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Footings of mention.

As requested this study will supply initial strategic development waies for the site Szentendre. This will include an rating of the major strengths and failings of the finish and an lineation of two separate possible visions supported by feasible aims.

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The footing of the information used in this study was collected during a recent personal site-inspection conducted on 19th November 2010 and from researches on the cyberspace.


First, the major strengths and failings of the finish are the followerss:Strengths:LocationSzentendre is merely a 20 proceedingss drive from Budapest. This distance is 40 proceedingss by HEV and depending on the type of ship 30-60 proceedingss on the Danube.

Its propinquity to Budapest, the most dumbly populated metropolis of Hungary, makes it an ideal short trip and weekend finish.Szentendre is the first of the vacation metropoliss of the “ Danube set ” part that is located at the right Bankss of the Danube. Furthermore, the Danube with its rich vegetations and fauna gives the metropolis a alone and green environment. This makes the metropolis ideal for the lovers of H2O athleticss and eco-tourists every bit good.Because of its propinquity to the neighboring “ Pilis ” mountains Szentendre is besides ideal as the get downing point of boosting trips.

Protected from heavy rainfalls by the “ Pilis ” mountain range the country of Szentendre has less showery yearss than the other metropoliss nearby. Therefore, this metropolis is really attractive from weather point of position as good.History & A ; CultureSince the Turkish business in Hungary, Szentendre was continuously the mark of witting cultural migrations delegated by the Habsburg Emperors. Therefore, the metropolis has a really rich and superimposed history built by Serbs, Greeks, Dalmatians, Slovaks and of class Hungarians. Since every nationality that lived here was inspired by the beauty of this part no admiration that today it is renowned as the “ City of Arts & A ; Crafts ” . However, the heavy creative person population has chosen Szentendre to populate and work because unlike any other neighbouring metropoliss, it remained an good Baroque town untouched by industrialization and economic development. The ground for this lies in its cardinal location and by that the impacts of wars and natural catastrophes such as the “ grape-plague ” that made all the staying concerns to travel out of the town.The Skanzen of Szentendre is one of the biggest and likely the largely developed skanzen in Hungary.

It offers legion plans and serves as an single attractive force.The countless small eating houses offering culinary arts of all the historical nationalities makes “ choice dining ” a alone merchandising point of the metropolis.The assortment of museums are stand foring absolutely the artistic and rich cultural values of the metropolis.Szentendre has a alone cityscape with seven churches and narrow coble rock streets complimented with a image postcard position to the river Danube.Failings:There is a deficiency of money to implement the bing finish direction constructs of the authorities.There are many fresh potencies of the Danube, such as, drifting phase for concerts, yacht seaport, boat hire, beach etc.

The quickly turning figure of bazars consequences in commercialised humanistic disciplines. As a consequence of that the value of existent humanistic disciplines and trades is questioned.

Poor substructure

If a group of tourers arrives from Budapest by HEV, so no clear signage is directing them to happen the metropolis Centre. Furthermore, the close environment of the station has no connexion to the churrigueresque image of Szentendre, which merely kills the first feeling every tourer be it a domestic or an international traveler.The hapless internet surface of the Tourism Office of Szentendre truly discourages every tourer that happens to happen it. It is so simple and lacks any design and item that no admiration if one would oppugn the dependability of the recommendations to see this metropolis.The basic stairss towards constructing a vision for Szentendre:Situation AnalysisMacro Environment ( PESTEL ) : Szentendre ‘s touristry is politically supported by its local authorities, economically stable but undeveloped, socially diverse in nationalities with a major Magyar population with an increasing figure of migrators go forthing the town because of the deficiency of working chances.

However, the 20 % of the citizens work in touristry harmonizing to the local authorities of Szentendre. The touristry and the industry in general caused no environmental issues yet, because the mills are separated to an industry-park following to the town and touristry has non reached a degree yet when the waste direction is critical. The town has obtained the legal model to be able to act upon the metropolis ‘s strategic development in 1997. The authorities has the right to make up one’s mind in issues refering legal purchase of land, puting in substructure etc.Market Appraisal:Harmonizing to the KSH ‘s statistics on Szentendre the figure of shops opened annually has increased continuously since 1998, presently making 700 shops.

The chief season is from May till September. This could be expanded with the execution of a conference Centre. The chief sections are the households and twosomes and the immature athletics searchers.

Resources:The Danube and its islandsPilis MountainThe museums, historical old-townThe events of the Summer and Spring FestivalsSince Budapest is near the instruction for workers in touristry is greatly providedArtist communitySupporting Industries, such as building, retail, conveyance, public services, providers are bing and ready to provide for the demands of the finish. The propinquity to Budapest is once more an advantage.Industry Structure:There are few figure of adjustment suppliers, chiefly pensions and 2,3 and 4 star hotels. On the other manus, compared to the size of the metropolis there are many eating houses and bars. Conference capacity is besides really moderate with an norm of 100-150 seating capacity.

