The Article brought up a controversial issue regarding of the Internet.

The author is talking about the problem caused by the Internet which makes him concern, he claims that his ability to focus on long book or article is decreasing just after reading two or three pages and he believes that the reason can be the time he is spending on the net..As a writer, he explains that the Internet is a beneficial tool for him but he cannot deny the terrible effect on his concentration. People crave information, the research claims that when people find out new information, a small amount of dopamine can be released in their brain, as a result, they may have a pleasant experience and this great feeling can be addictive and this pleasant experience can encourage them to do the things over and over. As a result, people with deep instinct will try to gain information as much as they can in a short amount of time. people have the desire to know about everything. If we notice, today with the advent of the smartphone cause us to enter the digital environment with no unlimited information. I totally agree that Internet took a bit too much of my time every day.

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In my case, some days I decide to do something productive but without recognizing  I just fall into different pages and in the end I found myself spending two or three hours without gaining helpful information.  For example, while I am reading, an email popping up I stop what I am doing and read the email. I can say that internet has the ability to steal my attention and my time.As a student, I can admit that my habits have been changing. These days without Web studying can be hard for me.

As far as I remember, when I was in the middle school the only reference for finding out our answers were my books. I could just trust books and if I needed any extra information on any particular subject I asked the people who were a profession in this or that questions.