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term symbolism is nothing but a literary element used in literature. It helps
the readers to understand a literary work. Symbolism is everywhere. Symbolism
exists whenever something is meant to represent other meaning. In Greek
mythology phoenix is a bird with long span of life time. This phoenix is often
used as a symbol for regeneration or reborn. The phoenix is a bright red and
golden colour bird. While nearing the end of its life it travels to Heliopholis
the city of the sun , to die and reborn from ashes. This is just one instance.
Phoenix in literature is often used as a symbol.

One can take the Southern Writer
Eudora welty’s works as an example of study symbolism. Eudora welty uses many
themes throughout her literary work to illustrate racism , responsibility ,
initiation, belonging and coming of age etc. Welty is often influenced by Greek
mythology and beliefs. She also uses simple symbols like key and exhibit it
strongly as a symbol of happiness. Therefore, the major aim of the paper is to
explore the mythological symbols and other elements in Eudora welty’s short
stories. Phoenix Jackson is walking to Natchez, missippi, in order to obtain
medicine for her grandson. Despite her advanced age, she undertakes this
increasingly difficult journey out of unconditional love. Phoenix the African
American woman starts her journey early morning in the month of December.
Phoenix jackson coming along a path through pinewoods. She was old and small
,her head tied in a ‘red rag ‘,she wore a long dark colored striped dress and a
bleached sugar sacks as an apron carrying a thin ,small cane made from an
umbrella. She looked straight ahead. Wrinkles on her face promise us her age.
She went on up and down the hills She boldly warns “Out of my way, all you
foxes, owls, beetles, jack rabbits and wild animals… Keep out from under
these feet, little bob-whites…. Keep the big wild hogs out of my path.  Don’t let none of those come running my
direction. I got a long way.”p.241. She undertakes this difficult journey
for her sick grandson. Finally with never dying aim and high spirit she reaches
her destination to get medicine for her grandson.

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Xby DNSUnlockerLets us over look  the hardships of this mighty old  woman’s .In this difficult journey her first
task was a thorn caught her dress, trembling all over, she freed herself .Again
she see the log which was laid across the stream . “Now comes the trail”  said phoenix.p.242.  With endurance she put her right foot out,
closing her eyes she mounted on the log .Lifting her skirt, balancing her cane like
a festival figure in some parade, she began to march across. Our heart flutters
and makes astonish when she bravely overcome. This time she had to go through
the barbed-wire fence, she crawled like a baby. She went on into the corn
field. There was something tall and black moving before her. First she taught
it was a man.  Again mistakenly taught a
ghost but she never scared, instead she reached out her hand and touched it.
The she realized it is a scarecrow. “You scarecrow”, “I ought to be shut up for
good” she said with laughter.p.243.                                                                                                      
       With new obstacles, a black
dog with lolling tongue came before her. With all the spirit she tried to hit
the dog with her cane. However a young white man , a hunter helped  her . Though phoenix received cordial words
from him , here she face racism. “I know you old colored people wouldn’t miss
going to town to see santa claus”.p 246. After sometime he came back and
playfully lifted his gun and pointed it at phoenix. She stood straight and
faced him. Similar to phoenix bird welty portrait this character as never
give-up attitude and endurance to overcome the obsctacles.

Xby DNSUnlockerIn
mythology the bird phoenix lives for centuries before burning into ashes. Many
countries believe in mythological stories about phoenix bird. Great people are
compared to phoenix because of their tireless dedication, confident and hard
work. Even common people are enchanted with this mighty bird’s story. In endora
Welty’s short story ‘wornpath’ she named her character
‘Phoenix Jackson’. Phoenix Jackson, as a character is the epitome of what the
phoenix symbolizes, hope security and a promise for the future. Phoenix Bird
has different name in different countries they believe in different history of Phoenix
bird but the conclusion of this mighty bird is ‘immortal’

Phoenix bird’s enchanted strength, welty’s phoenix moving towards her
destination. She kept moving strongly. Phoenix the woman has many similarities
to phoenix the bird. Additionally she is wearing a ‘red rag’ on her head. This
clearly symbolizes the color of the phoenix. Phoenix bird undertakes a journey
to ‘Heliopolis’. Similarly Welty’s phoenix advanced age suggests that she is on
her own journey. Repeated references are made to phoenix, age, she describe
herself as the oldest person she knows. She says “My senses is gone.  I too old. I the oldest people I ever
know”.  Any kind of injury suffered out in the open and
alone like she was in the middle of the winter could have resulted in
death. Unfair obstacles that Phoenix must have confronted  in her entire life. Yet she made it through
them all un-harmed and her spirit still intact .         

The key:

Pulitzer Prize-Winner Eudora Welty’s
short story ‘The Key’ is taken for symbol. Like many of Welty’s stories ‘the
key’ set among people from the poor, rural south and explores the depth and
limitations of human communication. This story is set in 1930’s train station,
Albert Morgan, his wife Ellie Morgan and the other passengers are waiting
there. It is about the key and how each individuals responds to it particularly
albert takes it as his possession and overwhelmed with enjoyment and
satisfaction. Keys are important object in our daily lives, though never give
them a second thought. They open doors and beyond the doors are things that
provide us with comfort and happiness.

Xby DNSUnlocker          Welty
successfully explores how a small object can give a deep enjoyment and can
unlock the lost happiness of an individual. Almost treats the key like his
second life and his happiness is infected to his wife also.  Keys are commonly associated to unlock any
locked objects.  Here we can find this
lifeless small object add a new life to the protogonist by triggering and lost
happiness and delight.

          It is a
custom to visit the Niagara falls on a Wedding trip, to start a happy life. In
a railway station passenger are waiting along with this deaf and dumb couple.
Every  one are waiting with patience. A
red-haired young men standing in the corner of the room playfully  tossing a key up and down in the air. Then in a moment, he drops the key
on the floor. Everyone, except Albert and his wife, looked up for a moment. On
the floor the key had made a fierce metallic sound. Albert picks it up quite
slowly with wonder written all over his face and