Yes, I do think strategic management has contributed to the Clorox Companys success a lot. I got four reasons as following, first, Clorox has set up sales and profit goals, and recognized each product is profitable or not, then cut the those invaluable and ensure those profitable; second, they use competitive advantage theory and recognize its connection to the customer is the most significant; third, they came up with “going green” strategy, which is a huge success in recent years; fourth, Clorox believes in managing the elationship with major retailors and exploiting strong brand portfolio.All these strategies contributed to Clorox’s success.

2. I think at strategic implementation step that Clorox excel, because they put their strategies into application and manage well, and that is the main reason that will lead to a company’s prosper. 3. Donald Knauss might uses the resources like big-brand expertise and bond with major retailers based on Resource-based View to manage the company. He might use his assets, capabilities, uniqueness and opportunities to achieve his strategic management.

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. 4.Clorox’s fiscal year 2013 revenues of $5. 6 billion, and has approximately 8,400 employees.

On its website it said ‘the 2020 Strategy, which focuses on delivering long-term, profitable growth through the year 2020″, and they has four strategies to accomplish their goal, “Engage our people as business owners, increase our brand investment behind superior products and more targeted 3D plans, grow into profitable new categories, channels and countries, fund growth by reducing waste in our work, products and supply chain. “