The nearest metropolis to Lexington is Croswell. Croswell is 6.2 stat mis off with a population of 2,824 or 1,080.1 individuals per square stat mi. The nearest town is Port Huron. It is 21 stat mis off with a population of 32,338 or 4,001.

9 individuals per square mile U.S. Census, 2000 ) . The nearest metropolitan community is the Detroit Metropolitan country, which is about 62 stat mis to the nearest suburbs.The population of the Village of Lexington is 1104. The entire land country of Lexington is.93 square stat mis doing it dumbly populated at 1188.3 individuals per square stat mi ( U.

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S. Census Bureau ) . Since this is a tourer community, the population swells in the summer and spills into the unincorporated community of Lexington Heights on the outskirts of Lexington in Worth Township. The average age of lasting occupants is 46.9 old ages with 53.

1 % of the occupants over 45 old ages of age. The population is 45 % male and 55 % female. 64.

4 % of males and 53.9 % of females over 15 old ages of age are married. The racial/ethnic makeup is 98.8 % White, 1.5 % Hispanic or Latino ( of any race ) , 5 % 2 from two races ( White ; American Indian and Alaska Native ) , 4 % Asiatic, 2 % American Indian and Alaska Native and 2 % Some Other Race ( U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 ) . Ancestral background is 24.

7 % German, 17.3 % Irish, 13.5 % English, 12.3 % Polish, 9.7 % Gallic, and 5.7 % Gallic Canadian ( Lexington Michigan, 2009 ) . 86.1 % of occupants were born in Michigan and 11.

6 % were born in another province ( epodunk, 2007 ) .The average income for Lexington is $ 30,792. Median income by sex is $ 36,346 for males and $ 25,809 for females ( U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 ) .

The per Capita income is $ 22,218. Per capita income by race or ethnicity is White $ 22,186, Hispanic or Latino $ 95,375, two races $ 2,518, Asiatic $ 15,600, some other race $ 7,200 ( epodunk ) . The cost of populating index is 80, intending it is 20 % less expensive to populate in Lexington than the U.S. norm. The unemployment rate is 18.

70 % with negative occupation growing of -10.90 and future occupation growing predicted at -.60 % ( Sperling ‘s Best Places ) . 9.4 % of the population of Lexington lives below the poorness degree. This includes 12.0 % of kids under 18 old ages of age, 5.0 % of individuals over the age of 65, and 7.

3 % of households ( U.S. Census Bureau, 2002 ) . Since there is small industry in Lexington, 93.

1 % of the workers 16 old ages and over commute an norm of 26 proceedingss to work ( epodunk ) .There are 1060 lodging units available in Lexington of which 550 are occupied. Of these occupied houses, 376 are proprietor occupied and 174 are occupied by tenants ( U.

S. Census Bureau, 2000 ) . 95.5 % of the unoccupied places are seasonal, recreational or occasional usage places owned or rented by tourers that visit the country portion of the twelvemonth or seniors who merely reside in the community during the summer months ( U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 ) .

The average place value is $ 109,200 and the average place age is 25 old ages ( Sperling ‘s Best Places ) .In 1949, Lexington and Croswell consolidated their schools making the Croswell-Lexington School District. The territory schools are located in both Croswell and Lexington. There is one Early Childhood Center, two simple schools, one in-between school, and one high school in the territory that serves 2,411 pupils in classs PK through 12 ( education.

com ) . Of the 1077 pupils that reside in Lexington, 469 are male and 608 are female ( U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 ) .

The mean teacher/pupil ratio is 19/1. The territory spends $ 7,791 per student with 61 % on direction, 34 % on support services and 4 % on other outgos. The territory had a pupil dropout rate of 2 % in 2005, which was lower than the national 3.

9 % the same twelvemonth. 11 % of pupils are eligible for particular demands services and have an IEP ( Individual Educational Program ) program written (, 2006 ) . St. Clair Community College ( SC4 ) located in Port Huron is the nearest college to Lexington and many pupils commute to go to college. Several State Universities use SC4 installations as orbiter schools to offer categories for higher grades.

12.9 % of the population eighteen – 24 old ages of age is enrolled in college or graduate school. Of the 25 old ages of age and over population 3.8 % have less than a 9th class instruction, 81.9 % are high school alumnus or higher, and 6.3 % have a unmarried man ‘s grade or higher. Of the 25 – 34 old ages of age population 10.3 % have a unmarried man ‘s grade or better U.

S. Census Bureau, 2000 ) .There are four Churches in Lexington.

They were built in the early 1900 ‘s and are considered landmarks. The denominations are Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Methodist ( Lexington Michigan ) . Of the 36.69 % of the population that considers themselves spiritual, 14.

