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The touristry industry in Azad Jammu Kashmir is chief, and plays a considerable portion in the country ‘s economic system. There is abundant wildlife and alcoholic viridity woods which attracts 100s of people every twelvemonth from around the universe. As touristry, provides employment to: cordial reception sector, travel bureaus, circuit operators, handcraft craftsmans, conveyance workers, resort operators. Tourism resources in AJ & A ; K are huge. If developed on right lines, it can certainly ensue in singular encouragement in State ‘s economic system. It ranks among the most of import and fastest turning sectors of the service economic system. Economic ability to go around the universe for concern and pleasance has given rise to new views of vacation travel. The money spent by tourers, tends to leach through many degrees. Tourism Development opens new views of income coevals in less developed countries and poorness relief and economic upheaval. It besides has a great employment potency and a beginning of sustainable supports in future.

Besides touristry being the largest industry of the universe, it has immense potency to ease preservation and opens new views of income coevals in less developed countries and poorness relief and economic upheaval. Its current function hence needs to be assessed and its possible brought into sight.

This survey addressed such purposes through a instance survey on the Kotli, Azad Jammu Kashmir.

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The overarching end of this survey will be to research the position of touristry in countries of of import biodiversity, and to place its potency for heightening nature preservation.

This end will be achieved through concentrating on the Kotli of Azad Jammu Kashmir.


In order to fulfill the purposes of this research, the undermentioned aims are identified:

1. To place the touristry finishs and attractive forces of the Kotli ( AJ & A ; K )

2. To gauge the minimal current demand for the Eastern Arc Tourism merchandise

3. To gauge the maximal tourer adjustment capacity of the AJ & A ; K

4. To quantify some constituents of economic benefit from the AJ & A ; K touristry

5. To place the current degree of concern for the environmental debasement and societal impacts of touristry among AJ & A ; K touristry suppliers

6. To measure the current position of the AJ & A ; K touristry endeavor, and place future potency and demands for the development of ecotourism

Thesis construction

The chapter: 1 will include debut, principle for research, aims, and aims.

Chapter: 2 will supply a background to the touristry industry, with a particular accent on ecotourism and its possible impacts on preservation. It will include background of the touristry industry, international touristry, impacts of touristry, AJ & A ; K touristry industry Kotli, and ecotourism in Kotli. It introduces the survey site, the Kotli in Azad Jammu Kashmir.

In chapter: 3 will get down by depicting the methodological analysis followed in this survey for the aggregation of informations sing the touristry industry in the Kotli, including the interviews carried out during the pilot stage of this work. It will show the methods used for the analysis of the gathered information i-e. Data aggregation, designation of finishs, attractive forces of the AJ & A ; K, steps of touristry demand, word picture of the AJ & A ; K tourers, steps of touristry capacity of the AJ & A ; K, quantification of touristry grosss, preservation attempts by touristry providers and swot analysis.

Chapter: 4 will demo the consequences of the work and will show the penetrations gained through the survey in a SWOT ( strengths, failings, chances, menaces ) model. It will include touristry merchandise of the Kotli ( AJ & A ; K ) , touristry finishs, touristry attractive forces, AJ & A ; K touristry demand, minimal tourer figure estimations, tourer features, AJ & A ; K touristry capacity economic benefits of AJ & A ; K touristry, hotelier concern, communities, protected countries, environmental and societal consciousness of hotelkeepers, circuit companies and at last SWOT analysis.

The cardinal findings of this survey are so discussed in chapter: 5, followed by an rating of restrictions and possible prejudices of the work, the presentation of policy deductions of the consequences and future waies of the work in this country.


The chief undertaking of this research work is to roll up a broad assortment of information refering the touristry industry of the Kotli ( AJ & A ; K ) , in order to pull a general image of the current endeavor.

In the range of this research work, touristry focal points on foreign people populating outside of the Kotli, sing the country for any continuance, with leisure as the primary motivation.

Particular focal point will be placed on the supply-side features of this AJ & A ; K touristry, through designation of chief touristry attractive forces and installations, the advantages of each context, its failings, chances, and menaces.

The grade of consideration given to the environmental impacts of touristry by the concern practicians, such as hotelkeepers and circuit companies, will be besides investigated.

Features of consumer groups would besides of involvement, such as tourer Numberss, matching touristry sector ( high/low-end ) , and often represented nationalities and businesss.

This research work besides measures market costs in order to quantify the current baseline of touristry benefits generated in the Kotli of AJ & A ; K, concentrating specifically on the hotelkeeper concern, protected countries, and local community touristry enterprises.

