The Signalman Essay, Research PaperFirst feelings last. In The Signalman, the storyteller meets a signalman frightened about the phantoms he has been seen. After every phantom he sees, a catastrophe happens on the Line. The signalman wonders what the phantom means. A expression into how the storyteller perceives the signalman, the struggle of the narrative and the storyteller s realisation of the significance of the signalman s phantom will assist understand The Signalman. This analysis shall be done through the eyes of the storyteller.In their first meeting, the signalman made the storyteller experience awkward. The signalman spooked the storyteller out, there was something in the adult male that daunted me ( p.

741, col. 1 ) by the manner he acted. He seemed to be afraid of something, which caused the storyteller to believe that he ( the signalman ) had an infection in his head ( p.741, col. 1 ) .

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Despite the first feeling the signalman left on the storyteller, the storyteller wanted to believe that the signalman was O.K. , but the signalman kept making uneven things, In a word, I should hold. . . ( p.743, col.

1 ) .In the 2nd meeting, the storyteller learns why the signalman acted queerly during their first rendezvous. The signalman tells the storyteller that he has been seeing phantoms. Disbelieving about the signalman s narrative, the storyteller tells the signalman how the senses can be lead oning sometimes, I showed his how that this figure must be a misrepresentation of his sense of sight ( p. 744, col. 1 ) . The storyteller continues his incredulity by stating the signalman that the events that occurred after the phantoms were simply happenstance, this was a singular happenstance, calculated profoundly to affect his head ( p. 744, col.

2 ) . The storyteller tries to confute everything the signalman tells him with logical/scientific information. ( He islike agent Scully and the signalman is like agent Mulder from The X-files where Mulder believes in the supernatural and Scully gives scientific accounts for everything. ) The discrediting storyteller offers to take the signalman to the best medical practician in the country to give his sentiment of the signalman ( p. 747, col.

2 ) .The signalman agrees.In most narratives, the struggle can merely be comprehended. However, in The Signalman, the struggle is non really clear. A possible struggle can be Man vs. Man, in which the storyteller opposes the signalman. Although this struggle lacks physical resistance, the contrasting positions of the two are considered as struggle.

However, this struggle can be thought as a sub-conflict. The chief struggle, Man V. Idea, involves the storyteller and the phantoms. He tries to believe in the thought of the phantom, but all informations show otherwise. The storyteller argues with himself, it was unquestionable that singular happenstances did continually happen, and they must be taken into history. . .

( p. 744, col. 2 ) .The turning point of the storyteller occurs when he finds out that the phantom that the signalman has been holding foreshadowed his decease. At this point, the storyteller realizes the cogency of the phantoms and the credibleness of the signalman. Possibly the storyteller should hold trusted his intestine feeling of the signalman.

The storyteller felt apathetic towards the signalman. He proved the signalman to be intelligent, argus-eyed, painstaking, and exact, yet he could non get the better of the interior struggle to believe or non believe the words of the signalman. Unfortunately, the lone manner the signalman convinces the storyteller is by deceasing. The manner the train driver describes how he acted before the decease of the signalman confirms what the signalman had to state.