49 % are Catholic, 17.45 % are Protestant, and 4.75 % are another Christian religion. 0.01 % of the population patterns Eastern Religion. There are no affiliates of the Judaic Faith or Islam in Lexington ( Sperling ‘s Best Places ) .There is one medical clinic in Lexington with two doctors and one doctor ‘s helper, one alveolar consonant office, and one oculist office. The nearest infirmaries are located in Sandusky and Port Huron.

Lexington has a voluntary fire section and act as first respondents in instance of exigency and Lexington occupants portion ambulance services with the City of Croswell. All societal service bureaus for Lexington are located in Sandusky.The Village Manager, Village President and Village Council govern Lexington. The council consists of seven members led by the President.

The occupants of Lexington elect the Village President and council members. The President and council hire the Village Manager. Lexington has a constabulary force with four fulltime and one parttime officer. Lexington ‘s offense rate is really low, rated two for violet offense ( on a graduated table of 1 – 10 with one being low offense ) and three for belongings offense. Lexington has 15 authorities employees.

Of registered electors in Lexington 60.84 % are registered as Republican and 60.84 % are registered as Democrats ( Sperling ‘s Best Places ) .The Lexington Business Association and Lexington Council are really active in Lexington and sponsor three festivals and two art carnivals per twelvemonth. Other active organisations are Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Authority, Knights of Columbus, Lions Club, Masons, United Way, and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Lexington has two Parkss. Lexington Tierney Park is a metropolis park with swimming, resort area and picnic country. Located at the seaport in the downtown country, the park has a natural groin and paseo onto Lake Huron. Sanilac County Lexington Park is a county park with tennis, swimming, resort area, picnic country and encampment ( Lexington Michigan ) . Lexington has an norm of 174 cheery yearss a twelvemonth with an mean high temperature in July of 82 grades and an mean low in January of 14 grades.

Average annual precipitation is 30 inches of rain and 42 inches of snow. On a graduated table of 1-100 with 100 being best, the air quality of Lexington is 55 and the H2O quality is a blue 36 ( Sperling ‘s Best Places ) .Lexington is a quaint Victorian small town that looks the same today as it did while I was turning up. All of the edifices look precisely the same as they did fifty old ages ago. This has been good for the tourer concern but non for the occupants. As the small industry that was in Lexington went out of concern and the tourer concern faltered because of the slow economic system, there was competition between the tourer store proprietors and the occupants.

The store proprietors wanted to halt any alteration and to halt any new industry or concern from get downing in an effort to retain the quaintness of the small town. The occupants needed new industry to last and raise their households. The Village Manager and the Lexington Business Association sided with the store proprietors and any alteration or growing was stopped. With no industry, many of the immature people moved to happen occupations go forthing a much older population with no kids.In the 1980 ‘s, gentrification took topographic point as upper-middle category people from metropolitan countries bought belongings that was one time household farms on the north outskirts of the small town and turned it into condominiums or private estates. As the economic system started to downswing many middle-class people who owned holiday belongings on the south outskirts of the Village in the country called Lexington Heights, were forced to either move into their holiday belongings year-round or sell it at much reduced monetary values. Although this was non cultural or racial invasion, it amounted to economic invasion and accomplished the same result. Nice small vicinities full of summer bungalows became creaky lasting places that so became overcrowded vicinities.

The overcrowding and lasting home in impermanent bungalows negatively affected the quality of life by negatively impacting our H2O. This caused belongings to lose its value get downing a rhythm of sequence.Community AnalysisThe alterations in the country have had many negative effects on the population of Lexington. The down economic system and deficiency of occupations created a really active underground economic system that has negatively affected the revenue enhancement base. In add-on, with so many households go forthing the country an aging population with no kids remained and there is small importance placed on instruction. Many of the seniors who reside in Lexington in the summer list their lasting abode in another province to avoid Michigan revenue enhancements. Of those who are lasting occupants, many live on a fixed income and systematically vote against school support revenue enhancement additions. This affects school support and our schools are falling apart.

Another negative consequence is in the country where gentrification took topographic point. This country is following to the County Park. The people that bought belongings in the community have tried to hold the park closed as a perturbation of the peace. They have efficaciously stopped bivouacing by maintaining the instance in the tribunal system and bing the occupants infinite revenue enhancement dollars in tribunal costs.

Residents have used the campsite and other installations in this park as a low cost, near to place get-away for 50 old ages and now they can non.However, I believe the major negative consequence of these alterations involves the invasion and sequence of the vicinities on the south side of the Village. The bungalows in these vicinities are excessively close together, deficiency equal insularity for the conditions, and have hapless infected systems for lasting business.