The definitions of the footings like Visitor, Tourist and Guest employed in the range of this survey are as follows:

Visitor: Anyone life outside the AJ & A ; K scope, traveling to the country for any continuance,

Whether for concern, leisure or for Visiting Friends and Relatives ( VFR ) .

Tourist: Any Visitor to the AJ & A ; K, whose primary motivation is leisure.

Guest: Any Visitor staying at least one dark in a given adjustment.

Data Collection

The chief attack used for informations aggregation will be to carry on semi-structured interviews with four categories of stakeholders involved in the touristry concern of the survey country, viz. the local hotelkeepers, local circuit ushers, protected country directors, and box circuit operators. The pick of interviews against the usage of questionnaires will be made following pilot surveies, which showed that questionnaires would necessitate a considerable sum of clip to be completed.

Hotelier interviews

Effort will be made to include the same subjects and inquiries in each interview.

For hotelier interviews, inquiries ranged from general facts about the hotels installations and available services, to the hotelierA?A¦s perceptual experience of the touristry industry, such as advantages and restrictions seen in running the concern in the AJ & A ; K.

Hoteliers would besides inquire whether their constitution had any steps to pull off its environment or resource-use, and whether they provided their clients with information on the natural environment of the country.

Finally, they would inquire whether there will be any capacity-building of local people, or steps to do parts to the community through their concern. Designation of circuit operators utilizing the AJ & A ; K in bundle Tourss from big metropoliss.

Tour Operator interviews

In the instance of circuit operators, the interviews ever begun by verifying that the company took clients to at least one finish in the AJ & A ; K.

The cardinal elements discussed so would the attractive forces of the AJ & A ; K for tourers as seen by the circuit operators, advantages of holding the AJ & A ; K as a touristry finish, the restrictions to its development in touristry, the keys for betterment, and the chances seen for touristry concern in the AJ & A ; K.

Tour operators would besides asked whether there would any regulations that the clients would consistently inquire to follow for cultural or environmental grounds, and whether they had any steps in topographic point to lend to local communities.

Initially a list of inquiries would fix and piloted in order to get the best attacks to presenting assorted subjects into the conversation, and to measure the possibility of obtaining replies to potentially sensitive inquiries.

The 2nd but every bit of import beginning of informations would the hotel invitee books and touristry office visitant books which recorded information on tourer Numberss, nationality, business, and on occasion, the sum of money paid.

With the consent of the interviewee, images of the booksA?A¦ pages would take in order to come in the informations into spreadsheets subsequently for the analysis.

Designation of finishs

In Sansa, the touristry Centre of AJ & A ; K, basic information needed to be collected refering the available touristry sites within the Kotli.

A visit will be made to the AJ & A ; K Tourist Board, in charge of supplying tourer information, and a list of possible tourer finishs would set up.

These finishs would so see in order to place and characterize the touristry merchandises available.

At each of these tourer sites, possible tourer adjustment would place and visited, in order to carry on interviews with the hotelkeepers.

A list of tourist-oriented hotels would do for each finish utilizing guidebooks, booklets, and by confer withing local people.

Since the lists would non extensive, the determination will be made non to use a statistical sampling method but to try to talk to all the hotels listed.

However, due to clip restraints, precedence will be given to the more tourism-oriented hotels in order to roll up the maximal possible information on tourers.

Attractions of the AJ & A ; K

During the interviews with local hotelkeepers and circuit operators, interviewees would inquire to call what they thought will be doing the tourers want to see the AJ & A ; K country in which they would carry oning their concern. In general, people listed a few properties of the mountains that they thought would appeal to tourers sing the country.

When the respondents merely named one property of the AJ & A ; K, they would asked one time whether they had anything else that came to mind, and if they did non hold an reply right off, we moved on to the following inquiry.

This will be to avoid them experiencing the demand to contrive an reply, as the purpose will be to place the most evident AJ & A ; K touristry attractive force in the eyes of the hotelkeepers of the country.

Properties listed per interviewee varied in figure, and the entire list of different properties referred to will be extended.

Therefore, properties would group into classs harmonizing to significance and the figure of times mentioned will be adjusted to the frequence of mention to each class in all the interviews conducted.

Measures of touristry demand

In order to hold a step of the touristry demand for the AJ & A ; K merchandise, informations on tourer Numberss will be collected from hotels, local guiding administrations, and 3 protected countries within the AJ & A ; K.

Equally far as possible, informations on 2009 tourer reachings would roll up. The chief beginnings of this information would the hotel guest books, touristry office visitant books, and protected country registries. With the consent of the interviewees, images of these paperss would take.

