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The issue

Acne Conglobata is a rare and extremely inflammatory disease, besides negatively impacted in a manner that it has burrowing and interconnecting abscesses and besides uneven cicatrixs ( both keloidal and atrophic ) , frequently making disfiguration ( 3a ) . Of all acne types, it is the most terrible. Patients will be impaired with hickeies looking at about all the parts of organic structure such as face, cervix, thorax and more. They are big and engorged with fluid, and may be sensitive to touch. There will be a slow increase in size and so they burst allowing out a abhorrent odor. The irregular and deep cicatrixs are formed from abscesses ( 1b ) . The cause of this disease remains unknown but some think that high degree of testosterone and androgen, cistrons and uncured instance of less-severe acne seem to be connected with acne conglobata. This disease can be treated but how do we amend it?

Example of a individual enduring Fig. 1 ( Transition of normal follicle to

from acne conglobata formation of pustule )

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Figure 1 shows how normal follicle, A changes to pustule, E. Pustule cause terrible harm to the tegument ( 3l ) .


A Possible Solution

The most recommended intervention for acne conglobata is the acne medicine isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is a retinoid and is derived from Vitamin A ( 3e ) ( 3c ) . It suppresses greasy secretory organs from conveying out extra oil to forestall the formation of new defects ( 1c ) . Isotretinoin besides defends against the happening of unusual hardening of tegument. There are several types of isotretinoin like Accutane, Amnesteem, Claravis and Sotret. Therefore, the fabrication of Accutane has been discontinued and is replaced by cheaper generic versions ( 3d ) .

A sheet called medicine Guide ever comes with the isotretinoin. It must be read every clip isotretinoin is filled. A consent signifier must be signed meaning that the physician ‘s instructions must be followed before start utilizing isotretinoin. This process is required every clip the prescription is stocked. Normally, patients will merely acquire a 30-day supply of the capsules. Whenever dosage is missed, patients must travel back to constant dosing agenda. 2 doses at a shooting are non allowed. Isotretinoin must be taken after repast. There must non be any harm done to the capsule before it is swallowed such as oppressing or interrupting it because the filling inside the capsule might do annoyance to the pharynx. Other than that, Isotretinoin should be taken on a regular basis at perchance the same clip each twenty-four hours.

Therefore, some medical specialties like Achromycins, St. John ‘s wort, Vitamin-A type medical specialties, corticoids and progestin-only birth control can non be used with isotretinoin seeing that they may impact isotretinoin. Not merely those, certain medical conditions such as gestation, allergic reactions, diabetics, a household history of diabetes and others will besides interact with isotretinoin ( 3f ) .


Womans who take isotretinoin must subscribe up for the iPledge plan because isotretinoin causes abortion and birth defects ( 2a ) . It is a mandatory plan in the United States to guarantee that no adult females get pregnant utilizing isotretinoin.

The effectivity of isotretinoin is entirely confirmed through the diagram below.

Fig. 2 ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Fig. 2 shows that the per centum of absolute satisfactory utilizing isotretinoin for intervention of acne cicatrixs is the highest which is more than 70 % . This shows that isotretinoin plants in bring arounding cicatrixs and most significantly, acne conglobata. The chief purpose of handling acne conglobata is bar of marking ( 1a ) .


Furthermore, there was a survey done in Turkey to turn out how effectual isotretinoin was towards the intervention of mild or moderate acne. The consequence clearly showed an betterment.

Consequence: 41 out of the 60 patients completed the 6-month therapy which isotretinoin, 0.5-0.75 mg/kg per twenty-four hours, is applied harmonizing to the grade of acne and figure of inflammatory lesions. At the terminal of the intervention complete betterment was observed in 34 patients out of 41. All negative effects were mild.

Decision: Isotretinoin can be used for patients with mild or moderate acne ( 2b ) .

There is besides an article turn outing that acne conglobata can be cured with isotretinoin. 198 acne conglobata patients in 19 sections were tested with isotretinoin and 75 per centum betterment was seen at the terminal consequence ( 2c ) .


