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The Secretary Chant Essay, Research Paper

In this verse form Marge Piercy? s talker evokes a concrete vision of a adult female who has lost her personal individuality to her occupation. Her bold and descriptive usage of metaphors allow the reader to visualize a adult female who is populating her life vicariously through her calling. Ms. Piercy successfully uses paradox, personification, and the wordplay to convey the

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character alive. With the usage of metaphors, both implied and expressed, the reader can deeply sympathize with the cardinal character of this verse form.

From the first line of the verse form the tone is set for the reader. It is non so obscure as to utilize a simple simile, but a strong manifestation of the thought of the talker as an existent personification of a stuff object. She does non state “ My hips are like a desk ” ,

she says “ My hips are a desk ” ( line 1 ) . Throughout the remainder of the verse form, personification of the adult female as nil more than a piece of office equipment is expressed with dramatic pragmatism.

In the first six lines of the verse form the talker describes herself in salient item. Each of her organic structure parts are placed with an obvious piece of office equipment. This allows the reader to organize a solid image of a adult female sitting at her desk executing the day-to-day plodding of a secretary. She does non see herself as a existent adult female but a adult female whose hair is ” gum elastic sets ” ( 3 ) , whose ” chests are Wellss of Roneo ink ” , ( 5 ) and whose “ pess bear casters ” ( 6 ) .

The secretary is so entrenched in her occupation that she describes her “ caput as a severely organized file ” ( 8 ) . To furthur depict how severely organized the file of her caput is ( or her head ) Ms. Piercy reiterates that fact in line 9 and 10 by stating “ My caput is a patchboard / where crossed lines crackling ” . With the usage of two lines both depicting the head and ideas of the secretary it is successfully conveyed that the secretary truly is confused and overburdened by the demands of the occupation.

Further scrutiny of the personification of the secretary as a piece of office equipment is seen in the usage of onomatopoeia as a metaphor. “ Buzz. Click ” ( 7 ) and “ Zing. Tinkle ” ( 14 ) . With the

usage of these descriptive sounds the machines would traditionally do, the symbolism is more competently expressed to the reader.

Often times the secretary or office helper are seen as nil more than robotic extensions wholly devoid of human qualities. “ Press my fingers ” ( 11 ) is an direction to her foreman explicating precisely how she is to supply a map as if she

was explicating how to run any other piece of office equipment. Like any secretary she would hold to form an office and explain to her foreman where things were to be found when she was out of the office. “ From my mouth issue canceled reams ” ( 16 ) .

She is clearly stating her foreman where he would happen the used paper and closed files but the wordplay intended is that whatever she tells her foreman is ignored anyhow.

By the clip the reader gets to the terminal of the verse form the secretary is to the full developed as an inanimate machine, “ Swollen, heavy ” ( 17 ) . She has given up seeking to be human and has resigned herself to the fact that she has been taken over wholly by the machines that surround her. Metaphorically talking, with the usage

of metonymy, the secretary, now as a machine herself is “ about to be delivered / of a babe Xerox machine ” ( 18-20 ) , therefore perpetuating a species of human machines.

In the concluding four lines, the secretary decries that “ I wonce was a adult female ” and that she needs to be “ filed under W ” . She is once more giving instructions to her foreman that she now serves no existent map as a adult female and should merely be filed off and disregarded. In this manner, Ms. Piercy develops the paradox in which a individual who one time

performed a critical map keeping an office is now wholly useless.

The authors metaphors are drawn from everday activities seen in every office. Through the usage of expressed metaphors depicting a secretary as piece of office equipment the verse form has created a to the full developed image of how small value we place on humanity in the work topographic point. By utilizing the full scope and deepness of rhetorical figures, Ms. Piercy has given fresh penetrations into the mean work twenty-four hours of adult females who provide critical administrative aid.