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After reading Brian’s recent posts here and here, I thought it would be nice to share a few images of Robert E. Howard’s copy of The Snare (New York: Grosset & Dunlap, n.d. [1925]). The book is one of the precious few in his collection that has survived as part of the Memorial Collection at Howard Payne University. Given to “Bob” as a Christmas present, Clyde Smith couldn’t resist all that white space on the front endpapers.

Clyde’s handwriting can be a bit difficult. After the blue penciled “Merry Xmas – Bob – from Clyde,” he goes on for another page and a half:

Say, Bob, you remember that little passage about “wrecking the jail” and the shocking language which was also included—shocking to a Puritan—by the way you and I have never had any love for Puritans—well I sent this excerpt to Klatt, and told him that he would probably break conventions in that manner, But I guess if any of it ever comes true, it will be flatly, as Sandburg said it: that is, if it comes true for you and me. I only hope that we don’t [other side of page] to break out any time within the near future, as I have other things on my mind. And so we will be suffering while Klatt is raising h— on the out side, by the way.

Herbert Klatt is perhaps best known as the sausage-packing German in Post Oaks and Sand Roughs, Hubert Grotz. Klatt was very active in Lone Scout Journalism and even had a poem, “Rope,” published in one of Bob Howard’s Lone Scout endeavors, The Right Hook.

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