Social and Economic Deductions

Peoples enduring from acne conglobata have been get bying through embarrassment, less assurance in communicating and fiscal jobs. Embarrassment is due to the status of one ‘s face and organic structure because acne conglobata is n’t merely another normal acne job. Peoples who live with the sick persons of acne conglobata will hold to digest the revolting odor and unpleasant sight of the tegument. Of class, the victims will hold fewer friends because people will believe that they care less about their skin status. Less assurance can be seen when the sick persons have job juggle between pass oning and thought of the perceptual experience of people towards them. Last, fiscal jobs go on when the sick persons spend a batch of hard currency on expensive tegument interventions, facial and organic structure cleansing agents, and acne gels.

Isotretinoin can cut down the deep cicatrixs and acne on their teguments. An obvious betterment can be seen after a few months of isotretinoin use. The patients will derive their assurance back. Even though there are generic versions of Accutane, they are still expensive if one has to pay without insurance. Normally, it will be around $ 500 to $ 600 monthly, depending on the strength of the pills. So, I suggest anyone intending to purchase these pills to subscribe up for medical insurance as some of the medical insurances will cover the bulk of the monetary value. This is truly convenient because one will non hold to set excessively much money on the medical specialty. The sick persons do non hold to blow money on tegument interventions or expensive shower froths that do non vouch betterment of the skin status.

I have included two tabular arraies sing the monetary value of the generic Accutane in the USA and in the UK.


Fig. 3 ( Price of Generic Accutane in UK ) ( 3m )

Fig. 4 ( Price of generic Accutane in USA ) ( 3n )

Both figures show a immense difference of the monetary value of these generic Accutane in the USA and the UK. From both tabular arraies, it can be seen from the monetary value of 10mg of 30 pills, the monetary value in UK is much expensive which is ?57.60 while the monetary value of 10mg of 30 pills in USA is $ 40.00. If both monetary values were to be converted to Malayan ringgit, they would be RM 277.14 and RM 124.70 severally. The difference of the monetary value is about 45 % . With medical insurance, one will merely hold to pay approximately 5 % of the monetary value ( 3k ) .


Benefits and hazards

Isotretinoin is good and it is wholly confirmed to bring around acne conglobata, terrible acne. Scars will be reduced and there will be positive advancement of the tegument ‘s province in a affair of months. Patients will non hold to worry if it truly works or non, it will. Additionally, the monetary value of Accutane is n’t every bit expensive as earlier because the selling of the sole Accutane has been stopped since there are now low-cost generic versions and most medical insurances can cover a greater portion of the monetary value. Sick persons of Acne Conglobata need non hold to utilize a batch of money to purchase them compared to before which the money was spent on unneeded dearly-won tegument interventions, gels and shower froths.

Despite that, isotretinoin besides has inauspicious results.

“ But every bit powerful as Accutane ( isotretinoin ) can be in bettering patients ‘ lives, the inauspicious effects can be merely as powerful, ” states FDA Consumer Magazine hypertext transfer protocol: //

Isotretinoin has caused abortion, birth defects and hair-loss. Some users have besides suffered from important jobs sing variety meats and serious psychiatric jobs. This is because the drugs restrict body-cell growing and reproduction. They besides decrease the water-holding molecules of the organic structure ( 1c ) .


Fig. 5 hypertext transfer protocol: //

Figure 5 shows that parabens are chemical preservatives and will interfere with the organic structure ‘s endocrinal system. So that explains the other possible side effects of isotretinoin that are connected with the adrenal secretory organs, the hypothalamus, the ovaries and testicles, the pancreas, the tummy, the kidneys and virtually every organic structure system.

There are besides drugs forbidden to be taken with isotretinoin like tetracycline-type antibiotics, Vitamin A and exfoliants because they will give negative reverberations. If used with tetracycline-type antibiotics, the force per unit area within the skull will increase. Following, isotretinoin is derived from vitamin A so if combined with vitamin A will take to vitamin A overdose and this alteration the bone construction ( 3e ) .

Finally, isotretinoin overdose will drive to purging, blushing, serious chapped lips, tummy hurting, concern, giddiness and loss of coordination. Users must confer with physicians or name health care hotlines if overdoses happen ( 3f ) .


