“The computer is incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Man is unbelievablyslow, inaccurate, and brilliant; together they are powerful beyondimagination”-Albert EinsteinThis quote sums up my core ambition. I wish to employ my knowledge of computer science todevelop various software and applications that would bring considerable and useful changes inthe lifestyle of peoples across the globe.During my under-graduation I have secured 80% score in the subjects like”Fundamentals of Computing and Programming”, “Data Structures andAlgorithms” and 70% score in the subjects like “Operating Systems” and”Computer Networks”. I developed a great interest in computer science and gained goodknowledge about the nuances of programming, which turned out to be highly useful in getting ajob offer from Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.During my 4 years’ service in Accenture, I learnt a lot. Currently, I am working as anApplication Development Senior Analyst; my key responsibilities include gathering thedetails of project requirements from the client, creating a technical and functional design andimplementation of the functionality and also overseeing on-job training of new recruits.Unlike others in my project I am the only one who is from a non-IT background and yetworking as a Java developer. Even though I had less experience as compared to most membersof my team, I was sent to Norway to work in my client’s location, Telenor Norway AS for 6months’ period, due to my soundness in technical and functional knowledge. I was also thescrum leader and led a group of 6 people while I was working at the client’s location. I havebeen awarded the ACE (Accenture Celebrates Excellence) award, which is the highestaward in my organization. I also got the APEX award, as a token of recognition andappreciation of my work.My stay in Norway gave me much experience, opening my eyes to a whole new world ofInformation and Communication Technology and that was the time, when I decided that Iwould do M.Sc. in Computer Science from an international reputed university. Joining aprestigious university like Western University, I believe, would give me the opportunity tolearn from highly experienced and eminent faculty members and to interact with students fromdifferent countries.I have immense knowledge in programming languages like Java and Kotlin andvarious database technologies like SAP HANA and Sybase ASE which I gainedfrom my 4 years of work experience as a senior programmer. My goal is to do M.Sc. inComputer Science to get an in-depth knowledge of various programming languages,software architecture, and database management.Attracted by your subjects offered in the curriculum that is aimed at allowing a student tocustomize learning path and to tailor whatever was learnt to his specific needs and careeraspirations, I wish to pursue M.Sc. in Computer Science in your University, which I amconfident would help me achieve my goals in innovating something in software engineeringthat would cater to the various needs of the peoples, globally. I look forward to thecommencement of a new phase of my career at Western University