Many of them were built before Torahs protecting the environment were in consequence and their infected systems are excessively little and excessively near together doing them to run out into land H2O. Some of these bungalows still drain their infected systems straight into Lake Huron. This is amplifying environmental jobs caused by farm overflow and several little mills that closed, go forthing behind buried toxic waste mopess, that is oozing into the land H2O and impacting the H2O supply of country occupants and the H2O quality of the lake. Many occupants use good H2O and metropolis H2O is really expensive to convey into a community. I believe many country wellness jobs are due to the H2O supply. Sanilac County ‘s decease rate for 1999-2001 was 2 per 1000 people higher than the province decease rate and the malignant neoplastic disease decease rate was.5 per 1000 people higher than the province malignant neoplastic disease decease rate ( epodunk ) .

These figures do non include individuals enduring from malignant neoplastic disease today or the people who have fought malignant neoplastic disease and survived.Community InteractionsMany occupants with school age kids experience left out of the determination doing procedure in the schools. Because Lexington has less pupils and less revenue enhancement base they feel they have no say in their kids ‘s instruction which exacerbates the tenseness between the communities.

There is no 1 from Lexington presently functioning on the school board. Tensions between country occupants and the people that bought belongings next to the county park are at an all-time high. Camping was late suspended until the issue can be decided in tribunal. The country occupants experience it is at that place right to hold entree to a public park that has been in usage every bit long as they can retrieve. The park neighbours feel the park devalues their belongings even though the park was already at that place and in usage when they purchased their belongings. However of import these issues are though, the biggest strain between communities has been between Worth Township and Lexington Township over the H2O issue. Most of Lexington Heights is located in Worth Township and this battle has negatively affected both communities. The occupants of Lexington and Lexington Township blame the occupants of Worth Township and Lexington Heights for their H2O quality.

The occupants of Worth Township and the Heights incrimination Lexington occupants for the fiscal load of running metropolis H2O and sewer lines into their community. The occupants of Lexington see the occupants of the Heights “ rubbish ” for life as they do. To intensify affairs, there are no resources available for the occupants of the Heights or Lexington to assist them clean up or understand the muss and many occupants do non believe the disbursal is worth the alteration.ContemplationLooking back at turning up in this community, I realize it helped me develop the values I hold today. I have a strong work ethic and household is really of import to me.

I am non certain if it was the epoch I grew up in or the community that caused my strong sense of right and incorrect but I believe my community had a batch to make with all of the values I hold beloved today. I grew up in a community that had the simple values of right and incorrect, difficult work and the importance of household and friends. Most of my childhood was spent on our household farm. My extended household all lived within a twosome of stat mis and we spent a batch of clip together when I was turning up which built strong household ties. When there was a job we all banded together to work out it. This extended into the remainder of my community, when there was a job we all stood together. We went from farm to farm assisting where we could and assist was ever at that place for my household when we needed it.

I moved off from the community for 30 old ages and returned because this is my place. The community is of import to me and I want to give back to it what I can. I would wish to see it go a booming small town once more, where people care about and assist each other regardless of who they are. When I was a kid, the tourers and “ summer people ” were portion of us. Now they are considered the enemy and there is a existent category division that was non at that place when I was immature.Systems PerspectiveThere is a definite category divide in Lexington along economic lines. The population of Lexington feels distant from their authorities and Village political relations at this clip.

They believe the authorities is working to assist foreigners or tourers and does non care about them. Although basic services are provided for occupants, the competition for growing and power battles caused a batch of misgiving because occupants did non experience their authorities was working in their best involvement by halting growing that would supply occupations. However, this competition helped strengthened the community doing occupants to stand together in resistance. There is a really strong belowground economic system and although it does non assist the revenue enhancement base, it is coercing local concern to see the occupants demands. Local concern can non be on seasonal concern entirely. Lexington is excessively little to hold a high-class and a lower-class divide. If the small town wants to last, they must larn to work together once more to work out their jobs.Ecological PositionI believe the major stressor than disrupted the homeostasis of this community is the economic system.

Lexington has ever had a strong community committedness and a strong committedness to each other. Many of the local organisations are endeavoring to acquire that committedness back. The Women ‘s Garden Club has been forming events to clean up the Parkss and works flowers and about all occupants are get downing to acquire involved.

That in bend is beef uping the committedness to the community and each other. The local Business Association is trying to affect belowground concerns in their organisation. This non merely draws in occupants who would non be involved in the system, it legitimizes their concern and helps construct the revenue enhancement base. Many local organisations are forming events and fundraisers and softly assisting occupants who have fallen on difficult times. The community is strong and some groups are get downing to work together for the improvement of the community.