Within John Cheerver’s. The Swimmer we can larn a batch about life picks and precedences. Cheerver demonstrates the consequence of societal standing in the novel through the eyes of the chief character Needy.

Needy has let his societal standing overpower him. which finally leads him to a life without societal activity. Cheerver efficaciously communicates his message to the reader by uniting a broad assortment of symbolism and exhilaration. Throughout the novel the writer uses a overplus of illustrations to expose his message and even incorporates his positions within the subject of the novel.A respectable subject in The Swimmer is the inevitable transition of clip. This subject is clearly established through the supporter of the novel.

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Needy. In the beginning of the narrative the writer provides the reader with a clear background of Needy’s life. The information about Needy’s life is important to the narrative because it helps the reader understand and connect with the character. Needy believes that he does non hold to maintain in touch with his friends because the life he leads. With his high societal standing.

Needy believes that he is inferior to others.Life continues to go through by as Needy lives his life on the outskirts. It isn’t until it’s excessively tardily that Needy becomes cognizant of his milieus and realizes he has wasted much of his life. The harm he has caused in life can non be undone due to his deficiency of attention and concern for others.

Not merely is Needy’s societal life unreplaceable at the terminal of the novel. but he has become dependent on intoxicant. It appears that Needy has grown to go his ain worst enemy in life. On the contrary. Cheerver helps develop his subject of the novel through the usage of symbolism.Within.

The Swimmer. symbolism is often used as a technique to bind together the narrative. For illustration. the writer portrays symbolism within the text through the multiple swimming pools Needy brushs. Each swimming pool Needy comes across represents a different clip period in his life and a different group of friends Needy has known. As Needy swims from pool to pool he comes across his haunting yesteryear. Not cognizant of his milieus.

he continues on from pool to pool. Swiming pools aren’t the lone symbolic object within the text.Empty houses are besides portion of the symbolism that is used within the novel. Needy reaches his ain backyard to happen an empty house with locked doors. This abandoned house becomes a symbol for Needy’s lonely and unsociable life.

When Needy is at the house he eventually comes to world with his life. He eventually comes to the realisation that he has pushed away everyone near in his life. He has no 1 to speak to and feels as though he is lonely in the universe. Not merely does Cheerver utilize symbolism in his narrative but he besides incorporates imagination.The writer uses seasons as a manner to assist readers understand the different phases in Needy’s life. The writer uses the warmer months to stand for happier minutes in Needy’s life while the colder months portray the weary and unsettling minutes in his life.

Seasons semen and travel. and so do people in our life. Needy thought that his life was untouchable. but shortly came down from his cloud and realized what he had done. The subject of the inevitable transition of clip truly represents the novel.

Peoples can take this narrative and easy link it to their ain lives.Coming from Cheerver’s yesteryear. this fresh appears to be a jeer of his life.

By mocking his ain life. the writer wants his readers to open their eyes and recognize that the lone thing that invariably changes is clip itself. With that being said. Cheerver wanted to be a go-between for those who have started to leap into pools.

and to those who have yet to leap. He warns those who have non “stepped” into the pool to step back from the border and take a good expression at what’s around them. He hopes to inform readers to ne’er take anything for granted because nothings stopping points everlastingly.