The Skanzen, nevertheless, plays a important function and attracts many tourers to the metropolis.Rival Analysis:The chief rival is Visegrad, which is aimed at a somewhat different and more upper category patronage. Szentendre is closer to Budapest, nevertheless Visegrad has a better position to the Danube-band and the summer castle of Mathias Rex with summer British shilling inclines at its side.

Basically, Visegrad is presently more developed and has more attractive forces but Szentendre has every potency to vie with it. Furthermore, co-operation is already traveling between the two sites and by that destructive competition can be avoided.Stakeholders ‘ AnalysisPorter ‘s Five Forces ModelMenaces of new entrants: Tahitotfalu has really similar characteristics to Szentendre.Complementors: The Pilis mountain scope and the surrounding islandsRivals: Visegrad and GodollA‘ are both popular one twenty-four hours finishs from Budapest.SWOT Analysis





Geographic characteristics and location

Proximity to Budapest

“ City of Arts ” image

Unique cityscape

Poor substructure

Fresh chances of the Danube

Poor & A ; severely designed Tourist Office web site

Commercialized humanistic disciplines & A ; trades

Tourism is presently running with low net income

Danube ( H2O athleticss, drifting phase etc. )

Thermal H2O of the islands

Developing the metropolis as the get downing finish for trips to the Pilis Mountains.

Constructing a conference Centre

Excavate the “ Ulcisia Castra ” the Wolf Fort, an about integral but burried Roman garrison

No fiscal aid from the EU

Overcrowding ( tourers and locals )

Overpricing ( real-estates, merchandises )

Waste direction

The danger of inundations

Mosquito invasion

Cleanliness of the Danube

Deadline of route buildings

The two possible visions harmonizing to the findings above could be as follows:“ In the close hereafter we will see Szentendre as the pearl of the Danube-band with its surging touristry industry fulfilling local community, protecting the environment, gaining concerns and supplying visitants unforgettable experiences. This will be achieved by keeping the presently bing attractive forces, values and by..

. ”Vision ‘A ‘“ … .developing the well recognized trade name of “ City of Arts & A ; Culture ” for Szentendre by the twelvemonth 2015. Our vision is besides to hold a unique and international community of creative persons making quality graphicss and pulling visitants hungry for Szentendre ‘s transnational civilization and history. ”Vision ‘B ‘“ .

.. .developing the finish worth passing a twosome of yearss to research for the households and anyone seeking escapade on H2O and geographic expedition in the good nature.

Furthermore, by 2015 Szentedre will host international events in a truly alone environment congratulating it with H2O like nowhere in Hungary. ”The tactics and aims accomplishing the Vision ‘A ‘ could be:To derive 20 % of the market of the “ Danube-band ” part for suiting tourers by October 2015.To do the town of Szentendre the “ City of Arts ” and the preferable trade name for short- draw trips from Budapest by December 2015.To increase the consciousness of the new natation phase by the twelvemonth 2013.To unearth the ruins of the Roman “ Wolf ” Fort and constructing a themed event upon it by the twelvemonth 2020.


First of wholly, the thermic H2O potency should be investigated on the Pap-island for a future investing of a watering place, hotel, or swimming pool. Furthermore, parking tonss for autos should be built to house the spread outing demand of tourers. The image of the HEV station and its milieus should be developed by affecting the local creative persons and financess from the EU. Furthermore, to work out the issue of overcrowded metropolis centre the attractive force should be decentralised and extended to the Rab-Raby square and its milieus. This should be achieved by a positively controlled mark system.

A major advancement would be if Szentendre could be developed from a finish worth passing twosome of hours to a finish worth passing twosome of yearss.Second, to accomplish sustainable touristry harmonizing to the Destination Management Handbook ( 2003 ) , neither the visitants, the industry, the community, nor the environment should be negatively affected by the touristry. In other words, this means a manner of touristry direction that allows the figure of visitants to increase, while it has a positive consequence on both the environment, industry and the community at present and in the hereafter as good. Szentendre should take to fulfill its visitants, to enrich the civilization of the finish ‘s community and to guarantee that the concerns are profitable while actively protecting the built and the natural environment every bit good.


In decision, Szentendre is presently in its development stage in the finish life rhythm. In add-on, the degree of host annoyance is someplace mediate apathy and irritation, which means that tourers already go profit-making marks and substructure and attractive forces are still to be developed but some locals, particularly those creative persons who came to this topographic point to happen peace to make art, are holding 2nd ideas about tourers teeming in the summer season all over the metropolis.If the afore mentioned aims are executed and implemented right and in conformity with the demands and wants of the local community so the vision of by and large making a successful and welcoming metropolis can be achieved in the close hereafter.