Last updated: April 20, 2019
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Case Study4: the U. S. Department of Commerce: using IT to Tap Experts’ Know-How through Knowledge Management 1. What are the key businesses challenges facing companies in supporting their global marketing and expansion efforts? How is AskMe knowledge management system helping to meet this challenge? Explain. -The key business challenges facing companies are such as knowing what trade show to attend if the company is interested in selling medical equipment, what papers to file if the company is trying to expand their software business, what local laws must to be considered, who their business’ competition is likely to be etc.They are helping U. S.

companies do things such as perform international market research or locate overseas partners. AskMe knowledge management system is helping to meet the challenges by identifying the people and providing resources to solve problems via the Web. They post answers according to different subject categories, upload documents, or even direct businesses to specialized publication online. . How can the AskMe system help to identify weaknesses in global business knowledge within the Department of Commerce? -The AskMe system can help to identify weaknesses in global business knowledge by looking at questions the company asked and if there are not enough documents posted by the trade experts, the DOC can identify where the gap in information counseling or subject knowledge. 3.What other global trade situations could the AskMe system provide information about? Provide some examples. -The AskMe system can provide information on the businesses in the US that are expanding their products or service into the international market.

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The system can also help boost U. S. exports by making it easier to tap experts’ know-how. It can also provide information on specific countries across the globe that are attracting US businesses.