Alternate Solutions

Carbon Dioxide Laser

An alternate solution to handle this disease is by C dioxide optical maser and topical tretinoin therapy accordingly. The CO2 optical maser produces a beam of infrared visible radiation with the chief wavelength sets focus oning about 9.4 and 10.6A microns. The high power degrees available combined with the sensible cost for the optical maser makes it often used ( 3h ) . Tretinoin is effectual in acquiring rid of lesions. It is besides easier to take the keratinocytes on the tegument ( 3g ) .

A survey of handling Acne Conglobata by Carbon dioxide optical maser followed by topical tretinoin therapy was done in Japan. CO2 optical maser is used to open the cysts while topical tretinoin therapy is for forestalling the visual aspect of new lesions. The instance was successfully treated with CO2 by taking the top of the fistulas and their piece of lands ( 2d ) .

Carbon dioxide optical maser is a powerful intervention option for acne conglobata.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Cryotherapy or Intralesional Triamcinolone

Cryotheraphy is a signifier of surgery and the last option in handling Acne Conglobata. Merely the affected countries are treated with liquid N. It is applied with a cryoprobe or cotton-tipped applier and this freezes the hickeies and makes them fall off like dead tegument. Cryotheraphy efficaciously seals off the tegument and is utile for cut downing acne in the hereafter as it removes the surface lesions ( 3i ) . Furthermore, this surgery is low-cost and extremely effectual.


A trial of cryotheraphy was conducted and the positive consequence supported cryotherapy ‘s effectivity in bring arounding acne conglobata.

Twenty-five patients with acne conglobata were treated with cryotherapy delivered via investigations. The investigation was applied to nodular lesions for 20-25s without force per unit area. Freon, C dioxide and azotic oxide were found to be therapeutically tantamount. Nodulo-cystic lesions resolved within 7-10 yearss go forthing a thin atrophic cicatrix on the dorsum and no cicatrix on the face. The intervention was about painless ; no return has appeared in the treated countries ( 2e ) .

Skin Care

Hygiene must be decently taken attention of to contend acne conglobata. Use facial washes that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxyl. They unblock pores and besides kill sources that cause the acne formation. Our faces must be washed merely twice a twenty-four hours. Excessive lavation can do the tegument to be dry. There are studies bespeaking that puting a clean towel over one ‘s pillow every dark can assist forestall from taint due to bacteriums. Furthermore, to forestall transmittal of the bacteriums, one must ever rinse custodies before touching the tegument ( 3j ) . Besides that, frequent tegument contact like rubbing and touching skin lesions must be avoid. Squashing defects can decline the acne site and leave cicatrixs. Facial gown can be used but merely one time a hebdomad as they tend to annoy tegument which aggravates acne. Prevent utilizing thorns and avoid utilizing oily or oily cosmetics, sunblocks, hair-styling merchandises or acne concealers. Use merchandises labelled “ water-based ” or “ noncomedogenic. ”



From the book ‘Retinoids in Clinical Practice ( Methods in Life Sciences – Toxicology Section ) ‘ mention to 1c, there was a point saying that isotretinoin which is a retinoid can suppress sebum production. The book consists of the background of retinoids, the drawbacks and benefits. The earlier statement stating that isotretinoin lessens the production of extra oil from greasy secretory organs can be supported. This beginning is really apt because it is a book and has been published. Therefore, the publication day of the month of the book was in 1993.

In add-on, the site hypertext transfer protocol: // besides proves that the book was right about the map of retinoid which is to alter the features of the skin oil by keeping back skin oil production. This site provides information on about all kinds of drugs and is proven to be a sure resource as the information available in the site is under licencing understandings with assorted publishing houses.

Other than that, hypertext transfer protocol: // is specifically about isotretinoin. It is really clear that there are inauspicious results such as hurting and puffiness of the ruddy, cracked and sore lips, vision jobs, alopecia ( hair-thinning/ hair-loss/ phalacrosis ) and a batch more. Any information in this site is from the National Library of Medicine so they should be factual. To be more certain, the site hypertext transfer protocol: // which is from a batch of solid beginnings including researches and magazines shows that some of the side effects of isotretinoin are swelling of lips, back hurting and hair loss. Besides, the last update of the site was done in May 2010.