Last updated: July 22, 2019
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The killing of journalists shocks straight the United Nations’ human
rights that are established in efforts to raise security, peace and sustainable
development to everyone.

on media professionals are often perpetrated in non-conflict situations by
organized crime groups, militia, security personnel, and even local police,
making journalists the most vulnerable ones. These attacks include murder,
abductions, harassment, intimidation, and the illegal arrest and detention of
the journalists.

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On the list of the world’s deadliest places to be a reporter, Mexico
falls between the war-torn nation of Afghanistan and the failed state of

The reasons the killings of the journalists are often for: cartel
assassins annoyed at aggressive coverage, corrupt public officials targeting
critics to silence them, random violence and even reporters crossing over into
the criminal worlds they cover.

according to government data, public servants like mayors and police officers
have threatened journalists more often than drug cartels, petty criminals or anyone
else in recent years, imperiling investigations and raising questions about the
government’s commitment to exposing the culprits.

But of
the serious cases of harassment, assault or homicide committed against journalists
in the past six years, the Federal Office created to prosecute crimes against
the freedom of expression

“It isn’t that they can’t solve these cases, it’s that they either don’t
want to or aren’t allowed to,” said a senior Mexican law enforcement official
who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution from the
government. “This is a political issue. Dead journalists look bad for the
government, but it’s even worse if they were found to be killed as a result of
their work.”



The possible solutions that the United Mexican States
would like to offer are:

Promoting awareness of the issue
because while many citizens are aware of the global crises around the world, it
is easy to forget that there are people risking their lives to report them

creation of an unbiased,
international investigative council is a necessity in order to determine and
persecute the murderers of journalists. This eliminates the cycle of political

the development and
requirement of educational and training programs for journalists going into
combat zones; or, in high-risk conflict zones, an assigned UN peacekeeper
detail would assure the protection of journalists without violation of a
country’s sovereignty.