The New Jaguar F-typeThe first original  Jaguar F-type arrived back in 2013. There are two main features that come to define an F-type, its divine aluminium bodywork, and the sounds it creates.The Jaguar F-Type is a perfect addition to the British firm. Providing drivers with a thrilling experience with whichever you pick. The Jaguar F-Type is also nationally praised as one of the est looking open-top sports cars on sale. This all combined explains the F-types success as it appeases the demands of the driving enthusiasts and the style all in one.

The F-type is available with a turbocharged with 4 cylinders which aren’t going to be very popular. There will still be a variant with a V6 or V8 supercharged motor. However, that will still be an F-type that costs around £50,000 new and can average around 40mpg when at cruise. The Jaguar F-Type will remain a stunning, elegant looking car with a classical sporting layout. The will always retain a strong appeal. Jaguar has accomplished the lighter F-type with a dynamic match. The F-type price is ranged to take sales away from Porsche 911 and Boxster S.

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Which means that there is more money for value for money with a higher spec.The rear driving handline is great as it does so well with additional stunning looks and it’s a jaguar so it definitely sounds great. The new four-cylinder version entry model brings an extra dimension to the lineup. Although if you’re thinking of a V8 F-type you can obtain a 4×4 for an extra £5,000 more than the rear-wheel-drive variant. This is worth it because it is safe without giving up any driving thrills.Jaguar F-Type Style and DesignMany people will be against the four-cylinder engine in the Jaguar. The car weighs 52kg less than the V6 F-type with all of that weight lifted from the front of the car. This also gives the Jaguar more power to weight not massively.

194bhp per tonne in the four cylinders and the V6 210bhp per tonne and additional ride and comfort are said to be improved. The 2 litre 296bhp is the most highly tuned of all the four cylinders.This also features a new electrohydraulic valvetrain with variable lift control.

The exhaust manifold and twin-scroll turbocharger designs have also been devised to reduce pulsation. This reducing turbo lag to almost non-existent according to Jaguar.