The world today, seems to be submerged in the same problems it faced a hundred years ago. Imperialist ideas from powerful world leaders and dictators are endangering the world into entering a third world war. During the first world war (1914-1918), world leaders seemed in an ego rivalry of power and war. Significant WW1 characters such as Kaiser Wilhelm (German ruler) seem to be present today, but as current leaders.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, seems to be obsessed with power and military capabilities, key characteristics that led Wilhelm to participate in world war one, having a whole country based on an army designed purely to rival the British. Recently, elected United States President Donald Trump has worried the entire world, with tweets and statements that endangered a war between the United States and North Korea. Presidents with military power like Putin seem to be obsessed with their military capabilities, and showing which country has a better army, which can potentially create a third world war because of powerful ego’s.Imperialism is an ideology, were countries and kingdoms used to expand their power by using enforcing diplomacy or their military force. ┬áDuring the Mother of all Wars or Great War (as some like to refer to the first world war), ┬áthe participant countries were too focused in the war to worry about their power, but pre-war countries used to expand by imperialism. Prior to the first world war, the most powerful imperialist country was Great Britain; as a result of their previous imperialist expansion Great Britain acquired great power, which they used in the war.

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Imperialism was a common and effective strategy rulers enforced in order to expand, and a hundred years later imperialism has began to rise again. Mainly in the middle east, terrorist groups have been recently expanded in territory by using their power against civilians. Though terrorism is not an enormous problem in central america, truth be told, Asia and parts of Europe have undergone serious terrorist attempts and violent attacks; only on 2015 more than twenty-nine thousand people died from terrorist attacks. US president Donald Trump has declared total opposition to ISIS, one of the most powerful and influential terrorist organizations, putting, without a doubt, the world in a threat for a third world war. In the first world war, Francis Ferdinand’s assassination caused Austria to declare war against Serbia, forcing a system of alliances around the globe, creating the first global war.

Austria’s side, known as the Central Powers consisted of Austria, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire; Serbia’s (Triple Entente) consisted of Serbia, Great Britain, the United States, France, Russia, and Japan.