Down Essay, Research PaperSeparationIn the book? The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down? by Anne Fadiman, a kid named Lia Lee is taken off from her parents by Child Protective Services and placed in surrogate attention. Because they aren? T giving her medicine for epilepsy. Although ensuing in some medical benefits those benefits were lost because of destructive psychological and emotional harm to Lia.Dr.

Neil Ernst decided to name kid protective services when Lia Lee? s parents Nou Kou and Foua were loath to give her her medical specialty. Dr. Neil Ernst said: ? I felt it was of import for these Miaos to understand that there were certain elements of medical specialty that we understood better than they did and that there were certain regulations they had to follow with their childs? lives. I wanted the word to acquire out in the community that if they deviated from that, it was non acceptable behavior. ? ( pg. 79 Fadiman ) . Dr. Ernst could hold besides been arrested for non describing it.

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There were some options to naming Child Protective Services such as my favourite one ; holding a nurse visit the Lees? three times daily to administrate the medicines, but this idea did non happen to Dr. Ernst and/or seemed unreasonable at the clip. Although Fadiman does non advert what Dr. Ernst thought about this class of action, I can merely surmise that it would hold been excessively expensive to hold a nurse visit three times a twenty-four hours. Besides they shouldn? T be rewarded for their disobedience by holding person else administer their girl? s medicine.

It might hold besides provoked the Lees? to anger because they didn? Ts like to give Lia the medical specialty because of how the medical specialty made her down and sullen. After Lia was taken off for a period of a few hebdomads, Nou Kou about beat an translator named Sue Xiong who was construing for a CPS( # )societal worker.Nou Kou said: ? I was outside and Sue came indoors and she called me and said, Come in here, you come in here.

At that clip I was ready to hit Sue, and I got a baseball chiropteran right at that place. My son-in-law was with me, and he grabbed me and told me non to make it. ? ( pg. 91 Fadiman ) , so you can see the Lees? were violent natured.

The 2nd ground the Nou Kou and Foua did non desire to give their girl the medical specialty was that they believed like other Miaos that people with epilepsy are caught by a good or bad spirit which makes them fall to the land ( the Hmong word for epilepsy translates into: the spirit gimmicks you and you fall down ) and while their under besieging they get messages from the Gods. Many people in their civilization with epilepsy become cultural therapists or priest-doctors.The program of directing a nurse would hold been my program. It would hold been allot of clip and money though. And when the Hmong community is already run outing our resources through public assistance doesn? t make much sense to pass more money on them. It besides would non hold said that? our medical specialty is better? as good either. Although Dr.

Neil? s program of allowing CPS manage it worked out for him it did non work out for Lia for she had more ictuss at her Foster place with the medical specialty than at place with lost and half Department of States. The ground is because she did non desire to be separated from her parents, and the emotional harm from the separation. Some people would state it was selfish and lazy that Dr. Ernst did non at least attempt to utilize a nurse to administrate the medicine. I believe if I was Him that I would seek directing a nurse for Two hebdomads to see if it would work and so do a determination. But on the other manus I believe that these stubborn, nescient people shouldn? T be pampered when they are already assisting themselves to so much( # )from the revenue enhancement remunerators through public assistance. Because of these two issues of Dr. Ernst? s adeptness todo a determination, and the Hmong community taking so much and giving nil back, it is difficult for me to do a determination and I feel myself? stealing? towards Dr.

Ernst? s determination. I don? t incrimination Dr. Ernst for his determination which I think is the most logical pick and even if he tried my Two hebdomads thought it still wouldn? Ts make directing a nurse any less expensive. All I am stating is that he should non hold worried about learning the Hmong community a lesson on world so much and believe more about the wellness of the person named Lia Lee.The Hmongs believe that to handle the organic structure you must besides handle the psyche, what happened here is that Lia? s psyche got hurt so she didn? T acquire better at all, nor much worse. That is why I think the medical specialty didn? t work efficaciously.

It is unfortunate that cultural misinterpretation and linguistic communication barriers got in the manner of what could hold been resolved much more easy.( # )CitationFadiman, Anne. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. NewYork: The Noonday Press, 1997( # )