The Television Shows “24” and “House” i) What audiences do you think each program targets? Why?Both shows target the over thirty middle income audience.  These are shows that have continuing story lines and often deal with current social topics.  The show “24” confronts national security issues – a topic daily on the news.  The show “House” confronts difficult medical situations – often reflective of recent news events.ii) What stereotype and cultural messages do you think the programs send? Explain. The stereotype of both shows is that of a alpha male figure.  Leaning character on “24” is the one in charge and making all the decisions.

  The main character on “House” is a very cynical doctor who also is intimidating and controlling to his staff.   In both shows the leading men have women as superiors.  A female president on “24” and a female hospital administrator on “House”.  In both shows the alpha male figures still get their own way.iii) What audience do you think the commercials target? Why?Commercials on both shows appear to target middle income males with a little extra disposable income.  Both have pick up truck or SUV advertisements.

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  Both rely on beer commercials for revenue.  The advertisers appear to target the leading men of the shows – or men who can relate to these two leading characters.iv) What stereotype and cultural messages do you think the commercialssend? Explain.

 The stereotype of the commercials is the same as the shows leading men.  Risk takers and in charge of the events around them.  Cultural message is one of – take charge of your life and enjoy your life.