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The study of Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. People study to psychology in order to understand how our own mind works. Psychology helps us to understand why we think the way we do, and how we think. Throughout the semester I’ve learned quite a bit about a vast amount of different topics. However, a few of my favorite topics we discussed are language development, psychological disorders, gender roles and identity, type theory, and even one we didn’t really talk about, how drugs impact psychological development. Language development begins at a very young age. The development of language is what propels a child into a much further intellectual development. There’s many things that people can learn at any point in their life, such as sports, educational information, and much more. Language is just one thing that many psychologists claim has a ‘critical period’.  A critical period is a time in one’s life when it’s critical to learn a specific thing. When babies are born they way they communicate with others is by crying. Hungry? Cry. Tired? Cry. Want to be held or played with? Cry. Eventually, they start babbling and the crying lessens. Children imitate what they hear around them as they grow. Most times when a child says anything that resembles a word they’re given positive reinforcement, this leads to them speaking whatever language they hear from those around them. Kids first words are primitive and incomplete, and usually refer to things the child can see or touch. By the time a child is two they are forming sentences, albeit still not at the adult level. They understand certain rules (as they have their words in the same order adults do) but they leave out a few words to make a complete sentence, but the message can still be received (telegraphic speech). There have been cases where children grow up without learning any type of language. These kids are taken in and adults try to help integrate them into society, and help them learn language skills, among other skills. Many times these children aren’t able to fully learn a language and are stuck in telegraphic speech development, or even at a lower stage of development.Language development is exceedingly interesting to me because my niece, who will be two in March, babbles quite a bit and watches us when we talk and attempts to imitate us when we speak. Lately, she’s been trying to sing the alphabet. Amyah, my niece, sings them out of order, and often misses a few words, but it’s definitely a step up from one she was 10 months. As she grows up and tries to add more words to her vocabulary we all need to be careful of what we say around her. Teaching her words is so much fun, she’s so focused and stares so intently repeating each word as best she can. When we finish singing a song, or learning a few new words, she squeals and claps.44 million Americans suffer from psychological disorders in their life. Mental illness is one of the leading causes affecting the health of people today.  While these can be treated, mental illnesses often go untreated. These go untreated due to the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, and the lack of awareness surrounding it. Studies have shown that mental health illnesses are caused by imbalances in the brain’s chemical activity. Another factor that can affect mental health is one’s environment, as it can lead to triggers. Thankfully a vast number of celebrities have come out to try and destigmatize mental health issues, as many people look up to them.As someone who has dealt with mental health issues themself, have friends who suffer from them, and even family members, I understand the toll it can take on someone suffering from a mental illness, and the people around them. One of my best friends is currently at a center for treatment, and it hurts so bad that she doesn’t see herself the way I, and many others see her. Mental health issues are aren’t new for me as many people I know suffer from them. My grandfather, two of my uncles, a cousin, myself are just a few members of the top of my head. Early last year I told my parents that I had been cutting (stopped since) and that was one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life. A reason many of these illnesses go untreated is because people (like me) are terrified to tell anyone. Some people don’t tell anyone, or refuse treatment, because they have a good home life but still suffer from illnesses. A hard thing for people to understand is that mental health illnesses can strike anyone, homeless people, middle class, and multi-billionaires. Mental illnesses don’t discriminate.Recently the way people have been embracing and accepting how others identify themselves has become a worldwide generally accepted thing. Hundreds of people have become more open, and confident in the way they express themselves due to the fact that it’s become more socially accepted. While there’s still people who are bullied just for who they are, and are still discriminated against, those who identify as non cisgender are in a time of much more acceptance, and are able to find more people who will embrace who they are. In the past gender roles were a big deal. Women were expected to stay home, birth children, clean the home, and cook all the meals. They were also expected to always look nice, be petite, be submissive, and gentle. Men were expected to be independent, be “the man of the house”; the sole provider for the family, never cry, decisive, and tough. These gender roles put people into boxes and sometimes force others to be someone they aren’t. Forcing gender roles on individuals can be psychologically damaging, because of the fear of being a social pariah.My step-dad is a very conservative man with very traditional beliefs. According to him, everyone is born either a man or woman and there’s no changing that. He thinks that someone who identifies as say a man when they were born a woman, needs help. The two of us often end up in heated arguments as we both have extremely strong views and opinions on this topic. To me people can be transgender, non binary, or genderfluid, or whatever the heck they want to be. Many of my friends are a part of the LGBT community and I support them wholeheartedly, but I avoid telling him at all costs because I know what look I’ll get from him. I understand his side because when he grew up that was the way the topic of gender identity and sexual preference was viewed, as wrong. However, what I don’t get is, why does he care if it doesn’t affect him? Most of the time you don’t even notice that a transgender person is transgender.Drugs are bad, everyone hears this and everyone knows it. We’ve all heard the horror stories and seen the pictures of what they do to our bodies. But what do they do to our minds? Many people have turned to drugs through peer pressure, to get away from the harshness of reality, or to try and relieve some stress. When a person takes drugs parts of the brain that react to the incoming stimuli get disorganized and the nervous system gets aroused. One of the most popular hallucinogens, LSD, causes a large number of mood disturbances during just one trip. (one LSD induced trip can last up to 6-14  hours) These mood disturbances include extreme bouts of panic and anxiety, temporary drop in brain function, low communication, and extreme mood swings*-. Many people say that they’re only going to use hallucinogens a few times, or that there’s no long term side effects. Even taking drugs a few times can cause long term effects on the brain such as depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, paranoia, disorganized thinking, persistent psychosis, and addiction. What some people don’t realize is even if you do take it a few times, you can still get addicted, and addiction is a lifelong fight. I care very deeply about this topic, and I’ve been considering being a counselor to help people who are addicted to drugs. When I was in probably 5th grade I found out that my sister had a heavy drug addiction, and was being sent to jail. She had been in and out of treatment centers for her heroin addiction, and in one she had met a guy, Zach. Zach was also recovering from a heroin addiction. Together they got out of treatment and went on to live a happy life. Is what younger me thought. I woke up in the middle of the night to my sister crying hysterically. Turns out they had both relapsed and Zach had overdosed. Adults, my parents included, have always told me that I’m just a teenager and that I don’t know anything, that I haven’t seen anything close to the real world. There’s some truth to that I’ll admit. I can be pretty oblivious, but I have seen what depression, eating disorders, and addiction can do to a person’s life. It sucks to say the least. For me, looking back I’m pretty sure some of the issues I have now can be traced back to when I was in 4th and 5th grade, when my sister was arrested, and when she needed money to feed the addiction. The stealing, and lying really did a number on young me coupled with a few other things. Introvert or extrovert? Sensing or intuition? Feeling or thinking? Perceiving or judging? Carl Jung found that there’s sixteen different personality types, made up of a combination of four preferences. Jung believed that whatever combination you are reveal aspects of your personality. After taking the test I found out that I’m an ISFP. ISFPs are trusting, considerate, and gentle, and I like to believe that I am those three characteristics. However ISFPs are also said to be observant and practical which I am definitely not. I find these personality tests extremely intriguing, and often times usually pretty true. Studying psychology is one of the most important topics to study, and I strongly believe that everyone should take at least one class on it. Without the studying and developments made there would be so much left unknown, and if we want to be able to understand how other creatures work, we should first begin to understand how our own brains work.