The information will be entered into Excel spreadsheets subsequently for analysis. However, in some hotels, parts of guest books would lose or records would non maintain consistently throughout the twelvemonth, which meant spreads could be in the information. In such instances, the holes would make full to obtain annually estimations. This computation will be done by utilizing monthly norms from the available periods, or, when possible, by utilizing monthly visitant reachings of local circuit usher offices as a footing of tourer reaching tendencies through the twelvemonth.

The circuit usher offices kept an extended record of tourer reachings, which helped to cognize the monthly fluctuations of touristry reachings within a twelvemonth. That per centum of fluctuation will be applied to the missing months of the hotel informations. The undermentioned premise will be necessary in order to generalize from the available informations of tourer Numberss and obtain an estimation of the annual tourer reachings of a given hotel.

The local circuit usher office tourer reaching tendencies are representative for the whole country ( hotels will be having tourers with the same fluctuations in arrival Numberss through the twelvemonth )

Word picture of the AJ & A ; K tourers

AJ & A ; K tourer nationalities and businesss

Having quantified the touristry demand for the AJ & A ; K, the following inquiry will be to specify the features of those sing the country. In order to accomplish this, tourer nationality and business informations would roll up from guest books, visitant books, and registries of hotels, tour usher offices and protected country disposal offices.

These paperss contained information, non merely on tourers but besides on general visitants with other motivations of travel.

In order to separate Visitors and Tourists as defined earlier in subdivision 3.1, the undermentioned premises would do:

Any individual with a foreign nationality is a tourer sing the country for leisure intents

AJ & A ; K people are more likely to be going for motivations other than leisure, hence are non considered as tourers.

An exclusion to the above premise will be when the records would able to state the intent of travel of the visitants, and AJ & A ; K subjects had a clear connexion to tourism such as steering. In such instances, they are counted among the tourers from the premise that their travel is due to touristry, and they would non be in the AJ & A ; K otherwise.

Tourism seasonality

Additionally, the seasonality of the tourer reachings would analyze for the instance of the West Sansa local circuit usher office which had extended informations recorded on tourers, and for the 3 protected countries of the AJ & A ; K surveyed during the informations aggregation.

The monthly Numberss of tourer reachings would normalised, with the highest month of the twelvemonth holding a value of 1.

The information will be plotted with the comparative international tourer reachings of AJ & A ; K ( harmonizing to informations collected by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism ) .

Measures of touristry capacity of the AJ & A ; K

In order to quantify the maximal capacity of touristry in the AJ & A ; K, estimations of the maximal bed-nights and the maximal hotel income would cipher.

For these computations, room Numberss, types ( dual or individual ) , and monetary values obtained through the interviews with hotelkeepers and local circuit ushers would used.

Number of beds per constitution will be calculated, and the mean monetary value per bed deduced. These computations merely include the hotels for which the information will be available, and non every hotel and guesthouse will be included, as precedence will be given to the tourist-oriented constitutions. When 2007 monetary values for adjustment would available, they would used to cipher the annual grosss of the hotels, but when unavailable, 2008 monetary values would use presuming that the difference would non be important given the baseline uncertainness of the estimations.

Quantification of touristry grosss

The estimations for the minimal figure of tourers would combined with the information on hotel monetary values, local circuit monetary values and protected country fees, in order to cipher the minimal tourism-related income for those three stakeholder groups.

In the instance of this survey, the people of unknown nationalities would sort within the AJ & A ; K group and the AJ & A ; K entryway fees would use to the computation of their payments. This is to guarantee that the estimation of entire grosss is so the minimal estimation, AJ & A ; K fees being lower than the monetary value for foreign subjects.

Conservation attempts by touristry providers

In order to find whether the touristry industry of the AJ & A ; K comprised any ecotourism, focal point will be placed on its two facets, part to preservation, and community-benefits. The word ecotourism which has now become a widespread selling trade name will be avoided during the interviews, so as non to act upon the interviewees in their replies.

SWOT Analysis

Finally, the penetrations gained through assorted interviews with the four stakeholder groups on the advantages and restrictions of the touristry industry of the AJ & A ; K would analysed in a SWOT ( strengths, failings, chances, menaces ) model.

The SWOT analysis is a model widely used in concern planning to measure the public presentation of a research work or endeavor.

The Strengths and Weaknesses are the internal factors of a research work, which will act upon its results positively and negatively, whereas Opportunities and Threats are external factors, linked to the broader context, or environment, in which the research work is placed.

It allows the organized reading of information, and is utile for supplying a footing of cognition on which to develop farther probe.

Research work Plan

I plan to take 5 months to finish the survey. I hope to get down on Dec 1, 2009 and finish on April 2nd, 2010. The inside informations of the activities, start, and completion day of the months are contained in my research work program see






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Research inquiries designation

Literature reappraisal

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Quantitative informations analysis

Finalizing consequences

Referencing of work

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