living life a bit edgier, not in the way he used to. hE! s not living the safe life anymore. the lines of the surrounding setting is not stra ight lines anymore. these etched lines show the ruggedness of Mittys new life. they sy mbolise how he has left the box which was his life before the journey. the film score at this poi nt in the movie is more adventurous with the likes of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, a song as d scribed by Cheryl Melhoff about going out of the box, out of your limits, just as Mitty has done.

This journey that he has accomplished is a triumph Of Mittys in the Sense that he has no realised how easy it is for him to overcome his boundaries that he had set himself. Stil ler is making us question how we see our own world. He is making us question the way we ar e living through these effects and techniques. He is challenging us to change the way we live, t he way we do things. This links back to the theme of not letting fear and obligations rule our ives.

He is subconsciously telling us to not let these things hold us back from living our li ve’s The most obvious triumph for Mitty is getting with Melhoff, the female protag onist and his love interest. throughout the movie, we have seen Mitty connecting things to her, From saving her three legged dog at the start of the movie, to her giving Mitty courage to jump onto the helicopter by singing Space Oddity. we see Mitty wearing more colours. like b lues and greens, with a slight air about him that shows that he is a different person.